It’s easy to forget how much telephones have changed the world. Today we have what amounts to the majority of all human knowledge within a single device we can fit into our pocket. Our phones provide us with information, games and even video. And of course, a smartphone still provides us with the singular feature of a telephone. We can use our smartphones to talk to people all over the world. And the fact that telephones are so commonplace these days means that people are almost always available. Even if they’re not able to talk, we can be sure they’ll have access to voicemail.

Our phones are so integrated into our lives that we often think of them even before basic biological necessities. Most people have been in a position where they think to bring their phone on a long trip but forget something like water or food. But of course, our phones also have maps that can point us to a location where we could find nourishment. Our phones are so important that it’s hard to imagine what would happen without them.

But that’s often the case during natural disasters. Even power outages can be enough to take out cell towers. And if they don’t, then our power hungry and processor intensive smartphones still won’t be usable long term. The rate a smartphone drains its battery isn’t a big deal when power is ever present. But it becomes a serious issue during blackouts. So much of how we approach the world is centered around an assumption that we’ll have access to a phone. But as we’ve seen, phones are also among the first things to fail during many emergencies.

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There are ways around this though. One important point is to simply keep a spare charger handy. This won’t solve the problem of a phone’s battery. But it can extend the amount of time you have access to it in an emergency. It’s also a good idea to keep a landline connection. For example, consider a hypothetical situation in Derby. The power has gone out in the entire town. But our hypothetical protagonist has a stable landline. When he looked for a telephone maintenance services derby ks he also thought to ask about how the service operates. As such, he knows that he’ll still be able to make calls even during a blackout. To be sure, this limits the functionality of a phone to what we saw earlier in history. But that’s also the primary thing we need during emergencies.

Having a stable landline connection during emergencies means that we’re able to call outside the affected area to tell people that we’re safe. And it can even allow us to call for additional information. The only caveat is that one needs to remember that the type of phone used on a landline matter.

If one relies on landlines in an emergency than the phone shouldn’t have any features beyond the ability to make a phone call. It shouldn’t even be a wireless model. The reason is that one should be able to use a landline when there’s no power. But this is only fully possible if a phone is corded and without any additional needs for power consumption.