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What Is Java And Why Should You Learn It?

In the computing industry, being able to use Java is a crucial skill. Java is a programming language used to make interactive content for webpages, stand-alone software, and server-side programs. The Java platform is the invisible force behind numerous apps we use in a variety of equipment, from personal computers to game consoles, as well as networks. Today, it is used by approximately 9 million software designers, and millions of end-users worldwide. Java is truly everywhere. 1 billion desktops and 3 billion cellular phones run Java. At the same time, 100% of Blu-ray players run this program. There are also more than 900 million Java runtime environment downloads annually.
History of Java platform
Java technology was created by James gosling, along with a small group of software engineers at Sun Microsystems in the early 90’s. The team had the belief that the next phase of computing was the union of electronic gadgets and users. Earlier on in this programming language’s development, Java was named differently, specifically Oak and subsequently Green. The Java language project was initially designed for interactive television, but back then it was too complex for existing digital cable systems. By 1995, Sun Microsystems introduced Java 1.0, and the company promoted it as a Write Once, Run Anywhere computing language. This implies that, Java applications can be created on any device, compiled as a standard bytecode, and run on any device that is loaded with a Java virtual machine.
Why software designers make use of Java
Through Java, software designers can write in one platform and be guaranteed that it will run on virtually any other platform. Apart from its cross-platform benefits, it is also efficient, secure, and portable, making it invaluable to developers. Using this programming language, software builders can create powerful and efficient software for a number of devices like set-top boxes, printers, peripheral devices for computers, video games, medical equipment, and so much more. It can also be used along with extensions like OSGi or CORBA to produce highly customized software or services.
Ways to learn Java
If you are interested to learn Java, there are many colleges and universities that are offering courses in this language. You can also develop your skills by browsing articles added to Oracle’s Java developer website, being a member in online Java forums, newsletters, and signing up for instructor-led courses available on the Internet. Additionally, there are a lot of books you can use to learn Java. With so many alternatives to learn Java, there is high chance that you can find one that matches your requirements.…

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Microsoft ERP Software Implementation Success Part 2: Homework and Collaboration

Microsoft ERP Software Implementation Success Part 2: Homework and Collaboration

Homework & Collaboration

Once a business has come up with clear defined goals that the new ERP system must achieve and defined some tangible metrics to judge success then the next step is to find the right product and the right vendor.

There may be industry verticals supplying specific software to meet the needs of your business, or a tailorable ERP system may meet the needs of the business, but the key is to investigate, find out what your competitors, vendors and customers are using. Many businesses send out invitation to tenders listing hundreds of questions filled in by potential vendors based upon an assumed set of answers to open questions. Whilst these may assist in narrowing the choice down, the choice of software alone cannot be based upon these.

It maybe that the software choice can be narrowed down, if it cannot get businesses in to present the benefits of the software they supply. Once you can decide on the software to meet the needs of the business you need to choose the correct vendor, not simply the vendor who helped you define the software choice.

Does the vendor have the ability to transform the business to help achieve the set goals? If they cannot the likelihood is they are not the correct vendor. However there are other methods that can be employed to judge the suitability of the vendor. References must be taken, preferably with site visits and face to face contact. Can the customers acting on behalf of the vendor stand in front of you and tell you why you should choose the product and the vendor? This endorsement will show how the vendor and customer act in a relationship, and this is a key concept to understand if you wish to purchase from the vendor, because if you do you will soon be in the same position as the reference extolling the virtues of the supplier. Ask about the implementation methodologies; what standards are used and are these industry recognised, proven and successful in the field delivering tangible results?

Any vendor seeking to develop a long standing successful relationship with you as a customer must be able to assist you in reaching your aims, and will be able to prove they have done this in the past and have the tools and resources in place to deliver a successful project.

