The Day is Coming When You’ll Trust an AI Computer of a Certain Brand More Than a Human

We often put faith and trust in the quality and value of the brands we buy or the brands of the services we use. For instance, if we own a BMW or Rolex watch we trust that they will not break and that they will work when we drive them or wear them. If we love our Apple iPod or Computer, we trust it implicitly over any other similar device of any other brand. When we read WikiPedia, we trust that information, as we would the Encyclopedia Britannica or Encarta by Microsoft. When we type something into a major search engine like Bing, Yahoo, or Google we trust the results coming back will be relevant.

Not long ago, a not so well known futurist of one of the Internet Think Tanks stated; “The day is coming when you’ll trust an AI Computer of a certain Brand more than a human’s opinion, advice, or decision, and if you doubt this, you might wish to consider that you’d trust your calculator on a math problem or spell check over a human right now.” Indeed, interesting points of contention, but is he correct in his forward looking statements with regards to artificial intelligence?

Interestingly enough we are trusting artificial intelligence, and if you use voice recognition you realize this already, you trust it to be 95% plus accurate. Soon that number will be very close to 100%, and you’d trust it more than a human stenographer, human court reporter, or a friend repeating what you said at a later date. See that point? So, maybe our futurist is not so far off, maybe that day really is coming, or, maybe it is already here and we just haven’t noticed it yet?

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