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The Day is Coming When You’ll Trust an AI Computer of a Certain Brand More Than a Human

The Day is Coming When You’ll Trust an AI Computer of a Certain Brand More Than a Human

We often put faith and trust in the quality and value of the brands we buy or the brands of the services we use. For instance, if we own a BMW or Rolex watch we trust that they will not break and that they will work when we drive them or wear them. If we love our Apple iPod or Computer, we trust it implicitly over any other similar device of any other brand. When we read WikiPedia, we trust that information, as we would the Encyclopedia Britannica or Encarta by Microsoft. When we type something into a major search engine like Bing, Yahoo, or Google we trust the results coming back will be relevant.

Not long ago, a not so well known futurist of one of the Internet Think Tanks stated; “The day is coming when you’ll trust an AI Computer of a certain Brand more than a human’s opinion, advice, or decision, and if you doubt this, you might wish to consider that you’d trust your calculator on a math problem or spell check over a human right now.” Indeed, interesting points of contention, but is he correct in his forward looking statements with regards to artificial intelligence?

Interestingly enough we are trusting artificial intelligence, and if you use voice recognition you realize this already, you trust it to be 95% plus accurate. Soon that number will be very close to 100%, and you’d trust it more than a human stenographer, human court reporter, or a friend repeating what you said at a later date. See that point? So, maybe our futurist is not so far off, maybe that day really is coming, or, maybe it is already here and we just haven’t noticed it yet?…

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Explore New Possibilities With Microsoft Access 2010

Explore New Possibilities With Microsoft Access 2010

We have seen many versions of Microsoft products come and go, Microsoft has always ensured that it carries out regular upgrades on its Microsoft Office suite to ensure that their products stay in line with the current market needs and expectations. It is in this context that Microsoft decided to introduce Microsoft Access 2010 into the market as there was need to have a fully fledged database management application that could easily allow for building and manipulating databases in a smart way.

Some people have complained that previous versions of Microsoft Access were quite technical and unfair to the novice user, if you are one of them you would have to quickly change your opinion once you sample the new Microsoft Access 2010 as it has been basically built for that individual that might know nothing about database management. The MS Access 2010 tutorial is written in the simplest language you can ever imagine.

At the first glance it would be difficult to recognize the new MS Access 2010 as the user interface is nothing near MS Access 2007 or 2003, this is totally different as you will realize that menus and toolbars that you were used to seeing in the predecessor versions are no longer there. Instead you will be looking at ribbons and navigation panels that form part and parcel of the interface. One does not need to be intimidated as ribbons only replace the traditional toolbars and menus while navigation panels simply represent an extended functionality of the database window.

One can easily be able to identify ribbons and navigation panels by looking at a MS Access 2010 tutorial screenshot. With Access 2010 ribbons, commands and other tabs that are used for data management are organized according to their functionality, this makes it very easy as you can easily find and identify a command or tab by simply checking the parent category.

MS Access 2010 addresses the issue of security especially considering the fact that security aspects need to be factored in when updating a database to a SharePoint site. There might be some data that you do not wish to be seen by users accessing your database via a web-based application. With MS Access 2010, you can easily define and set permissions to restrict levels of access, this means that private and confidential data will remain accessible to unauthorized users. With MS Access 2010 security levels are greatly enhanced.

Reporting standards are very important in any database management application, most individuals and organizations need to have an application that can be able to generate accurate and conclusive reports as they are usually used for decision-making. MS Access 2010 allows a more powerful way of report generation as you can be able to utilize improved layout structures to publish reports. With Access 2010 it is easier to group different controls in a layout to come with powerful report, Access 2010 emphasizes the concept of traditional reporting meaning that you can be able to produce reports that meet certain conditions. There is also addition of new data types and controls in Access 2010, this can be found in a Microsoft Access 2010 tutorial, these include attachment data types and built-in Calendars that are helpful for tracking time and date fields.…

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Learn to Control the First Tee Jitters