If you cannot trust or work with the vendor then the project is very unlikely to be successful. Therefore choose the vendor very carefully.…

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Virus Scanning and Database Corruption Might Occur While Replicating Public Folders

Virus Scanning and Database Corruption Might Occur While Replicating Public Folders

In the Microsoft Exchange Server, public folders have great importance. It not only contains user data, but also contains critical system information, which is required for smooth operation of Exchange Server environment. For effective management and better performance of public folders, the replication process is carried out. There are two types of replication is possible- Hierarchy replication or Content replication. In some cases, replicating the public folders between Microsoft Exchange Server could sometimes be troublesome and thus cause several inconsistencies in the database and make it inaccessible. This behavior of MS Exchange database Server might cause serious data loss situations, which require Exchange Repair using appropriate tools.

In a practical scenario, when a computer system that is running MS Exchange Server 2003 sends the public folder replication, email scanning might occur. You might also come across the corruption of Messaging Database at the same time. At this point, you may receive the below given error message:

“Multiple edits have been made. The conflicting edits have been attached to the conflict message.”

At this point, the Server public folders might become inconsistent and inaccessible. It causes critical database corruption and data loss circumstances. You need to find out that cause of this issue and go for Exchange Repair to sort out this problem.

Root of the problem

This issue might take place when a database transaction is inappropriately written due to an error, which causes an unbalanced Exchange Server transaction state. The unbalanced state of transaction allows virus scanning to be carried out on the outbound replication emails if the virus scanning is enabled. The unbalanced state of transaction might also result into the database corruption.


In order to come across these situations, Microsoft has provided a hot fix that can be downloaded from the website of Microsoft. You should always check the database integrity after installing the hot fix using utility. This solution can sort out this problem and it will not occur in future, but it can not repair the damaged database. In order to repair and restore corrupted database, Exchange Recovery is required.

This is potential through powerful and advanced third party applications, known as Exchange Database Repair tools. These software carry out extensive scan of corrupted Exchange Server database and restore all of its objects intact. They come equipped with interactive and simple graphical user interface and thus do not demand sound and prior technical skills.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is the most effective and advanced Exchange Repair tool to ensure successful recovery in most of the database corruption scenarios. It repairs EDB file of Exchange Server 2003, 2000 and 5.5. This software is compatible with Windows 2003, XP and 2000.…

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HTC Wildfire – A Look At Its Specifications And Features

The HTC Wildfire was released to the mobile market in May 2010. The HTC smartphone is a simple combination of superb social network integration and a reasonable price tag. It is not surprising that HTC has decided to create a smartphone that focuses on social networking. After all, we all know how huge a part it plays in our lives.
The phone comes preinstalled with the Android version 2.1 OS (Eclair). Despite the lack of a high-end processor (528mhz), the phone doesn’t appear to put on a sluggish performance. Well, performance fanatics might beg to differ. The HTC Sense UI is also preinstalled on the Wildfire to compliment the operating system and improve the Android experience.
A quick glance reveals that the Flamenco Red HTC Wildfire is one of the most attractive smartphones available. With its striking red color scheme and a 3.2 inch TFT capacitive display, the phone is definitely out to capture the attention of teenagers and young adults. Should you happen to be a movie fanatic, you will probably be disappointed with the smaller-sized touchscreen. Otherwise, the 3.2 inch display is practically sufficient for occasional photo viewing and social networking.
The HTC Wildfire comes with a 5 megapixel camera for spontaneous photo capturing. The camera includes several features such as smile detection, autofocus and LED flash. A few initial image samples show great image quality although there is room for improvement with the videos.
So, what does it really take to be a socially active smartphone? The Wildfire uses the HTC’s Friend Stream to bring you an awesome mobile social networking experience. Basically, the fashionable application draws all your social network happenings and feeds them to one central place. But that is not all. How would like being able to see your friend’s Facebook pic, status update and birth date when you receive a call? The HTC Wildfire integrates your social profiles with your contacts to bring you a holistic mobile social networking experience.
Another useful feature of the Wildfire is it’s ability to share interesting Android applications through emails, messages and social networks. Your friends will be able to download the application through a direct link with one simple click. How convenient is that?
Although the HTC Wildfire does come with a number of shortfalls, it has extended smartphone capabilities and a very affordable price tag. Did I mention it has great battery life (7 hours of talk time) and comes with all the basic smartphone capabilities such as GPS, 3G and Wifi?…

