Many people from all different backgrounds think the iphone is the best thing ever.

Make sure you update your phone is using the latest updates. This means that you get the latest software and updates available for your phone will always have what it needs to function properly.

You can use Siri to give you reminders based on location with your iphone. You don’t have to tell Siri to remind you to call your work at a specific time. You can also tell Siri to remind you to do something when you get home.The iphone will automatically know you are at the destination and remind you the reminder. You can remind yourself even if you’re not sure when you’re getting back home.

Buy yourself a screen protector for your iphone. Without a protective screen, the phone is likely to sustain damage from every day use. Even tiny pieces of dirt hidden on your fingers may cause scratches.

Do you hate all of the notifications on your iphone? You can shut them off easily. Check “In Notification Center” and take out any apps that are not currently of use. This will also dramatically increase the life of your battery.

There is no need to press X every time AutoCorrect attempts to correct a word that has been subjected to AutoCorrect.Just tap somewhere else on the screen anywhere instead.The suggestion box will instantly close.

You can use the cord on your headphones to take an iphone photo. Begin by bringing the photo. When you are ready to take the shot, press on the cord’s button. This will then take the photograph. You can now save the picture by following the same steps you would normally.

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If you do not want to use the iphone suggestions for typing an email or note, there is no need to touch the “x” to get rid of them. Just tap the screen at any area and the suggestion box will be eliminated.

If you would like to save a picture, just tap and hold it. The popup menu allows you save the picture in your Camera Roll. You can also copy the image.

Always upgrade your OS release. Apple iPhones have now almost become as intricate as computers, so there are occasional patches to fix bugs, bugs and security holes. This updating is crucial if any personal information is own or accessed online with your phone.

This function is great when it comes to lengthy email addresses or for common phrases. You will find this shortcut feature by going to the keyboard settings.

Choose a custom ringtone if you love. The standard ringtones are unoriginal and you just one of the crowd. You can upload your favorite song or any sound byte you find enjoyable. This will set your phone is ringing.

As you may have picked up from this article, it seems like everyone owns an iphone. You may not have understood what was so great about them before. However, now that you’ve read this article, things should be more clear. You probably understand more why you need an iphone.