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Microsoft Office 2010 – Get Full Remote Access Capabilities

Microsoft Office 2010 – Get Full Remote Access Capabilities

Productivity and collaboration are the top concerns of every business environment these days and these are the top reasons why the new Microsoft Office 2010 was ever created. Collaborating with team members, employees or even freelancers is never a hassle with the enhanced SharePoint features.

The SharePoint Workspace collects all data and synchronizes them to your system for quick access and collaboration every time you log online. You can also get such updated collaboration features from your mobile with such software support. This gives you the benefit of getting all updates regarding tasks, schedules, company news or even emergency tasks anywhere you are. Accessing all documents pertaining to any task, schedules or any file attachment is not a problem since you can easily retrieve and finish any task even if you are on a vacation with this powerful tool you can always rely on.

Data Management Made Easy

Office 2010 gives you a very new experience with excellent data management and easy collaboration for better business or office advantage. MS office backstage introduces your team to such quick commands that everybody must be familiar with as quick printing, saving or even the faster way of opening a document.

PowerPoint gives a full blast of creativity and productivity towards higher profitability with such cool functionalities as video or photo features, visual effects and perfect cool presentations that will match your needs and preferences. You can even create any digital content, like video clips or a short film and direct you own film and characters, as you desire.

If you have problems arranging data for faster decision-making purposes, the enhanced features of Excel 2010 will make bookkeeping and other billing functions more convenient and attractive to every user. PowerPivot will even make data sorting and decision-making tasks easier. If you are working for a real estate company, you will find Sparklines helpful in sorting data.

Capture Powerful Outlook 2010 Features

Outlook 2010 works for the user’s full productivity and security benefits. New functions such as the conversation view ignore or clean up gives you quick access and Outlook management. It quickly notifies you of any IT alerts you may have or pop ups for tips and messages or incoming conversations to protect your privacy beforehand.

You may choose not to call all users’ attention in the same room to work or discuss a particular task. You can simply send a link or any related application within the software with all complete instructions integrated within it for other team members and freelancers to follow.

Flexible IT Projects

IT professionals collaborate for greater site optimization with maximum security and protection for your website for enhanced business solutions. Microsoft Office 2010 gives you another such enhanced security features as the “Trusted Documents” and “Protective View.” Automatic scanning of documents greatly improves your security access on the web. You are then advised about certain sites and files that may harm your system or website although you are also given the “Retention Policy” option to proceed to such sites or files anyway whenever you want to.…

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Oops I Forgot!

Oops I Forgot!

It can be rather embarrassing to overlook important birthdays and anniversaries. Conversely, it is wonderful to show someone how much you care on dates of significance.

You can Work Smart by using email tools as workload management tools to help remember important dates.

Here’s how:

Outlook Users

In Calendar, on the Actions menu, click New All Day Event.

In the Subject box, enter the details of the birthday/anniversary..

Select a date..

To make the event recur, on the Actions menu, click Recurrence, select the Recurrence Pattern over Yearly, and then click OK.

If you don’t want others to see it, select tick Private.

To ensure you don’t arrive at the office only to discover oops… I forgot!!… tick Reminder and set it far enough out to remember to buy the present, send the card or making that booking. I prefer 1 week.

Click Save and Close.

A further Smart Idea is to add gift ideas in the Notes area of relevant birthdays/anniversaries… or even a record of what you bought last year!

Lotus Notes Users

Open the Calendar.

Click the New action button in the action bar at the top of the Calendar view and select Anniversary.

Enter the detail of the birthday/anniversary in the Subject field.

Select a date.

The Repeats box will automatically be ticked. If you don’t want others to see it, select Mark Private.

Pencil In will be automatically ticked to keep the time of the entry free in your free time schedule.

To ensure you don’t arrive at the office only to discover oops… I forgot!!… Select “Notify me” next to the Alarm icon on the right side of the Calendar entry and specify options in the Alarm notification options dialog box. Set it far enough out to remember to buy the present, send the card or making that booking. I prefer 1 week.

Click Save and Close.

A further Smart Idea is to add gift ideas in the Notes area of relevant birthdays/anniversaries… or even a record of what you bought last year!

GroupWise Users

Notes can be ideally used for birthdays/anniversaries. In Calendar, double click an empty space in the Notes list.

In the Subject box, enter the details of the birthday/anniversary..

Enter a date.

To make the event recur every year, on the Tools menu, click Auto-Date, select the Dates for the following years, and then click OK.

If you don’t want others to see it, on the Tools menu, click Mark Private.

