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Microsoft Access Database: The Pros With Less Cons When Using Microsoft Access As Your Database

Microsoft Access Database: The Pros With Less Cons When Using Microsoft Access As Your Database

I remember trying to piece together a database using Microsoft Access finding that it just wouldn’t provide the functionality and usability I was looking for, getting very frustrated with it and that I just wanted to buy a piece of ready-made software and start running reports.

The problem for me at that time (and we are talking about 1993) was buying software that really met my objectives and being cost effective at the same time; which really didn’t exist. Even today, it’s still expensive and there is no ‘out of the box’ software solution that will provide and fulfill your full objectives.

Since Access is part of the Microsoft Office (Professional) suite then you already have invested in the software before you start. Now you need to assess the product functionality and scope for your requirements and Microsoft Access should satisfy most if not all requirements.

The advantages (pros) of Microsoft Access are:

A return on your investment – this being the most cost effective solution that you or some knowledgeable person can control.

Quick development time – since the objects and components are ready made with various wizards and templates, you are up and running in quick time.

Integration with other Office applications – Access works with all Microsoft software and is particularly happy with Excel and Pivot tables at a click of a button (or two).

Easy to deploy – sharing an Access database over the network (LAN) is straightforward and there are several approaches to this methodology.

Connecting with other databases – using Microsoft Access as the front-end, you can use alternative and more scalable back-end database applications namely Microsoft SQL Server.

Great and easy reporting – Microsoft Access has a built-in reporting tool that not many other database applications can claim as a standard feature.

VBA programming – is available for the more professional and polished database system that can be considered a little more exclusive if using a third-party vendor.

I’m not going to spoil the party and talk about the cons here though they’re always some when working with an Access database. But if you are looking for better security (for sensitive processes) or want better back-ups, roll-backs and a large audience of (20 plus) concurrent users, then some further research is required as Microsoft Access will not always be the perfect tool.…

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Demystifying Windows 8

Demystifying Windows 8

In anticipation for the Windows 8 release in October of 2012, Microsoft published a guide for businesses about their new product. The summarized version of the features is included here.

Highlights Include:

The Metro User Interface will replace older displays. There are new accessibility features included Windows Live Sign In, Windows to Go and BranchCache. Internet Explorer 10 will support HTML5, CSS3, and SVG. There are new security features including Bitlocker and Applocker. New unified device management tools including Hyper V and Application Compatibility tool kit.

Here is each of the new features in more detail:

Metro User Interface

This interface uses tiles to represent applications. They can also be used to display real time information. These tiles can also be set to communicate with each other to create the most useful references. However, if you do not like the Metro system, an application will be included that allows you to use a traditional desktop.

Windows Live ID

Users will be able to sign into Windows 8 with their Windows Live ID. This will allow for greater integration of the user’s profile via Skydrive which will allow access to data through multiple devices.

Windows to Go

Windows to Go will allow mobile devices to boot Windows 8 through a flash drive. Settings can be altered so that information inputted is uploaded directly to a central computer and will not be stored on the mobile device.


This is a feature that will help improve productivity in branch offices. Files from the home office can be cached and stored locally. Thus, branch offices can access files quicker rather than download them repeatedly over WAN.

Internet Explorer 10

Internet Explorer 10 will have two different displays, one resembles IE 9 and one that will have the Metro UI. It will support HTML5, CSS3, and SVG. This new version will be plug-in free. However any applications that run on ActiveX will work on the desktop version of IE 10.


Bitlocker helps protect data on mobile PCs. It can be set to only encrypt used space rather than the whole disk. This allows for less CPU and power consumption. It will encrypt as space is used to minimize disruption.


Applocker will allow the IT department to implement a more comprehensive security policy. They will be able to restrict what which users or group have access to which applications at any given time. This program is ideal for businesses using Group Policy to manage their computers.

Hyper V

Hyper V allows for IT departments to develop, debug, and test multiple configurations on a single PC. IT professional will be able to manage clients’ virtual machines seamlessly. This will increase productivity and efficiency by consolidating hardware.

