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All About Exchange Server Database Corruption and EDB Recovery

All About Exchange Server Database Corruption and EDB Recovery

Microsoft Exchange users transaction-based and fault-tolerant database for storing emails and directory information before this is applied to database. When a power failure or any other abnormal server failure takes place, the Exchg Server uses transaction log files for reconstructing data, which is already taken by Exchange Server but not yet written to database. But in some situations, the database failure might become very critical and can not be resolved in normal ways. At this point, your valuable data become inaccessible and data loss situations occur that lead you to Exchange Repair.

Exchange Database (EDB) Components

The EDB file is made up of server components, based on the standard database technique. Entire system bank on an embedded database engine, which lays out structure of disk of the Exchange Server and organizes memory. Major components of EDB file are as give below:

a) Information Store: This is the key component of Server. It has two separate database: private information store and public information store. It works with MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) and database engine to make sure that all operations are stored on server hard drive.

b) JET Database Engine: Exchange databases are based upon JET format that uses log files to maintain and track information. It is a 32-bit multi-threaded database engine, which combines performance and speed with other powerful features for improving transaction-based processing abilities.

Exchange Database Corruption

Like other database, EDB might also experience corruption at some point, which needs the system to try to get back to consistent state. The corruption could occur due to virus infection, improper system shutdown, application malfunction, user errors and missing database objects. There are two main types of database corruption, which require Exchange Repair to be resolved:

(i) Logical Corruption: It occurs due to damaged or missing database objects such as database engine failure and Information Store corruption. This type of corruption could also occur at application level in folders, mailboxes, messages and attachments.

(ii) Physical Corruption: This type of corruption occurs when entire database gets damaged on the hard drive. It is very easy to identify.

In order to overcome the corruption situations, Exchange provides two repair tools- Eseutil and Isinteg. These utilities allow you to carry out Exchange Recovery by repairing and restoring corrupt database in some situations, but these programs does not work in case of severe database damage.

In such circumstances, Exchg Server Repair applications come for your help to scan the damaged database thoroughly and extract all of the mailboxes and data from it. These tools are quite easy and safe to use.

Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is the most advanced and powerful MS Exchange repair application to ensure absolute recovery of your inaccessible data from EDB file of Server 2003, 2000 and 5.5. This software is designed for Microsoft Windows 2003, XP and 2000.…

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Microsoft Word Error – How to Fix Microsoft Word Error Notices

Microsoft Word Error – How to Fix Microsoft Word Error Notices

You may face any one type of Microsoft Word error while trying to work on it. In some cases the application stops working at all while at other times it hangs and crashes frequently which severely decreases productivity.

Below are common Word errors:

?? Font Problem

?? Unable to read files.

?? File is not in recognizable format.

?? There isn’t enough memory space to open Word.

?? Word experienced an error trying to open the file.

?? There is insufficient memory. Save the document now. (*.doc)

To fix the errors mentioned above you need to follow the steps given below:

?? First thing to do when you receive one of the above errors is to check your CPU usage. Mostly its exceeding. To bring it to normal, you have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL and this will show you what percentage of CPU is currently under use. In case of high capacity, click on Processes and kill the process which is hogging most CPU capacity.

?? If above step does not work then close the application without caring about the error and reopen it.

?? If problem persists then certainly you have to work closely with sensitive part of operating system called Registry. Windows registry is database where operating system stores information about all software installed, hardware configurations and user settings. Any corrupted entry in this part may lead you to errors similar to Microsoft Word error. You may download and install a reliable registry cleaner and PC optimizer software to fix MS Word errors.

?? Clear your computer cache and temporary files.

?? Optimize your browser.

?? Defrag disks.

Oftentimes errors in Microsoft applications occur when there is something wrong with the registry of the computer. You have to properly maintain and repair registry issues in order to work smoothly with all programs including MS Office.