Click Post.

A further Smart Idea is to add gift ideas in the Notes area of relevant birthdays/anniversaries… or even a record of what you bought last year!…

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Start Training in Computer Software

Start Training in Computer Software

How much do you really know about computers? You might be pretty comfortable with completing certain office tasks like typing up a letter or a memo for your boss. How comfortable would you be if your boss asked you to make a spreadsheet for the business that would show the company’s gains and losses over the last year? You might feel like this is a pretty daunting task, but if you have had the prior training in Microsoft Excel, you would probably be able to make it work.

Many people have computer experience if they have attended a college or university. Many grade schools are even placing great importance by teaching their students many computer skills that they can master before they even graduate high school. With the world that we live in, computers play such an important role in business and education as well as for personal use. Computers can make our lives so much easier by offering the internet. For example, you can email or chat online with friends and family who live far away without having to pay expensive phone bills. Computers are also a great way to do a little research from home or even buy things online.

The fact is that computers offer so many possibilities to us if we only will take the time to get the right training we need. If we can’t use them, they won’t be able to do us any good. Take some time to evaluate yourself and your computer skills. Think about what you wish you knew how to do and then take the right steps to get you the training you need.…

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The Advanced Version of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

The Advanced Version of Microsoft Office 2010 Professional

With Microsoft Office 2010 Professional you can perform a number of things which include writing letters, designing pages, project work, word file, reports etc. There are different versions of Microsoft Office and this one is the latest version which is recently launched. So if you are using the earlier version you can upgrade it and try the new version which is far better than the previous one. The features are more or less same but the look has changed which gives a more enhanced appearance to your work and you are able to make excel sheet, spread sheet, presentations etc also.

If you wish to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 Professional you can either but it from the market or you can purchase it from internet. If you are buying it from the online option you need to satisfy some conditions which will be very helpful for you. It is just about the term and conditions which you have to follow and then you can easily buy it. There are various websites from which you can get this software and so you are free to download it without facing any problem. You can even buy a CD from the market where you can find other software’s and programs.

Then you have Norton Antivirus which is considered to the best antivirus for the simple reason that it is able to detect even the smallest virus which is there in your computer. Though many new antiviruses have come but not all have the ability to put a check on all kinds of worms but this can be done with the help of this antivirus. The new ones are able to deal with new virus only which is a drawback for them. Hence you can effectively download it and run it in your system so that you can keep your desktop or laptop error free.

For downloading free version of Norton Antivirus you have to search a lot and even if you will find it, it will get expired after 60 days only so you have to purchase it later. If you like its working you can buy it from internet or you can again download it from any software website. But the best thing that you can do is to purchase but it consumes lots of space so you have to check it in case it is decreasing the performance of your system. Hope you are able to explore both software’s and its benefits.…

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Top 8 Uses for Excel in a Home Catering Business

Top 8 Uses for Excel in a Home Catering Business

Catering can be a rewarding career, especially for a home-based businessperson. But no matter how much you enjoy the thrill of crafting excellent meals and putting together flavors, the paperwork can be a real downer sometimes. That’s why Microsoft invented Excel — it’s the paperwork eliminator that can make a surprising number of catering tasks remarkably simple.


Making sure that your people are going to be able to cover every event you have coming up can be a big challenge. With Excel’s ability to keep track both numerically and graphically of everyone’s availability, you’ll always be confident that you have the people to get the job done.

Customer Tracking

Put all of your customers’ details into an Excel datatbase, and you’ll be able to search for any attribute of an order to call up the entire thing in the future. Great for resolving disputes with customers that aren’t entirely happy.

Recipe Alterations

You might find an excellent recipe for Chicken Saltimbocca, but for a small family — can you be certain of your ability to convert it to a recipe that will serve hundreds? With Excel, you can.


Excel’s abilities to project future need based on past consumption and send an Email alert when a certain number drops below a given amount combine to make it the perfect inventory-tracking system.

Meal Preparation

With the emphasis on healthy meals today, it’s easy to understand why a customer would be upset if your offerings were lacking in a notable aspect of well-balanced-meal-dom. Use Excel’s pull down menus and assign a category or two to each part of a meal, and Excel can easily graph out each proposed meal to make sure all of your basic nutrient groups are covered.

Time Stamps

The other side of Scheduling, Excel can also track the time-in, time-out, and breaks taken by everyone working on a given project, making sure that you’re sticking to the labor laws (and providing proof should a dispute ever come up.)


