The 10 gigabit Ethernet is a type of technology that introduced a superiorly faster speed of data transfer. Having been finally established three years after it was first released, 10GbE successfully altered the conventional Ethernet standards. This new technology broke its own preceding 1983 record of 10 megabytes (10 000 000 bytes) per second rate with its own 10 gigabytes (10 000 000 000 bytes per second speed. It was even a hundred times faster than the then boosted Fast Ethernet, which transmits at the speed of 100 megabytes (100 thousand bytes) per second.
On the account of network communications, it is always preferable for information sharing to be of the fastest possible speed. A Local Area Network or LAN, unlike the internet, is a series of connection that links only a specific member devices. You can generally recognize this kind of setting in working stations and offices of companies and agencies.
With such proficient community, it obviously is more favorable if they can perform their important exchanges of data with swift speed technology. Aside from being efficient in terms of time consummation, accelerated data transmissions are also conducive in making employees and employers alike to perform their assigned tasks in a punctual manner.
Fortunately, a technology such as the 10 gigabit Ethernet could cater to these kinds of needs. None the less, 10GbE continues to go under development to match the evolution of our generation’s technological setting. From its original 802.3 standard rating, over the years, 10GbE has continuously emerged into more intricate versions of technology.
Up until the present it has been released in standards 802.3ae (2002), 802.3ak (2004), 802.3an (2006), 802.3aq (2006) and 802.3ap (2007).The stages in the growth and modification of the 10GbE technology focused on the main use of different versions of either Fiber or Copper base cables.
Nowadays, it is palpable how various establishments and offices are applying the 10GbE technology to their network systems. It is definitely unwise to reject the advantages of such fast and smooth speed in data transfer. Taking into consideration our very urgent ways of livings in the present, it certainly is a comfort to know that we have the right technology around.
And on an even lighter side, a 2007 research stated that 10GbE is also helpful when it came to conserving energy. Given all its admirable capabilities, the networking technology of 10 gigabit Ethernet without doubt induced a whole new world of endless possibilities for anyone who uses a computer.

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