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Must Have Windows Phone 7 Apps

Must Have Windows Phone 7 Apps

This year will feature the debut of an entirely new mobile platform from Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 represents a major departure from its predecessor. Don’t let the small numeric change from 6.5 to 7 fool you, this is a completely new operating system. As such, owners of previous devices prior to Windows Phone 7 will not be able to use their legacy apps. Let’s take a look at the must have applications for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft is well aware of the importance of social networking in our society. In particular, having a Facebook application is critical to the success of any new mobile platform. Windows Phone 7 is built to be a very capable when it comes to social networking. In particular, the operating system includes what Microsoft is calling the People hub. Essentially, it has Facebook updates built into the operating system. Facebook will stream updates to people within your contact list. Updates from Facebook will also show up on your home screen, making it easy to interact on the world’s biggest social network.

Yet another popular social network is Twitter. Microsoft decided not to include a Twitter application with Windows Phone 7. Luckily, there are several developers who will have Twitter apps available when phones are available for sale. Seesmic is bringing their familiar Twitter app to to the new platform. Other options include an application called Twitt. You can check your Twitter feed, post tweets in addition to adding photos. You’ll want to add a Twitter app to your new phone and there will be a few options available in Microsoft’s Marketplace, which is their version of Apple’s App Store.

Having a rich history of gaming with Xbox 360 certainly provides Microsoft with a few advantages when it comes to delivering a rich gaming experience for mobile devices. Microsoft themselves have in-house development teams responsible for popular gaming franchises like Halo. In addition to Halo Waypoint for Windows Phone 7, there are plenty of great games that will take advantage of the processing power of your new phone. Microsoft announced a list of 63 launch-ready games. Fans of classic gamers will want to download Castlevania. If you enjoy arcade-style racing, Asphalt 5 from Gameloft will showcase the graphics and fulfill your need for speed.

Your new Windows Phone 7 phone will ship with applications on the device and plenty of options to download apps from the Marketplace. Many applications offer a limited time trial, which allows you to try before you buy. With a robust selection of apps both pre-installed and ready at launch, there should be plenty of applications to keep you busy and allow you to enjoy your new phone.…

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New Developments in the Transcriptions Industry

Speech Recognition Technology is one of the developments that simply won’t stop speaking to the imagination. Complete interaction between objects and users has been a feature in many science-fiction movies, and its possible applications are truly exciting. Whether it is giving commands to any electronic object or dictating long speeches that get transcribed instantly, speech recognition has the potential to make life a lot easier.
While the technology has been around for over 2 decades, its development has reached a plateau since the late 90s. Google Search by Voice and Siri has certainly made the technology more popular, but its accuracy levels have not changed much over the past few years. Research indicates that speech recognition accuracy levels skyrocketed from 48% to 81% in 1995 and 1999-2001 respectively, to stagnate since.
Of course an accuracy level of 81% is still incredible and will suffice in many applications, but what happens when you start replacing transcription services with speech recognition technology?
Unfortunately the accuracy levels are simply not up to par with current audio transcriptions. While speech recognition can go a great way in dictating instructions and emails, the process of providing academic, conference call, or even market research transcriptions is simply out of its league. Traditional transcription providers put transcripts through a series of proofing and quality control processes, to ensure a level of accuracy that speech recognition can’t match. When it comes to captioning and typing out transcripts, it appears speech recognition is not the stand-alone solution that can go without re-editing from a trained transcriptionist.
The voice related technology does have its proponents in the transcription industry and many consumers have already adopted it. One often cited benefit for transcription users is the potential cost reduction. Unfortunately many people underestimate the implementation costs and fail to oversee that many of the transcribed documents still need extensive re-editing and proofing to ensure the quality of the transcript. It is true that in theory you may reduce labor costs but in practice you will find that you’re nowhere near your target productivity level and cost savings.
Speech recognition presents some great potential applications and has certainly drawn enough attention in the past few years. It does look however like its accuracy development has hit a wall., it is currently far from being sophisticated enough to completely replace human operators, and unless this changes, the technology is not a viable substitute for transcription services.…

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Pulse Oximeter For Dentists Helps To Monitor Patients On The Dental Chair

It has long been overlooked by dentists the importance of monitoring the vital signs of patients while they are on the dental chair. The reason for this is because those that go to their dentist have various health issues including cardiac as well as respiratory conditions that could be triggered during the procedure. Thus it is important to have a way of measuring the vital signs of these individuals in order to make sure that they are functioning properly. The best way to do this is through the use of a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a health and medical device that has been used for decades as the premiere medical device to measure the vital signs of individuals. Through the advent of new technology the device has completely changed and in essence has become significantly smaller and completely portable. In addition, the cost of making the product has decreased dramatically as well thus allowing easier access to everyone.
The way that a dentist would actually use the pulse oximeter would be to have the patient simply place their finger inside the device and then within seconds there would be a reading of the pulse rate and the oxygen levels of the person. The best feature of the product is the fact that should the readings fall to abnormal levels then what happens is that an alarm will sound that alerts the health care professionals that there is something wrong as the readings have fallen to abnormal levels. Throughout the past couple of years many dental practices have turned to using the pulse oximeter for monitoring patients. There have even been talks by the regulatory bodies as to requiring the use of this because it is such a critical device to simply make sure the person on the dental chair is at normal healthy levels during the procedure.…