Put yourself in these shoes, and believe me I’ve been here. You’re driving to your home golf course for the weekend scramble and the only thing on your mind is the dreaded first hole. You know, the one with the narrow fairway, houses and out-of-bounds to the left as well as a busy roadway and out-of-bounds to the right. Compound that with thin strips of rough on either side that seem to have been overpopulated with trees. If that isn’t enough to give you the dreaded first tee jitters, then your blood must run colder than Tigers’.
In fact, if you look back at Tigers’ performance on the first hole in a major over the last 8 years it’s absolutely dreadful. So what does that tell me? Even the best golfer in the world needs to learn how to control the first tee jitters.
Numerous articles have been written on this subject, all including different theories as to the “cure,” so all I can do is relate to you how I personally have been able to reduce what basically amounts to fear or a nicer way of putting it, anxiety. It’s funny but for many years I could be banging balls off the back net on the driving range with the driver. And then when I stepped onto the first tee, with my tail now firmly between my legs, I’d have changed to a 3-wood or iron because I was now scared /anxious to use the driver.
Honestly, one of the problems I had and what the golf club manufacturers count on, is that some of the “knock-off” equipment I was using was just flat out unreliable and technologically outdated. I’ll leave it at that and you can make your own equipment decisions, but the truth is that quality up-to-date golf equipment is now a must to compete at any level of golf. How do I know? My girlfriend finally got sick of hearing about my poor driving so she went out and bought me a new driver for Christmas that rewards me for a good golf swing. Basically, the confidence in my equipment has allowed me to reduce my anxiety to a level that’s controllable. Because, let’s face it, golf is a difficult game already.
Another thing that used to bother me on the first tee was the noise of other less courteous golfers talking. I still haven’t completely overcome this as I don’t talk while they’re hitting, nor I’m sure do you. So if this is one of your issues too, try to focus on something more pleasant. I know some of you are laughing when I’m espousing sending that ball to its “happy place”, but I’m sure you’re going to be pretty happy when that ball is resting somewhere on golf course property and preferably in the fairway after that first tee shot. The bottom line is not to let your golf shot be the distraction while you’re listening to the other golfers trying to work out their own anxieties.
Finally, if we begin to apply some of the previously mentioned theories, we can accomplish what I consider to be the main goal and that’s reducing tension. Physical tension will kill your performance in any sport, especially golf. One of the best theories I’ve tried in this area is to consciously take a lighter grip when I feel myself tensing up. I suppose that we should probably be using this method on all of our shots. So now we haven’t just improved our tee shot performance but our overall performance as well.
These methods have helped me to control the first tee jitters and they can work for you if you allow them to. Good luck, and your feedback would be greatly appreciated in order for all of us, including Tiger, to beat those jitters.…

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Where Does One Go To Get The Latest In Pulse Oximeter Device Technology?

It was always regarded that the pharmacies are the really the best place to go to get the latest and most advanced in medical device technology. However, this is not true anymore as the internet has opened the gateway to a whole new world of possibility when it comes to medical device technology and equipment. The internet has proved to be the best avenue to find these devices because in essence it is a world-wide marketplace whereas the local pharmacy is only limited in its reach and only services the local community. One of the most popular products to get on the internet is actually a pulse oximeter device. A pulse oximeter is a medical device that is very useful and necessary for individuals who have various health conditions including cardiac and respiratory conditions. The device helps these individuals monitor their vital signs in order to determine if they are functioning at optimal health.
The pulse oximeter device has gone through a huge boom when it comes to sales online. The online marketplace seems to be the best place to purchase these devices because it truly offers the best price and quality than the typical physical stores. By purchasing online you are essentially cutting out the middle-man and thus getting a much better price than if you were not going to. The importance of price is so important in today’s economy as so many individuals are really struggling with meeting their budgets with their limited incomes. Because the online market is so much more affordable these individuals can be confident that their oximeter device purchased online is really going to be the best price. This principle also stands true for many other medical device technologies as they can also be bought at significantly better prices online than in the actual stores.…

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Freight Matching Community – The Next Wave of Loadboard Technology

