What Qualities Do You Need to Be a Good Intern?

Many sport internships require a lot of the same qualities from its interns. One group of things I have seen from the internships I chose was they want interns who are organized, responsible, and energetic. Another quality they look for is interns who have experience with the Microsoft Office program. A third quality that these organizations use is they pay a lot of attention to the GPA of the intern. Those are three qualities that most organizations look for in interns.

Being organized, responsible, and energetic is very important to an internship position. Organization is very important because it is extremely difficult for someone to be successful in a job or internship if they are not organized. Responsibility is huge in an internship. Being responsible makes it easier for your boss to trust you and shows you are capable of doing what needs to be done. Energy is great as well because it shows that you are excited to do your work and that you are not unhappy with what you are doing. Those three qualities are essential to being a good intern.

Having experience in the Microsoft Office program is vital to an intern. Most organizations use programs like excel to create worksheets of information and being able to use it and create them is essential. Microsoft Word is also important as well because that is what is mainly used to type out memos and other types of important documents. Another aspect of Microsoft Office is power point. This is also important because as an intern, you may have to give presentation to other employees and you can make a great presentation using power point. Microsoft Office is a very great tool to know how to use to be a good intern.

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An interns GPA is an important when choosing an intern for an internship. Most organizations with an internship program require an intern to have a GPA of 3.0 to be considered for the position. This gives students who are interested in the internships the intuitive to keep doing well in classes and to work hard. Having a better GPA always looks better to an organization when they are deciding on an intern.

There are so many qualities that organizations expect for their interns to have. Organization, responsibility, and energy are vital to being a good intern. If you want to stand out over other interns, having knowledge with Microsoft Office can be crucial. Finally, you can never stress how important it is to have a good GPA and what that means to organizations. Those are just three qualities that organizations expect, but do not get me wrong, there are many more qualities that they look for.