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10 Reasons to Buy a New Xbox 360 Slim

10 Reasons to Buy a New Xbox 360 Slim

The Xbox Slim is due for release in the UK on 16/07/2010, it is expected that this new version of the Xbox 360 will replace the current models.

So what are the advantages of the new Xbox 360 Slim?

1. The noise levels of this console have been greatly reduced, with Microsoft claiming this console to be whisper quiet. This definitely makes a difference when playing games, watching movies or listening to music.

2. This new console includes built in wireless network, so there is no longer any requirement to purchase a separate dongle, this will save money and ensure you can start playing online without delay.

3. Storage capacity is now a massive 250gb, so there is plenty of space to store games, videos, music,demos, etc.

4. The size of the new Xbox 360 is significantly reduced. This console is now a similar size to the PS3 slim.

5. The console is also much lighter than its predecessor.

6. The new Xbox 360 sports a nice new black glossy livery, which certainly looks very nice and more appealing than the white Xbox.

7. The console now includes 5 USB ports (2 at the front and 3 at the back) together with a AUX port for connecting the Kinect control system.

8. Besides operating quieter, the new Xbox keeps much cooler thanks to the improved cpu and fans.

9. Reduce energy consumption whilst performing just as quickly thanks to the improved micro chips.

10. Nice touch sensitive buttons with audible feedback are just the icing on the cake.

This console is certainly a huge improvement over the previous Xbox 360 console and is being launched with a very competitive price so is sure to be a big seller.…

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A Little Something That Microsoft Doesn’t Want You to Know About Bing

A Little Something That Microsoft Doesn’t Want You to Know About Bing

The new search engine Bing sure is cute and cuddly looking isn’t it? Well not so fast. The computer giant Microsoft sure does like getting you to use its product. However, in the early days of Bing, Microsoft probably took things a little too far. Here is the story…

A “glitch” in Internet Explorer 6 effectively made Bing the search engine of choice for users. Even after users went in and reset their preferences, Bing remained their preferred search engine.

While this may have been a coincidence, it doesn’t look good. Microsoft has often been sited for pushing their products too hard on consumers, and many people felt that this automatic installation of Bing might have been another prime example.

There can be little doubt that the search engine, while a piece of sophisticated software, is also one of the most valuable and useful tools in history.

If you are an Internet marketer, then you probably are already aware that few tools in your tool kit are as useful as a good search engine. Google and newcomer Bing are excellent examples of just how much information you now have at your fingertips.

It occurred to me just the other day how important search engines have been in my life. I had to rebuild my life after losing my job, and this was pretty scary at first. I worked as a mortgage broker and I had been very successful, but back in 2007 that just didn’t matter. I lost my job and needed money fast.

Search engines came to my rescue because with them, I was able to discover the web. In the process, I discovered everything I needed to take the next step. This experience directly led to my ability to make money online.

The point is that all the tools you need to expand your moneymaking opportunities are already in place and waiting for you. I’ve practiced yoga and worked as a yoga instructor for years, and I know just how important yoga can be for sharpening one’s thoughts and calming one’s mind.

If you find yourself looking to make more money and change your life, I encourage you to look at the tools that are all around you and to meditate on your situation. You will find your solution just as I did. Now I make more money than I ever did in the past, so keep your chin up as you can do this too!…

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Is it the Right Time to Move to Microsoft Hosted Exchange?

Is it the Right Time to Move to Microsoft Hosted Exchange?

Do any of these scenarios sound familiar? A salesperson is on the road and can’t find the client’s location, because the e-mail with the directions is back at the office. A critical planning meeting is rescheduled for the 3rd time, because it’s almost impossible to sync up schedules between the engineering and marketing teams. A customer is disputing the requirements for their project, and you can’t find the e-mail with their original project details and worry that it was accidentally deleted. Spam mail and viruses are a constant nuisance in the workplace. If you find yourself running into these or similar situations, it’s time to consider hosted Microsoft Exchange.

Organizations of any size can benefit

Most people think of hosted Exchange as an enterprise class solution for companies with dozens or even hundreds of employees. That generalization is half right- Exchange is an enterprise class solution, but it’s not just for large organizations. In practice, the benefits of Exchange start to manifest once you hire your second employee. With document sharing, calendar synchronization, and access to e-mail and contact information from any web-capable device, Exchange can be a tremendous boon for teams as small as 5 people.

Flying without a net

Automated e-mail archival and retention tools are another crucial benefit for SMBs of any size. There are 2 basic approaches to e-mail for small businesses. One approach is to configure POP mailboxes using a shared web hosting account. This is the simplest solution, but the most risky. Management and retention of e-mail is solely the responsibility of the employee, there is no safety net.

On the other end of the spectrum, a company will purchase and manage a mail server in house. This allows for things like improved backup capabilities, but it’s expensive and still is subject to single points of failure- hardware breaking, network connectivity, or human error just to name a few.

