Technological advances play significant roles in our personal, social and professional lives. Teachers can incorporate these technological advancements in the classroom as a teaching tool. Nevertheless, kids nowadays can easily adapt to these advancements in technology as compared to adults. Hence they clinch onto technology, have fun, and at the same time learn things that they otherwise would not have.
Teachers can use certain computer software to create lesson plans and activities that are more interesting. Middle and high school students can be given tasks on surfing the web for homework and other tasks. With the use of computer and the internet, students can enhance a broader capacity for learning.
The use of email and text messages can also be used as a teaching tool and a learning tool at the same time. Teachers can send specific tasks such as homework, project or as a reminder for tests via text message alerts or email. Students respond better and faster with this kind of communication tool.
Moreover, teachers can use an interactive whiteboard rather than the conventional chalk and blackboard. This classroom technology is the most interesting of all. A white board uses a touch screen, which offers a more interactive way of learning and teaching. Sometimes, children can use a handheld remote clicker to answer the questions on the interactive whiteboard.
To end with, teachers and students will equally benefit on the uses of this classroom technology. Not only that it proposes interesting means for both learning tool and teaching tool, but also assists in the coping with technological advancements.

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