Determining the profitability of a given event can be a bit brain-twisting, with the costs for food, people, any equipment that needs cleaning or replacing afterward, and various other expenses. A well-designed Excel template will make sure you don’t miss any miscellaneous costs and tell you how profitable each event was for you.

Projecting Future Business

There’s nothing like getting caught off guard by the start of some season, and not being able to take a client because you don’t have the goods or people handy. Use Excel’s projection ability to see what future business may look like based on previous years, and your chances of being flatfooted when opportunity knocks drop dramatically.…

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Galaxy Nexus Vs iPhone 4S: Top Smartphones Match

Are you looking to change your old smartphone? If you have been reading a lot of tech blogs then your choices must have only included Samsung’ Galaxy Nexus and Apple’s iPhone 4S. Each of these phones is special on their own right. They have their own unique features that seem to top the one from the other. This makes it hard to choose between them.
But that is if you are not into jumping to bandwagons. Most people would buy the iPhone 4S because it is cool to have one. You can say this for most of Apple’s gadgets. Let us stay away from stereotyping and compare the two phones the way that they should be compared.
The iPhone 4S runs on Apple’s very own A5 processor, the same one that is on the iPad 2. It is clocked at 1 GHz and is supported by a RAM of 512 MB. Meanwhile, the Galaxy Nexus is powered by Texas Instruments’ OMAP processor which is clocked at 1.2 GHz. It also doubles the RAM of the iPhone 4S. Higher numbers are better although the difference is subtle during actual performance.
The number of apps on the Apple App Store is larger than those in the Android Market. A significant number of those apps are actually worth the purchase which is something you can’t say for Androids. This is the biggest advantage of the iPhone 4S over the Galaxy Nexus.
Operating System
The Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to have Android Ice Cream Sandwich as its operating system. This latest version of Android offers a lot of improvements both in performance and aesthetics. The iPhone 4S has the iOS 5 for its operating system. It is simpler to use than ICS but you can’t make the choice between the phones based on OS. Both OS are that good.
The iPhone 4S comes with an 8MP camera while the Nexus has a 5MP camera. This makes the camera of the iPhone take better pictures. Both phones can take 1080p HD camera.
Connectivity options are becoming a big factor in choosing a phone. With the iPhone 4S, you can connect to the internet through 3G and Wi-Fi. It is also the first phone to come out with Bluetooth 4, the latest version of the popular wireless technology. With Bluetooth 4, you can transfer files faster and in an extended range.
Meanwhile, the Galaxy Nexus can connect to the internet using 3G, Wi-Fi and 4G LTE. Through 4G LTE, you can experience internet speeds of up to 21 Mb/s. In contrast, the iPhone 4S can only reach 14.4 Mb/s. You won’t have Bluetooth 4 with Galaxy Nexus but you have Near Field Communication (NFC). This is a new wireless technology where file transfers can be done just by tapping two NFC phones.
Have you decided which one is for you? The iPhone 4S has better apps, camera and a simpler interface. With the Nexus, you have faster internet speeds, NFC, and Ice Cream Sandwich. Check out our Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4s review for a more comprehensive comparison.…

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Google Says Microsoft Bigger Threat Than Facebook

Google Says Microsoft Bigger Threat Than Facebook

Google CEO Eric Schmidt believes that Microsoft is a bigger threat to the search engine giant than social networking giant Facebook. Microsoft’s Bing has recently been getting an increased market share in web search but is still way behind Google than has close to 83% of the market share in web search. However, considering Microsoft’s global outreach and expansion, it would not be wrong to say that Bing has room for increased market share in web search. One cannot underestimate Microsoft and it’s prowess. Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft is regarded one of the smartest and respected executives and possesses what it takes to make Bing successful in the near future.

However, it would be not be smart to forget about Facebook. The company has been gaining all the headlines and media attention courtesy of its speeding number of users and the hype surrounding it going public early next year. Facebook will make it’s IPO no later than April 30th, 2012. Mark Zuckerberg is very ambitious and it is evident from his plans to expand to China where he recently visited and met some top executives including the CEO of Baidu ( Baidu is more popularly known as the Google of China). Also Facebook has managed to get some top engineers and executives from Microsoft and other leading companies. According to reports, the company has been hiring a lot of graduates from India and is one of the top recruiters from the IIT’s (Indian Institute of Technology), better known as the Ivy League colleges of India.

I think the competition is going to be great for the market and also for the public and we will see a lot of innovation coming out of these companies. Google, Microsoft and Facebook are three very ambitious firms and we shall wait and see what they have in store for us in the near future!…