Exchange makes sense

Hosted Microsoft Exchange dodges all of those issues. There are no cost of entry barriers like hardware purchases and software licenses. Backups are automatic. Users have access to e-mail and contact lists from any web browser, and there’s also native support for popular iPhone and Blackberry devices. Built-in anti-spam tools stop 94% of all spam before it reaches your employees.

The question isn’t really whether or not it’s time for hosted Exchange. Focus on the bigger questions: do your employees need anywhere access to e-mail and the ability to share calendar information? Do you have a bulletproof, automatic e-mail archival solution? Do you need better spam protection? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then hosted Exchange makes a lot of sense.…

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Windows 7 Proves a Challenge to Linux

Windows 7 Proves a Challenge to Linux

It seems that there is a growing battle between Microsoft and open source developers all the time. However when you speak to parties on either side of this so called war it is not the case at all, they do not regard each other as the enemy, but rather as the competition and they continue to compete in a manner that is welcomed in all free market economies.

Up to now it has seemed that the main vehicle for open source operating systems (OS) has been through the Linux stable and this OS is certainly very popular amongst those that seek to maximize the life time of their old PCs. Three main reasons for this include the fact that the OS does not take up a lot of memory, it avoids the issue of making your computer’s processors all but exhausted and then of course in these tough economic times, the fact that it is free helps a lot.

But Microsoft has apparently come to the party with its latest offering in recognition of the fact that while its business model might have to change slightly, its ability to deliver high quality operating systems into the market does not have to be compromised at all. The software vendor has brought a lighter OS into the market and it seems clear that there are noticeable improvements on the highly-anticipated and then highly disappointing Vista.

Windows 7 shows that Microsoft has ensured that it has learned the lessons that Vista had to teach it. The OS is lighter and does not demand as much memory as its predecessor. Microsoft has targeted that part of the market that wants to liven up their old PC and get the most value out of it. Instead of charging the earth for a copy of Windows 7, one is now able to buy what is termed a “family pack” for just $150. This is already an incredible improvement on historical price levels and the additional benefit about this product is that it comes with a license that allows for three upgrades.

The nature of the software market has changed considerably since the introduction of open source software and Microsoft looks like it is ready to really prove a challenge to the competition. We are likely to see less mud-slinging and more emphasis on the delivery of great products into the market such as is demonstrated by what we have seen of Windows 7 thus far.…

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The Latest iPhone 4S

Apple has the reputation for thinking out-of-the-box and all the way into the clouds. Steve Jobs and his company have changed the way users consume content. So coming out of Apple’s factories is the latest technological masterpiece known as the iPhone 4S.
What is the iPhone 4S?
Apple picked up right where it left off with its latest iPhone release. The iPhone 4S includes new features and the latest mobile phone technology. The phone takes your data all the way into the clouds so that you can store your favorite videos and music in a virtually unlimited space.
What makes the iPhone 4S stand out?
The iPhone 4S comes with a feature called Siri, a virtual assistant that the iPhone 4S uses to help you accomplish your tasks. Siri is an intelligent virtual assistant that helps you with your day-to-day tasks. You can ask your new virtual assistant anything and it will be able to give you a good answer. You can ask questions such as “where can I find good pasta around here” or “are there any bookstores near this area?” You can ask Siri all these questions and you will get an intelligent response. Other than answering mundane questions, Siri sends your messages, plans your activities, answers your calls, and sets your reminders. All of these tasks are accomplished by your futuristic virtual assistant.
Don’t freak out just yet because Siri is only the tip of the iceberg. The latest iPhone has other features that will blow your mind.
The camera on the iPhone 4S is one of a kind because of its 8 megapixel and high resolution capability. The camera has an automated face detection mechanism, advanced color accuracy, decreased motion blur, and excellent color balance. You can take all of the pictures you want and look good on Facebook.
The iPhone 4S also uses the most innovative and latest operating system. The iOS 5 is leaps and bounds ahead of the competition. It has more than two hundred new features that other mobile devices lack. You can integrate your phone to Twitter and directly send tweets and other updates on your favorite social media site. The notification center shows you updates and the latest texts you have received and sent.
The iPhone 4S uses iCloud to help you store your favorite videos and content. The iCloud manages all of your content for you allowing you to store music, photos, applications, contacts, mail, and others. It effortlessly moves all of your content to different devices.
The display of the iPhone 4S is truly a sight to behold. The high density screen makes the individual pixels almost invisible. The unique retina display of the iPhone 4S is music to your eyes because it helps you see each text and picture clearly.
The latest edition of the iPhone has Face Time where you can talk to your loved ones or friends face to face. You can hear each others voices and see each other as if you were face to face.
There are plenty of things to like about the iPhone 4S with the only drawback is that the iPhone will be compared to itself.…

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Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse

The Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse 8000 is designed to work with both 2.4 GHz as well as Bluetooth. In addition, the mouse is rechargeable, and features 1 GB of flash memory. It is actually the first mouse to feature both a rechargeable battery and a gig of flash memory. Featuring both wireless and Bluetooth connectivity, the mouse crams in everything you need and more. This allows you to connect to the computer even if all of the USB ports are full, and to transfer files from one computer to another without the need to carry around another flash drive.

