How to Uninstall Fake Microsoft Security Essentials – Complete Removal Guide

Microsoft Security Essentials belongs to the list of fake programs that are continually infecting a lot of computer systems all over the world. The program is specifically designed by hackers to trick users and get them to download a useless application. Later on, the program will require users to purchase an upgrade to supposedly make use of all its utilities. However, the upgrade is also useless and it will only give hackers more control over the computer system. Users should note that regardless of the appearance of the program, it is not legitimate and it will only cause infections throughout their computer system. It should not be downloaded or should not find its way to the computer system. The program is capable of blocking access to different programs and even access to the internet. It is capable of stealing important information and files. In case the program is already downloaded and installed, users should be able to get rid of it quickly.

What Is This Virus?

Microsoft Security Essentials is considered a malicious application therefore it has the capability to spread malware infection. The main purpose of the program is steal personal information and damage computer systems. There are several ways in which the program can infect a computer: as a fake email attachment, a download from a rouge website or simply a fake download file. Once the program gets into the system it will cause a lot of errors and delay computer operations. In some cases, it may completely stop the Windows system from running. Fortunately, users can address this program immediately. The following sections will provide a tutorial on how.

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How To Remove This From Your PC

The first thing to do is to stop the program from running and then delete all of the files it has placed onto your PC. This can either be done by manually deleting all the files the software will be using to run, or by using an automated tool to get rid of it for good. We’ve found that which ever way to get rid of this virus, you have to make sure it’s completely removed from your system – as it has a large number of important backup files that will load it back up if it’s not removed correctly.

The best way to remove this virus, we’ve found, is to use a malware removal tool. These function like an antivirus program and erases malicious applications in the system. One example of an effective removal tool is Frontline Rogue Remover. The program is available online. The registry should also be cleaned using a computer registry cleaner.