There are many online games that are now available on the internet. You may play an online game daily. There are many reasons why the games become so addictive to you and you can’t control yourself from playing the game. There are many steps to making the game addictive and those strategies will be discussed in detail.

Make the visuals amazing and realistic

It is important that the feeling of the game is real and amazing. You have to take special care on the visuals and sounds of the game. Gamers nowadays want more realistic and lifelike visuals. The more you work on the visuals and the more the gamers would be addicted to your game. Ensuring a good user experience ensures participation of them regularly. The sounds should also be given priority as they both bring out life to the game.

Ensure a lot of players engagement 

It is really important to make sure that multiple players are logging in regularly to the gaming platform. This is a concept of users inviting users to increase the value of the game. When people will like your game, they will invite other users to join the game by making an account, the game is gaining more popularity. All famous games in this world such as  Dota, Rust, Clash of clans and others have grown popular as users are increasing the value of the game. Rust even maintains the rust server hosting to make sure that all users can log in to their accounts properly and the server doesn’t slow down.

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Giving some type of daily awards

To make the game addictive and the users to keep coming back it is important to provide some type of reward for them daily so they would return the next day to get those gifts and advantages in the game. Almost all the popular platform-based game in the world has a reward system available that gives users special gifts or advantages for being regular in the game. This turns into a habit soon and the game becomes addictive.

Make them invest their time in the game

In many online games, the gamers invest their time in the game to make virtual assets. Now even if later in any point of time the gamer wants to quit the game, he can’t do it for a simple reason. He will feel that all those hours of gaming are wasted as the assets he built in the game will be a complete waste. The gamer would see those assets as the investment of time he made on the game. Due to this mentality of users, it can be difficult for anyone to quit a game once they have invested their time on it.

Creating an interesting and engaging storyline

It is important to make an engaging and nice storyline. The users will first get attracted to the game because of the storyline. It is obvious that they would want a good user experience and the gameplay should be perfect. But a good storyline is equally important for user retention. Engaging storyline results in an addictive gaming platform that no one wants to give up.

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