The mouse is short and wide, providing comfort for the hand without taking up too much space. It features a sleek design that feels comfortable and looks great. The surface has a brushed metal appearance, giving it an industrial look that is very nice to look at.

The simplest way to set up the mouse to most computers is through the use of the USB port. The receiver can be plugged in to the computer’s USB port, allowing the mouse to be used wirelessly without tying it down to the computer or causing clutter with a mouse cord. The great thing about the wireless receiver for the Microsoft Memory mouse is that it also contains the 1 GB of flash memory. It also serves as a connector to plug the mouse in to. This is used to charge the battery of the mouse so that there is no need to buy additional batteries, a cost which can add up over time. Instead of using two or more double or triple A batteries, this Microsoft Bluetooth mouse runs off of just one rechargeable double A battery. The recharging cable is attached to the underside of the mouse and the end of the USB transceiver using tiny magnets.

For added convenience, the mouse can be wirelessly hooked up to the computer using Bluetooth. This is especially nice because it does not require the USB transceiver to be hooked up, allowing for an even more clutter free arrangement for your computer. A small switch located on the inside of the battery compartment allows the mouse to be switched in and out of this mode with ease. For those of us who have laptops with Bluetooth capability, this mouse is a great option that does not require any peripheral attachments.

In spite of its portability, the mouse also offers desktop like capability. It features two thumb buttons for extra customisation. It also has a four-way scroll wheel. This wheel can be rolled up and down for vertical scrolling, and clicked side to side for horizontal scrolling. These options are great for a wireless mouse intended for portable use. Having the portability of a notebook experience with the utility of a full desktop computer comes in handy when trying to get the job done away from the home.…

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The New Surge in 3D TV Technology is Upon Us

Interestingly, 3D TV Technology has been existing for numerous years now. This unique engineering science is now currently being observed in not only the movie industry, but at the present, there is definitely an explosion of 3D technological innovation also being made attainable to the consumer in the HDTV market place. There are currently products being launched to the television market place which are in the market today for purchase and use in your personal Home 3D Theater experience.
In this article I will disclose what choices in addition to technological innovations are now on the market and being bought as well as exactly what might be attainable in the future. It is questionable as to how soon many of these products and this kind of innovative technological innovation are going to be snapped up by eager buyers. There are actually leaders of companies that are investing huge monetary resources in the improvement of this new wave of 3D technologies and who believe that inside the next 10 years the sale of 3D products will encompass HALF of their television sales income!
We have already seen the Consumer Electronics Show 2010 and there are actually a number of ideas that we can learn from the event. We now have found out that the tablet PC is going to be big as well as 3D television technology.
Looking back, a number of consumer electronic makers had samples of this new upcoming 3D technological innovation on exhibit. The manufacturers ranged from Panasonic, JVC, Samsung as well as others. This technological innovation was clearly the “talk of the show”. There are numerous companies who are seeing the writing on the wall and are now scrambling to put in place innovations, compatible systems, products and services so that they can claim a share in this potentially explosive market. As an example, Interactive TV Today will be taking a closer overall look at each 3D Television from the 2010 CES and has picked out some companies that they are waiting to find out what they are going to be producing during the new year. CableLabs is offering testing capabilities for 3D TV implementation through cable.
Companies like Panasonic and Mitsubishi have been working on a range of HD 3D enabled TVs. Inside of the Television industry, this really is viewed as the first principal improvement after the launch of flat panel TV. Sony is likewise involved in this cutting edge technology, which is being popularized with new 3D movie pictures hitting the theater like has declared that they will be launching a brand new IF-2D3D1 Stereoscopic Image Processor designed to convert 2D to 3D. This will make it considerably less difficult for 3D content producers to operate with their archived 2D material. Comcast announced at CES that they were intending to launch a video on demand product. Movies presently predicted to be introduced include “The Final Destination,” “My Bloody Valentine,” and a lot more. ESPN is going to launch a 3D channel in June and is planning on showing over 85 live events.
So, the “gold rush” is on and gaining in momentum. Companies are shelling out substantial amounts of capital in the creation of products and services in addition to positioning themselves for the future demand from customers and the possibilities in the future. Timing and correct choices are now immensely important. There will be opportunities for new and existing organizations to take giant leaps forward. Those manufacturers that don’t lead, or at least closely follow, this new revolution will just disappear into the past.…