When trying to download registry cleaner software from Internet, it would be wise to review the set of features. Some advanced registry cleaners allow you to maintain your PC as well. Better you opt for good registry cleaner and PC optimizer software.…

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Benefits of Attaining Microsoft Certification

Benefits of Attaining Microsoft Certification

When a person attains Microsoft certification he has proved an independent knowledge of Microsoft products that is up to such a level that he can get a job anywhere in the IT industry. Most companies use Microsoft products, so having a certification from them is one of the best investments you can make.

Certification means you can administer any task ranging from installing, running and correct many problems relating to Microsoft products. You may attain similar levels of knowledge from other sources, but the Microsoft certification test is a systematic check of all functions needed to run Microsoft products in a professional environment.

The title of Microsoft Certified Professional is something other companies have also adapted. Sun, Red Hat, Oracle and Sun to name a few. This gives a uniform way of testing people, and vouches for the quality of advice you get when you’re trying to get in touch with a professional consultancy firm.

At this time, Microsoft has the following certifications:

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)

Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA)

Microsoft Certified Application Developer (MCAD)

Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD)

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA)

Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST)

Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT)

Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)

Microsoft Application Specialist(MCAS)

You also have various advanced levels of certification, and tests can also be combined so that you are both a systems administrator and a database administrator (MCSA+MCDBA). Each level and specialty is usually designed to fit your current job specialization.

Certification tests will normally take 2-3 hours and consist of 40-90 multiple choice questions, and simulated content with an exam where you are required to do specific administrative tasks that are specifically designed to fit your specialization.

You can find various books that prepare you for thes tests, but you must also understand that your benefit from these certification tests will depend on your level of commitment to actually getting to know whatever you are working with.

Your main benefit by being certified is that you are directly connected to Microsoft. You get special access to some of their closed forums, and this can be very worthwhile when you want to develop your career in the field of information technology.

When deciding whether to be certified you need to consider what you’re working with. You may be working in one area, but might also want to expand to other fields. Working with these fields for some time before moving on to certification could be highly useful to get better results once you go to these exams.…

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Microsoft Dynamic Nav

Microsoft Dynamic Nav

What is Microsoft Dynamic Nav?

The Microsoft Dynamic Nav is the part of the Microsoft Dynamic family a middle market accounting software is also known as Navision, Microsoft Business Solution: Navision, or Navision Attain. Nav is an accounting software package or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software package


Previous NAV’s licensing model, “Module Based License” (MBL), is lack of functionality but in 2006 NAV is licensed to use BRL (Business Ready License) model. Microsoft offers an option to his customer to transition from MBL to BRL.

In BRL license the customer purchases user session have access to certain parts of the system. Normally users are two types (1) Business Essentials (BE) and (2) Advanced Management (AM). Advanced Management is more functional then Business Essential.

NAV has an option that offers the administers to use a native database or then Microsoft SQL Server for Data Base Management. SQL can mange large database sizes but need more maintenance then the native database.

NAV has a strong feature set. But more important point is that it can be thought of as an “ERP System construction set”. Developers can easily access to the development language like Pascal is designed for rapidly customizing the software. Customers don’t need to use complex server side Transact SQL stored procedures to manage the application and database. This is a new development or modifications in NAV.

Approximately 65,000 companies are running the solution with over 1.3 million end user licenses. Approximately 13,000 of those companies are in the US. It was the first and only mid-market ERP application to break one-million end user licenses.


NAV utilities are small software modules which purpose is to improve programmers and database administrators work convenience and effectiveness. It makes program development and implementation processes faster and their cost lower. First the NAV developers/implementers (or just enthusiast programmers) developing utilities for their own needs and then distribute as a software product.

Why You Will Chose Microsoft Dynamic NAV

You have a limited budget that’s why you are unable to find a financial and supply chain management system. You are willing to expand your business into new countries with different currencies. You are looking for easier access to your all business data.

You are looking for MICROSOFT DYNAMIC NAV.

NAV is a business management solution that is designed for small and medium sized business. Microsoft Dynamics is also easy to use and maintain. Many countries and jurisdictions already has been localized it. Microsoft Dynamics NAV will meet your business needs and can help you with:

• Financial Management – NAV helps you instant access to real-time financial, sales, and marketing information. This will allow you to make informed operational and strategic decisions win in these new markets and identify new opportunities for your business.