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5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy a Microsoft Surface RT

5 Things You Need To Know Before You Buy a Microsoft Surface RT

Microsoft has recently released its own in-house designed and built slate called the Surface. The 10.6 inch touch screen ‘iPad type’ slate offers many unique features such as its VaporMg (Magnesium) case, full size USB and the new Windows operating system.

#1: There are Two Versions of the Surface

There are two versions of the Microsoft Surface, specifically the Surface RT and the Surface Pro. This is very important to note as the RT as the name suggests runs Windows RT (short for RunTime). This is a cut down version of Windows 8 designed to run on mobile chips, such as those found in the iPad; and Surface RT. The Surface Pro (due in 2013) compared to the RT will have a faster processor, more storage, more expansion ports, an active digitiser pen (think real handwriting on the screen) and run the full version of Windows 8.

#2: Windows RT and Windows 8 Are Different

The face of the new Windows operating system is the Metro, now renamed to Modern, start screen. Although the start screen interfaces looks the same on Windows RT and Windows 8 they are not the same thing. Windows RT as mentioned above is specifically created to run on ARM mobile chips as found in the Surface RT. As the Windows RT is custom coded to run on ARM chips so must it’s applications be. Which brings us to…

#3: Windows RT Will Only Run RT Apps From the Windows App Store

As the Windows RT build is fundamentally different to the full ‘x86′ version only apps built for RT will run on RT. These apps can be found in the new Microsoft App Store which is built into Win RT/8. Your existing Windows XP/Vista/7 legacy applications will not run on Windows RT. Before you go getting all upset, this is exactly the same as your iPad not running these applications and required you to buy the iPad app from iTunes. There is currently around 2000 apps but is expected to grow to 100,000 in the 3 months post launch.

#4: The Surface RT Has Office, But Not Outlook for Email

Microsoft has bundled in a version of Office 2013 Home & Student with the Surface RT. This includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote but most notably not Outlook. Email will be accessed through the RT Mail app, which one again before you gasp, very iPad-esque. I’m sure it will be more than capable, will integrate with Cloud & Exchange based mail but will lack the familiarity and advanced features of Outlook. Ah and by the way, Home & Student RT versions are not licensed for business use, however an upgrade is available.

#5: It’s Not Out Yet – But Soon!

There has been lots of talk and buzz about these Surface slates but the fact is Microsoft has kept them very close at hand. The Surface RT is available for pre-order ready for its Nov 6th release date. Until these units are in the hands of the general public we wont know how great or how dismal the experience may be.…

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The Benefits of Used Computers

Used computers are something that a lot of people are considering purchasing nowadays because you can get a quality computer, at an inexpensive price. While some people might think that purchasing a brand new computer is going to be one of the best options, however a refurbished computer might work just as well at a lower price. In this article, we are going to talk about the pros and the cons of what a used computer is all about.
Whenever you are dealing with used versus refurbished, just remember that there are differences. Refurbished computers are generally computers that a company has gotten rid of because they need new ones or because they are going to be going through an upgrade. Typically, these types of computers have been through an entire overhaul and have truly been repaired inside and out and are practically new computers. The final products are incredible most of the time and they have been tested by a lot of computer experts. That is important to keep in mind.
This is how you can tell that your refurbished computer is going to be worth your while and is going to be an investment. However, even though the computer has been thoroughly tested, you want to ensure that you test the PC as well. That way, you know for sure that the computer is in fantastic working order before you bring it home.
Whenever you are in the market for a used computer, remember there are a ton of different ways that you can buy them and going online is one of them. However, finding a company that is going to be trustworthy as well as credible can be difficult. Buying a computer online is for the most part recommended, however you want to ensure that it has a warranty, that way if something happens, they will replace it.
Computer packages that include the monitor, the keyboard, mouse and of course the tower are all extremely popular, however in this day and age, it might be a good idea to buy them all separately, that way you can save some money. Getting a refurbished computer and a refurbished monitor might save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars and all it takes is a little research.
Used computers are something that should always come with a back up or a restore disk. This disk is essential for a used computer or a refurbished computer, for you can spend a heck of a lot of money purchasing an OS if it does end up failing.
As you can see, there are a lot of different steps that you are going to have to take in order to get yourself a refurbished or used computer but the main thing is the warranty. As mentioned above, it is something that you want to ensure that you have; however, you also want to make sure that it is a good one. Remember, a company that does not offer a warranty with their computer might not be worth your time.
Purchasing used computers is not all that difficult if you follow these steps and guidelines, that way you know exactly what you are getting and you are saving money!…