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Iran and N Korean Technology Treaty – Advanced Missile Tech, Centrifuge Scientific Knowledge

It seems as though while the US politic is busy distracted on mundane political nonsense during the 2012 political election season, that the centrifuges in Iran are busy spinning away like never before. Great, so apparently the sanctions are not working, but how could they work when then US has given all 20-nations which buy Iranian oil a free-pass. Meaning basically, no sanction rules, and interestingly enough, there are US food companies which sell food items there too.
Sometimes it seems as if these sanctions are more or less re-writing trade rules, putting barriers to entry up, keeping oil prices high world-wide, and allowing some nations special status. That is a real problem when it comes to global free-markets I’d say, and cloaking it under an anti-nuclear proliferation policy is silly – mostly because it isn’t working and it’s becoming quite apparent the Obama Administration doesn’t want it to work. So, what have we now?
We are entering the age of nuclear terrorism – and philosophically and strategically thinking – it doesn’t matter if the bad guys or proxy terrorists actually have a nuke or not, it’s the fear factor, remember terrorism is about fear. Okay so, rather than taking it down a few notches we are now using it as an excuse to use surveillance on all internet traffic globally, and as the world gets closer together this also means watching all communication on all social networks, since there are members from all countries now.
As if the fear factor wasn’t enough now it appears North Korea, a tiny country, and Iran a belligerent one (the leadership that is) have decided to use this fear as power. Of course, this is a fear lever that we have given them due to piss poor policy by the Obama Administration.
The Washington Post had an interesting piece recently about North Korea and Iran published on September 1, 2012 titled; “Iran and North Korea sign technological cooperation agreement, deepening ties,” by the Associated Press because the Washington Times reporters are too busy following the Obama Campaign roadshow these days to actually report on important news (opinion).
Apparently, nothing of any substantial nature has been done to reduce nuclear proliferation during the Obama Administration. It has become quite evident that they don’t take this challenge as significant, they just don’t think it’s a problem. Well, it will be a problem when a nuclear weapon is detonated inside of some major city in the world. When that happens, we can look back at who was asleep at the wheel, and which administrations allowed rogue nation states to continue the development of these weapons. Please consider all this and think on it.…

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Families and Technology – Beware the Social Downfall