• Manufacturing – Microsoft Dynamics NAV will help you with an integrated suite of manufacturing applications to manage and execute manufacturing process. It will manage yours production orders, bills, supply and capacity requirements planning.

• Distribution – Microsoft Dynamics NAV helps you to increase your ability to handle order processing and demand planning. Its will help you to manage single or multi-site warehouses more efficiently. NAV will Improve your inventory management and reduce distribution costs more effectively

• Customer Relationship Management – You can improve you customer relationship management with Microsoft Dynamics NAV by managing customer records and sales histories, create and launch marketing campaigns and tracking customer activity.

With the NAV customization you can easily add functions, custom applications, and online business capabilities. Microsoft Dynamics NAV enables you to achieve your business needs with incredible value.…

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Fix Windows Dill

Fix Windows Dill

Your PC would not be able to run without its dill, or dynamic link library, files. These files help you whether you are cloud computing or working away in your basement. They are what allow your OS, or operating system, to access the information and codes it needs to keep various programs running. When you get a fix Windows dill error message is when they stop running.

Your Computer Cannot Run Without dill Files

Dill files are the ones that are used per diem, or as necessary. Almost every single program on every single computer needs to access them at different times. From doing editing in Excel to posting to your blog, you need your Windows dill files to run correctly. You cannot afford to have them damaged.

It does not matter how fast your processor is. You can have all the RAM in the world, too. None of that matters if your dill files get damaged and corrupted. You will just keep getting errors until your computer finally freezes and crashes for good. And then you might need to spend hundreds to get it fixed and running again. You can prevent all that from happening by using a quality software program that will fix Windows dill errors beforehand.

Get The Right Tool To Keep Your Windows Dill Files In Tip Top Shape

The right Windows dill file fix will clean up your system as it fixes it. It will also come with a backup and restore prompt, just in case you make an error on your own and need to restore your system. A good fixer program is simple to understand and easy to use, too.

Do Not Try To Fix These Problems Yourself

You might be experienced working with computers, and think you can find and fix all your dill files that are damaged. Some people try to do this, fix one or two, and then return to do more only to find their computer might not even be able to start, and imagine the sinking feeling when that happens. You want to go with a quality program that will fix your Windows dill errors the right way. One that was created by computer experts and recommended by the computer review sites. Your computer, and what is on it, is too important to leave this all to chance. Do not risk making it worse by trying to save a little money and doing it yourself.

How Valuable Is Your Computer?

Ask yourself how much worth you place on all the information you store on your computer. What if you couldn’t access any of it? What if the computer was so damaged, even sending it back to the factory wouldn’t fix it? Do not risk it. Your work documents as well as your personal family information is far too important to lose. Get the right program to fix all your Windows dill problems today. That’s right, fix Windows dill errors the first time, and you won’t have to worry anymore. Registry Cleaner-Fix Windows dll…

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Three Reasons Why You Should Have an Office 365 Partner of Record

Three Reasons Why You Should Have an Office 365 Partner of Record

If you have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription and you do not have a trusted advisor of a Microsoft Partner, you are not getting the full support that you could. Microsoft will pay a portion of your subscription to a Microsoft Partner to help you support your Office 365 Subscription. IMPORTANT: If you already have a partner of record, then work with them to receive the support you need, if you are not getting the support, then CHANGE your Partner of Record.

Associating your tenant (account) with a Partner is completely optional, but it is recommended so that you can get personalized help when you have a problem or need an issue solved. Assigning a Partner of Record has NO impact on your costs and does not change the services you receive from Microsoft.

With the Professional Plans (P1, P2) there is no phone or ticketed support using the administration portal. The only place to get help is the Office 365 community forums. There are Microsoft paid support personnel that help answer questions, but make sure that your request is specific so that you will get a good answer.

Reason 1 – Do you want a live person to help you with any Office 365 problem? Your Partner that you associate to your account should be your first email or phone call if you want a problem. They will be able to answer your questions or help you get the answer from Microsoft.

