Will it ever end? Of course Spam will not, I am referring to the ignorance of those people who fall for the latest and greatest technological spamming techniques that present themselves in the marketplace.
Anyone else sick and tired of the automated, “make $400/day with our system,” calls yet? We thought Social Media spam was annoying, well, this takes the cake. My question again, why are people falling for all this crap?
As we were walking back from the lake this afternoon I had received a call on my Isagenix business line. With some ads on Craigslist, and websites all over the net, it is quite easy to harvest my number. There is nothing more annoying than one of those automated lines promoting the easiest, most cost effective way to have prospects calling me all the time. If their system is so great, then why are they trying to sell me on it? Use the system to build the largest, most profitable business ever and stop wasting time trying to find the next idiot to buy into your idea. (They are making $400/day on the people who actually believe them and buy it!)
OK, so I am a bit irritated with all of this. I apologize in advance, however, it is quite obvious that a large majority of people online are still uneducated. Here is a quick lesson for anyone reading this, are you ready?
In order to build a business and create an income, YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK! There is no lie greater than, “our system will build your business for you.” Just plug and play, set and forget, kick back and sip your martini while we do all the work for you is plain NONSENSE!!!!
“Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth.”
The only way Spammers will ever cease to exist, this will probably never happen, is for people to stop falling for their tricks. Blackhat marketers are all over the latest and greatest ways to trick average people into giving them money. If people would lose their instant gratification, get rich quick mentality, then the effectiveness of these tactics would cease to exist!
If we were not hard wired with a get rich quick mentality, explain why Lottery sales are still up, even in this down economy? I have used this quote several times, and I will use it again here, “Empty your purse to fill your mind and your mind will fill your purse.” Benjamin Franklin understood that the key ingredient for success was education. Spammers are making a ton of money because they are taking advantage of those who are not properly educated.
A quick tip, when you do receive one of those annoying calls, be sure and press 9, as it is supposed to take you off their mailing list. If you sincerely want to make $400/day working from home on the internet, be prepared to have to learn, work hard, sacrifice, and commit for some time in order to make it happen!
You can do it!
P.S. Think about it this way. How long have you been employed? Are you making $400/day yet? How hard do you currently work for what you are making? Now ask yourself if one of these miracle systems sounds realistic? Common Sense could save you a lot of Cent$!!!

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