Application Compatibility Toolkit

This tool is used by IT professionals to quickly access how older applications will run on Windows 8. Data can also be tested and managed via the User State Migration Tool. It is important that all data is secure and can be easily accessed after the upgrade.…

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Technology Updates

Different Kind of Cloud Approaches Logistics

Anybody remotely connected to the transportation industry is well aware that our industry has made significant progress in the last few years when it comes to technology. As our normal business cycles seem to be getting shorter (In as little as ten years we have experienced a major driver shortage, a huge economic recession, more regulatory bewilderment and back to a driver shortage) we are starting to leverage technology in ways that make things easier for our customer and at the same time streamline the way we deploy our human capital.
As we emerge from the recent recession, there is talk of cloud looming over the industry – but this one is not as ominous as the dark clouds of the economic downturn. I am talking about cloud server technology. Simply put, cloud technology is where applications and data that we are accustomed to seeing on our “local” computer, are know being hosted remotely so that all you need to access them is an internet connection. An example of this is where instead of accessing a dispatch program on your computer or server, you can now access this same program just by having a WIFI connection – the program is being run effectively off site or “in the cloud”.
While companies in all industries can benefit from this new “asset-light” approach to data organization, the transportation industry should be very excited. Here are a few reasons why:
1. There are many technology platforms that the logistics professional may access on a daily basis to get their job done. These include, dispatch, transportation management software, tracking technology, and various communication platforms. All of these platforms are constantly evolving and improving. When these platforms are hosted in the “cloud” the end-user immediately benefits from the upgrades in real-time without having to manage the upgrades locally.
2. Today companies are collaborating at every stage of the business process from production to delivery. When critical data is hosted in the cloud, people access the specified information from anywhere and if desired customers and suppliers can access that same data to make more informed decisions based on real-time information.
3. Today employees are more mobile than ever. Most people are accustomed to doing some part of their job while away from the office or via their Smart-phone or other similar device. Additionally, these “smart devices” usually do not have the power to run application software, so accessing the programs online is the only option.…

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Finding Freelance Jobs

Finding Freelance Jobs

Freelance job sites have become more popular over the last few years as a cost effective means of contracting work on a project specific basis with a specific defined scope of work. The providers include both companies and individuals bidding on posted projects. Some of the popular sites include Elance, Getacoder and Scriptlance where the provider can setup a profile and make a custom bid proposal on any posted project. The company can review the proposals and select a provider. Elance is the leader with online bid management software that includes a job search section, provider profiles and a communications module where companies and providers can email and discuss ongoing work status before, during and after the project. The providers have a portfolio that feature their work experience and credentials online.

There is a financial module that manages escrow payments sent between company and provider. This includes all transactions related to each project the provider is engaged in. Elance has a dispute resolution process in place should any conflicts arise between parties. The job search facility features both providers and jobs. Companies can search for a specific provider using a keyword skill search. In addition providers can view listed projects using keyword searches and view how many bids have been made on a current job, the closing date and the average high and low bids.

In the case of Elance most of the nearly 5,000 opportunities posted include web site development, writing and graphic design. Sites such as Scriptlance and GetACoder have an information technology focus with a focus on Microsoft programming opportunities.

These sites promote opportunities for web developers and programmers to earn a part time or full time self employment income and an easy way to start their own business. There is a contractor management system that includes all the features of advertising, payment and email communications.

Freelance work and you success has a lot to do with the marketing of your specific skills and distinguishing yourself from the competition. That includes writing effective proposals that describe your experience effectively while being cost competitive. Previous client testimonials are an excellent means of strengthening your proposals with new customers. The benefit of making your own hours and sometimes working from home is very attractive. Have a web presence where any previous work can be displayed online for prospective clients at their leisure. When it comes to selecting projects, if possible do things that interest you for a rewarding and sustainable career.…