Reason 2 – Do you need a person to help you create and set up the tools of Office 365? Your Partner has the skills to get through a deployment quickly. There are many gottchas and planning tips that a partner knows that can save you time in getting your account set up. Things like setting up your Domain, Setting up ADFS to work with you on premise environment or, setting up a SharePoint online environment to enable you to collaborate with internal and external users.

Reason 3 – Do you have a specific person that can administer your account on your behalf? A Partner once associated, can administer your account on your behalf. That means your partner can build out SharePoint Online site collection, manage your Lync Online, can manage your Exchange Online and set up users.

Do you want all this? Then associate your account with a Partner. If you do not have a Partner, Adaptive Cloud Technology is ready to help. We are a owned subsidiary of BCH IT Consulting and we have tools, techniques and processes to help any Office 365 account be fully utilized to benefit the client.

Here is how to do it.

Log in using the Microsoft Online portal

Click Manage in the Subscriptions Section

Click your subscription plan in the list of subscriptions

Click “Add” in under Partner information on the Subscription details screen.

Enter “3413096” as the Microsoft partner ID and click “Check ID”. Microsoft should display “BCH IT Consulting” Click OK.

Congratulations, you now have one of the premier Office 365 Partners that is ready to help you or your organization succeed.…

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Some Advantages of Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Some Advantages of Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Is your company considering paying the extra this year to install or upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint 2010? If so, you may be in for a bit of a learning curve. SharePoint is not a particularly new technology, but some new features have been introduced to combat Google’s efforts into the world of collaborative documents stored on the internet. SharePoint was introduced in 2007 but the 2010 version offers a number of improvements and promises to be even more competitive than before.

SharePoint 2010 has a number of remarkable capabilities. First, SharePoint makes it easier to create sites for all of your business needs. You can not only create a site for internet customers, but intranet sites for your own employees, partners, or clients. This service is best for people who are uncomfortable with web development and would like a consistent backend throughout all sites. This makes it easier for an IT team to train regular employees and maintain the sites overall.

Since SharePoint is a Microsoft product, it ties in instantly with all Microsoft services. It’s easy to save and display Microsoft files on websites, a traditionally difficult process. SharePoint removes the need for all the normal editing required for putting a Microsoft Word document onto the web, for example.

With SharePoint composites, you can escape the need for tedious programming because the technology enables you to create applications and develop business solutions without the need for code. Save your IT team’s expertise for more important projects as you seamlessly share Access databases and Excel spreadsheets with the necessary recipients. Even if you lose your connection to the internet, you’ll still be able to work; synchronising is instantaneous once your connection is regained.

SharePoint also lives up to its name by allowing all employees access to the important data they need to make sales proposals, development choices, and important decisions. SharePoint Insights allows employees to share important files with one another so entire teams have access to results. The system is flexible, so it’s easy to create users and groups to modify permissions and access to certain documents. It also uses familiar interfaces so there will never be any difficulties involved in uploading, modifying, and understanding important data.

An important question to ask is how does Microsoft SharePoint compare with Google’s suite of applications for businesses, Google Apps? In Microsoft Office and SharePoint 2010, many of Google’s features are in effect mimicked while maintaining consistency enough for continued business use. For example, conversations can now take place directly in Microsoft Outlook, and real-time collaboration is possible on documents edited through SharePoint. These features have both been available through Google’s suite for a long time, and now it seems as though Microsoft is finally catching up.

In truth, SharePoint looks much more professional. It comes at a cost, but offers a number of services designed for larger companies. Unfortunately its installation is quite complicated as well as expensive. You will probably require training in addition to advice regarding set-up and configuration. In other words, you’ll probably need to bring in outside IT experts, but once the system is running and your employees have been trained properly, they should no longer be necessary.

For small businesses, however, Google Apps are probably more instantaneously useable and cost-effective. Many people are familiar with the way Google works and since all of your information is stored in the cloud, it is completely painless to install. The flat fee per employee also makes it perfect for small businesses. Schools enjoy even cheaper access, making Google Apps the perfect choice for educational services.…