The Power of Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is by far the number one communication platform for companies not just in the UK but also worldwide. A press release from Microsoft published in March 2008 estimates “that 81 of Fortune 100 companies, along with millions of users, use [Microsoft] Exchange as their primary messaging and calendaring platform.” This highlights the fact that sending, receiving and sharing communications and information today thoroughly depends on the MS Exchange platform.

Microsoft Exchange Email

One very significant aspect of the MS Exchange platform is email. Sending and receiving emails are a crucial part of everyday communication as businesses rely on their internal and external communication. It is estimated that the number of emails being sent each and every day in 2008 was around 210 billion. This figure would be even higher today, a year later. On the MS Exchange platform you can send/receive emails seamlessly based on your circumstances; emails can be accessed on your desktop computer / Laptop wherever you are connected, mobile phone or on the web. The points below briefly outline the characteristics of MS Exchange on desktop, mobile phone and web.

Microsoft Exchange on your Desktop / Laptop

Microsoft Outlook is the most commonly used email client running on the MS Exchange platform. With Microsoft Outlook you can organise your workload, share information with others and all from one place. Thunderbird from Mozilla is an open source development and a no cost email client to use if you are not using Outlook. Using Thunderbird with Exchange lets you access emails through Entourage, Mac Mail, or any POP or IMAP desktop client.

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Microsoft Exchange on your Mobile Phone

With MS Exchange you can send and receive emails from any POP or IMAP connection with your mobile phone or smart phone, such as BlackBerry, iPhone or Windows Mobile. MS Exchange on your mobile phone lets you stay connected to your email on the go 24/7/365.

Microsoft Exchange on the Web

With Microsoft Outlook Web Access you get the same look and feel of the Microsoft Outlook desktop application but with the convenience of having web-based access, meaning having access from any location and any machine with an internet connection.

So what to look for in an Email Hosting provider when deciding on using Microsoft Exchange platform?

Besides customer service, service features, reliability and security (which are on their own and combined important factors), you should also look at the working relationship the email hosting provider has with Microsoft.