Advantages of Using Microsoft Exchange Online

The popularity of Microsoft Exchange Online has increased with the individual users in the last few years. It is already a favourite among large-scale business organizations as an enterprise messaging service. It has several advantages such as the cloud-based e-mail service along with the deployment on the Microsoft Exchange Server. It offers various benefits over other email systems and can link with other products to provide an efficient communication and collaboration environment for its users, making it more convenient to use.

Some of the advantages of using Exchange Online are:

• It lets the users access their email accounts, address books and other applications via wireless devices such as cell phones. The calendar is also another feature present in the application which is easy to track and view upcoming tasks for the future.

• It integrates emails and calendars together for convenient usage by the user for setting up and tracking of appointments, meetings, conferences, dates etc. Apart from that, the availability scheduler (free/busy scheduling) enables one to view the availability of a certain colleague on a particular day and helps in setting up possible meetings efficiently.

• It has the feature of recording voice messages, emails, tasks, meetings for specific groups which can be used for better organization of work. However, it also possesses a simple text-only version for its users to view when at places with a slow internet connection.

• Exchange Online has an inbuilt public folder for a better sharing of information among work groups and colleagues. Moreover, in order to be free from contracting harmful viruses it consists of a spam and virus checker and other security tools built-in to its system.

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• Team calendars can be efficiently maintained with automatic synchronization of that of the team members within Microsoft SharePoint. Also it can automatically regulate and display task lists with Exchange Online. For enhanced functionality, team discussion lists can be made by integrating the emails present in the Exchange mail boxes.

• An email enabled document library is supported by Exchange Online where all the documents attached to the mails in any inbox are directly sent to the library for future referencing and for building up a back-up set of data just in case.

There are several other advantages which set the Exchange Online apart from any of its competitors. The Microsoft Exchange Online has become the preferred choice due to its reasonable cost and reduced complexity when compared to other traditional in-house servers.