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10 Gigabit Ethernet – What You Should Know

The 10 gigabit Ethernet is a type of technology that introduced a superiorly faster speed of data transfer. Having been finally established three years after it was first released, 10GbE successfully altered the conventional Ethernet standards. This new technology broke its own preceding 1983 record of 10 megabytes (10 000 000 bytes) per second rate with its own 10 gigabytes (10 000 000 000 bytes per second speed. It was even a hundred times faster than the then boosted Fast Ethernet, which transmits at the speed of 100 megabytes (100 thousand bytes) per second.
On the account of network communications, it is always preferable for information sharing to be of the fastest possible speed. A Local Area Network or LAN, unlike the internet, is a series of connection that links only a specific member devices. You can generally recognize this kind of setting in working stations and offices of companies and agencies.
With such proficient community, it obviously is more favorable if they can perform their important exchanges of data with swift speed technology. Aside from being efficient in terms of time consummation, accelerated data transmissions are also conducive in making employees and employers alike to perform their assigned tasks in a punctual manner.
Fortunately, a technology such as the 10 gigabit Ethernet could cater to these kinds of needs. None the less, 10GbE continues to go under development to match the evolution of our generation’s technological setting. From its original 802.3 standard rating, over the years, 10GbE has continuously emerged into more intricate versions of technology.
Up until the present it has been released in standards 802.3ae (2002), 802.3ak (2004), 802.3an (2006), 802.3aq (2006) and 802.3ap (2007).The stages in the growth and modification of the 10GbE technology focused on the main use of different versions of either Fiber or Copper base cables.
Nowadays, it is palpable how various establishments and offices are applying the 10GbE technology to their network systems. It is definitely unwise to reject the advantages of such fast and smooth speed in data transfer. Taking into consideration our very urgent ways of livings in the present, it certainly is a comfort to know that we have the right technology around.
And on an even lighter side, a 2007 research stated that 10GbE is also helpful when it came to conserving energy. Given all its admirable capabilities, the networking technology of 10 gigabit Ethernet without doubt induced a whole new world of endless possibilities for anyone who uses a computer.…

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Accounting Technology Educational Training Options

The finances for any business have to be managed correctly in order to ensure monetary success. To accomplish this businesses and organizations place their financial records in the hands of educated professionals. Students can learn to work with several areas of a business by looking into accounting technology educational training options.
Tracking financial records is the main area of study within a program. Students learn to work with several accounting areas that include payroll, billing, and accounts receivable. Educational opportunities for students interested in accounting technology are available at the certificate and associate’s degree level. Most students complete an associate’s degree program because the skill set obtained from training gives students more career preparation.
The field has advanced to include a high level of computer-based accounting. Computerized accounting technology certificate programs are a great way for students to begin careers in this field. Exploring the computer software used by today’s professionals teaches students basic accounting tasks. Curriculum focuses on several career areas preparing students to step into various professional positions. Studies in business fundamentals and automated accounting systems courses are covered that focus on training students to handle financial records. QuickBooks, business writing, payroll accounting, and taxation are some course subjects that students can expect to work through. The skills obtained inside a certificate program focus on computerized accounting systems, which are directly related to the work professionals conduct inside the workplace. Understanding how to use computer programs allow professionals to minimize errors and work faster. Working through this level of education is a good way for students to enter careers quickly.
Further education at the associate’s degree level teaches students to take their knowledge of accounting technology and apply it real life situations. Schooling focuses on financial management and accounting to give students a strong foundation that will help them succeed inside the workplace. Two aspects of the field are highly emphasized. Students will take courses that focus directly on basic accounting and courses on how to use computer accounting software. Courses in security management, cost accounting, technical communication, information systems for accounting, and managerial accounting are some specific subjects included in training. Students are eligible for careers after completing either a certificate or associate’s degree program.
Entry-level careers that are available to students include:
Professionals work with small businesses by recording their financial transactions. This typically includes purchases, investments, project costs, accounts payable, and more. The work conducted by bookkeepers helps a business know where they stand financially, which helps them conduct transactions.
*Accounting Clerk
Accounting clerks work with larger businesses and organizations. They maintain a detailed portfolio of the financial status of a company. Transactions, accounts, loans, and interest rates are some main areas professionals monitor.
Trained professionals are essential to helping businesses stay current on all monetary issues. Students can begin education by choosing accredited accounting technology degree programs based on the type of careers they want. The Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools ( ) fully accredits programs that offer quality educational training. Some colleges may focus on certain aspects of the field more so students should research their options. Complete a training program and enter a career in accounting technology.
DISCLAIMER: Above is a GENERIC OUTLINE and may or may not depict precise methods, courses and/or focuses related to ANY ONE specific school(s) that may or may not be advertised at .
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