5 Ways of Managing Microsoft Outlook 2007 for Better Time Management

It is all about making things easier when it comes to an e-mail application like Microsoft Outlook 2007. This version of Outlook is designed to serve as a tool for time management as well as provide user friendly features. Its features are useful for daily usage and do not require special skills or even understanding of Microsoft Outlook. An average user who wishes to implement steps for improving time management and saving time in reading, constructing and answering e-mails can easily apply these.

Here are the 5 most common easy to apply tips with which the user can manage time:

Calendar and Contact Management

Microsoft Outlook provides the user with various easy to use functions to manage the Calendar and Contacts. These are powered by various useful add-nos that are helpful in managing time well. You can utilize the calendars to store important appointments. Whether it is a public or private appointment it can be categorized and displayed accordingly. You can also use the Management tool. The calendar feature in Outlook is combined with add-ins as well to manage time.

Color-Coded Categories

You can start by using color-coded categories. You can assign different colors for categories. This would make each category unique and therefore easy to identify. This can be done for various appointments that are scheduled. For example, you can color green for doctor’s appointment, red for meeting with boss and blue for a family gathering. This way you will be able to distinguish different appointments falling on same or different days of the calendar.

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Microsoft Project Add-In

Users of Microsoft Project can easily set up ‘Synchronization’. Microsoft Outlook can be synchronized with Microsoft Project Web Access accounts. This is yet another add-in. it is capable of providing updates. The user has full freedom to import and update the project details. This includes project related assignments and tasks.

Use Reminders

It is essential to make use of reminders when you have several appointments, meetings or tasks that require immediate attention. In order to be able to keep a check upon various appointments and scheduled tasks it is essential to set a reminder. This reminder can be set up with a sound or a visual alert that will remind you about the specific task. This can also be set in advance depending upon the importance of the event. You can choose to set an alert as per your schedule.

Appointment Privacy

You can utilize Microsoft Outlook for work and personal purposes as well. It is user friendly and offers the freedom to segregate e-mails. It helps in creating privacy options for the user. By utilizing this option you can choose to set in filters for professional as well as personal e-mails. The user can easily set up viewing options that will categorize personal and professional e-mails. The other users of Outlook will not be able to view the details. For example, if you specify an appointment as private and set the view priority then other users will not be able to view the details.

Utilizing above given tips for setting various options in Outlook 2007 may sound tricky and complicated at times. So, it is advisable to seek computer support and ask the technical expert to guide you through each step.

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