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Latest Technology Updates

4 Strategies to Achieving Success in Your Business

There is no need of reinventing the wheel, if you desire success in your business. The best bet is to find out what other successful businesses did and adopt it.
Here are 4 business strategies and keys to a multinational’s business success for your own success.
Do not be afraid to use cutting-edge technology and never ever oppose it. Take advantage of cutting-edge technology and find out how it can help you and your business to achieve you goals fast, easier and costless. Alex Bill, the founder of AT&T took advantage of electricity. Many businesses were raised up directly or indirectly from the use of electricity.
Today in the age of information communication technology, internet is the cutting-edge technology and you need to take advantage of it to push your business up the ladder. For instance, a web store keeps your store open even while you are asleep.
Innovation will keep you on top of your industry because it allows you to keep on creating new and increasing values and it enables you to improve what you offer your customers/clients. A company that innovates frequently is very difficult to beat in competition. This is so because innovation makes them to be fresh and relevant. The priority concern in your business should be research and development that lets you innovate.
There will always be competition in whatever business you find yourself or you are planning to go into. Other business will be there to offer the same thing as yours in the same market. Even if you do not have a competitor for now, a time will come when will spring up from different angles to overtake you. The best way to prepare for competition is to develop your business to the level of giving the customers nothing but the best at every point in time. Remember, the customer is always right.
The only permanent thing is change and technology changes almost everyday, providing new, effective and efficient ways of running a business. If you fail to upgrade your operations, you may be out of business before you realize it.…

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Modern Locksmith Services

Locksmith companies offer services and technologies well beyond old lock-picking and replacement.
Magnetic and electronic locks are becoming more accessible and affordable to local owners.
Companies which are comprehensive offers a combination of locksmith services and home security systems, including intercoms,home safes,gates windows and secure doors with the latest technologies such as fingerprint readers. Of course, no home security system is impenetrable, but you can get pretty close.
I never thought I would ever have to have the locks in my house changed. I came home last night and my house had been vandalized. The police think it was just some teenagers trying to have a little bit of fun. Now, I need to check out the area to find someone who will change my locks.
My initial response was trepidation. Would I be able to enjoy the privacy of my home, again? I logged onto the Internet and used my search engine to find a list of locksmiths in the greater Denver area. I was able to find some reputable businesses which had very good ratings.
What is so good about using the Internet is you gain ideas on which companies will work to your expectations. Consumer reviews are usually posted on a number of websites detailing the quality of work rendered. You get scoops on how friendly, how punctual, whether the personnel is qualified, how pricey the work is, and various other subjects important to the person who wrote the review.
It is never intelligent to commission endeavors from people who have no idea what they are doing. Why would you want to spend money senselessly? The locksmith who will be working for you should have been well schooled in the knowledge of what it takes to be a great locksmith. Never ever allow yourself to be talked into using the services of callowness.
Any enterprise which has done labor in the community for approximately ten years, has a very good chance of getting you as a patron. Great prominence is looked upon highly and organizations which keep theirs in the higher ranks, will always continue to do what is best for their consumers. This is simply because they want you as a repeat customer and they want you to give references to them.
Remember that most, if not all, locksmiths are ready to give you service twenty-four hours each day and seven days a week. They may charge higher prices for the weekends or holidays but, there is nothing wrong with this. Sometimes they are being pulled out of bed or from family dinners to work for you. They do deserve honest pay for honest work.…

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Mobile Tech and Real Time Friendship Makers

The number of new applications for mobile technology is truly incredible. And if you think social networking online by the use of mobile communications and being able to twitter is cool you haven’t seen anything yet. The mobile technology gurus and software engineers have considered something that is truly revolutionary; something that will change everything. Let me explain how it will work.
First, you get a mobile device and then put information about yourself and your profile into that device. You will explain that you are an extravert, or an introvert, your particular political affiliation, your particular religion, and your various hobbies.
Next your cell phone always knows where you are due to its relations ship to the other cell towers. Now it will have a GPS device and it which will confirm if the exact location. Then the cell phone company has a really interesting scheme.
When you are close to someone that matches your personality profile within 50%, your cell phone will call you and tell you that someone is within the vicinity of you that you might like to meet. If you feel like you’d like to meet this person you can press the Y. or N. If you pressed yes, you can hold the cell phone up to yourself and it will take your digital picture and send it to the other party so they can contact you.
This of course providing that the other person has also decided that they are in a particular type of mood where they like to meet someone new. Won’t that be an incredible new technology and won’t it help bring people in our society closer together? Please consider all this.…