This is a high-tech world we live in. It was many years ago and still is, but the pace at which it is advancing is staggering. We barely get used to a new gadget or idea and it has evolved into a more complex gadget and we must have it. Our children, our employers, and friends must have it, too. Has all of this been a positive or negative influence on our families?
For all of time distance between relatives, friends and business associates had been a challenge of fulfilling the need to talk face to face as if in the same room and to experience what is going on in their world. Today’s advancement in communication has given us several ways to squash that challenge and have control over it. The cell phone, iPods, PDAs, laptops, Smartphones, video phones, and computers provide almost limitless ability to communicate by talking, text messaging, instant video calls, computer use, and access to the internet. We can work and play more efficiently.
What good has all this done for the family? Keeping in touch with children and spouses on cell phones has become a necessity in times of emergencies and needing to know their whereabouts. Many service providers offer lower plans to help keep them connected while offering children their favorite, text messaging. Video phones, Skype on computers, and cell phone video fulfill a need for friends and families, especially in the military, to feel the joy of seeing each other regardless of the distance between them. The social contact and content over the internet is awe-inspiring. Many people have found their true love on an online dating service and started families. The knowledge to be found on the internet is never-ending. I can’t remember how I used to find out so much information before. Yes, I’m that old. Parents have a choice to work full-time or part-time at home via the computer or PDA. This can mean lower commute and child care costs. Their employers may be able to restructure their companies to save on expenses. Television events still bring friends and families together. Children enjoy their video games which aids them in keeping up on advancing technology. All of these things aren’t expected to go away but just keep progressing.
Quality time for families has given many of us a vast catalog of fond memories. Socializing within the family circle is in jeopardy. Going into our own retreats with our choice of entertainment has alienated the family structure as we’ve known it. Children demonstrate more bad behavior with the absence of family values and closeness not being constant enough in their lives. The whole family gathering around the dinner table is a source of support, problem solving and a release from the day’s trials. It teaches etiquette, empathy and social skills. Even if families manage a dinner together it is too often interrupted with phone calls, text messaging, watching television or listening to an iPod. Dinner time can become a battle trying to put away the distractions of our modern world. Some families still compete with all of this by having family movie or game nights. Some still try to read that bedtime story to their young ones. We have allowed ourselves to become addicted to email, text messaging, and connecting online by ourselves. We are putting our family life on the back burner and not worrying too much that it may get burned.
Some families and parents realize too late the damage being done by our all so busy, modern world of phones and computers. They have difficulty switching to parenting mode and instead passively monitor their children. They may stay at home and work but they work more and their children see it and are affected by it. Children must have attention from their parents to learn to socialize, grasp the commitment for learning, feel security, and to become strong, confident adults. Spouses need personal time together to enrich their relationships. The internet has engulfed many and chat rooms have caused marital problems and divorces. At the pace we are going I fear the breakdown of the social structure of the family which will lead to the decline of the social structure in society itself.
Like it or not advancing technology isn’t going away. We need to learn to hold onto our family social structure. We can embrace the positive influences of our changing world and strive to keep the negative influences away. I remember my parents not liking rock and roll music when I was a kid but I like it. Now kids today like rap music but I don’t. Each generation to come will accept changes since they grew up with them. I believe there should be a grandparent or watchdog in every family now and in …

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Of Windows And Tablets

Of Windows And Tablets

Even before Windows 7 was released to retail, the tech industry already had its first taste of Windows 8. Rumors about cloud computing and improved performance were obvious and expected, but more recent reports of exciting features like a new interface shed a much different light on it.

Microsoft has been understandably quiet about Windows 8 after the wild success of 7. There have been a few leaks every couple weeks, but we still don’t have anything solid. Before Windows 8 Italia’s report on the OS’ new “Wind” interface, I thought this was mostly just Microsoft milking Windows 7 for all it was worth. However, these new rumors got me thinking; maybe it’s not that Microsoft is hiding behind 7, but rather because Windows 8 will be such a major release that they don’t even have a specific feature set locked down yet.

The New York Times reported this week that Steve Ballmer may be demoing a tablet running Windows 8 at CES. While they may not show many of the features of the operating system during the presentation, it’s a position that Apple has quite clearly forced them into after their demonstration of OSX 10.7 in October.

Microsoft has also acknowledged their intent to introduce Windows-based tablets after the huge success of the iPad, but many tech analysts have knocked 7′s lack of a real touch interface. Even though the company purports that it has been optimized for touch, it’s very clear that Windows is still a very mouse-oriented OS. Companies like ExoPC have tried to make 7 better suited for tablets with new software layers powered by the latest hardware.

Unfortunately, that hardware is the problem with many Windows tablets on the market right now. Unlike the iPad, most (if not all) 7-based tablets shown thus far have had thick(er), plastic bodies and unacceptable battery life. Even though the power is there, the tablet doesn’t perform as well as the iPad simply because Windows wasn’t designed for tablets-nor is it a valid solution to tablets’ rising popularity.

The new rumors about a wildly different interface on Windows 8 are tantalizing; a 3D interface that adapts to you, rather than you adapting to it. However, Microsoft still may be missing the mark. Windows 8 Italia also reports that the interface will only be available to 64-bit installations and only on systems with 170MB or more video memory. These specifications aren’t tablet specs, they’re desktop specs.

Now, there’s no reason to assume that Microsoft won’t introduce another interface designed for tablets, but there’s also no evidence to say they will. They desperately need to get back into the PC game, whether that be with traditional form factors or with tablets. At this point, though, every indication points to tablets, not desktops or laptops, as the future of computing in the consumer space.…