In the trucking industry, you have carriers and brokers. The brokers find freight and then match that freight with trucks. Then, the trucks carry that freight to its destination. Sounds simple enough. The challenge has always been connecting those people with freight to those people with trucks.
In the past, brokers and carriers developed one-on-one relationships with each other and built these relationships into a business network. The brokers knew that the carriers in their network could be relied on to pick up and deliver the freight safely and on time. The carriers also knew that they would get paid for their hard work. In other words, these networks were effective because they were built on trust. Brokers and carriers did business in-person, over the phone and eventually by fax and email. This way of doing business worked but it took a lot of time and money.
Enter the internet revolution. Soon, people were using the internet to get information, buy and sell goods and services. Doing business online saved time. Before long, loadboards were created. Loadboards were internet websites that allowed companies to advertise their freight and trucks with other members of the transportation community. Now, companies could exponentially grow their networks and their businesses, while saving significant time and money.
Loadboards started becoming really popular but soon, some negatives issues arose. More and more users were connecting from all over and it became difficult to know exactly who companies were dealing with. Brokers started to worry that their freight wouldn’t get delivered safely and on time. Carriers also worried they might not get paid for their work. People were no longer certain they were working with companies they could trust. Then social media applications like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube started allowing people to use the power of the internet to connect with others while preserving their ability to develop and grow trusted networks of friends, colleagues and business partners.
What happens if you combine the powerful loadboard technology and incorporate social media components? The result is a system that allows users to create their own community of trusted networks.
Thus the new world of Freight Matching Communities is born.
Freight Matching Communities combines the power of freight matching technology with the benefits of a social networking.
Similar to a group on Facebook or LinkedIn, users first post their excess freight and trucks within their private trading community which they can set up using the carriers and brokers that they know and trust.
If the user is unable to find a match in their private community then the posting then becomes available to other members of the Community If the posting still does not get picked up, it then becomes available to other users on their public Freight Matching loadboards. If all else fails, then the postings can be offered out to users on the other public freight matchings.
Freight Matching Communities is the next wave of loadboard technology. It can catapult your business efficiency so talk to your trusted partners and create your freight matching community today.…

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The New Microsoft Office 2010

The New Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 is the latest version (as of this writing) of Microsoft’s office suite of programs which include Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and Excel. All of these new programs will work in most web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari, but they will not work in the Opera operating system.

This latest version of Microsoft Office became available to the public in June of 2010 and is the first version of Office were the volume license editions require a product key code for activation.

Microsoft has enhanced the features of this new version that give the product plenty to be excited about. There were three things that Microsoft focused on most. First of all, they have made it so that work flows are much more efficient and secondly, they have integrated the programs to work online through most browsers so that your work can be available to you anywhere in the world and third, they have made collaboration with other people’s work much easier than it ever was before.

According to Microsoft, the new Office 2010 will now allow you to not only use your PC, but also your phone and the internet to adjoin your projects more efficiently. Though Google Docs has been the number one online spread sheet creator, the new 2010 web browser integrated Excel might just give Google Docs a run for it’s money.

The Ribbon, a program that Microsoft introduced in the 2007 version of Office, continues to keep the features you use most at the top of the page you are working on, but in the new 2010 version, you will be able to access the Ribbon in every application in the Suite with tabs and features relevant to the context of your work to ensure that you get the most out of each program.

For example, in Microsoft Outlook you can quickly create team meetings, choose a folder to move your threads to and forward messages with subjects that have been previously created to the recipients you specify.

In the Excel program, you can access formulas by simply flipping through tabs, insert charts and diagrams and import data quickly from sources you connect to. It is very handy to be able to access the functions you use most with such ease, and Microsoft has clearly done it’s research in making the most out of the Ribbons of each application.…

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Tips On How To Spot The Best Engineering Schools

Though challenging, engineering has proved to be so enjoyable and with huge rewards. Either for rewarding or fun purposes, you can be sure that this field will perfectly meet these needs. However, the bone of contention is in coming up with the best decision on which engineering school you will attend. This is so because a number of colleges offering these trainings are as many as the courses on the same category. By having a close look at the points below, you will have the potential of selecting the best school for your study.
The most important point to reckon with will be locating the particular course you would want to take. It stands out since different schools provide different courses and by you knowing which course to pursue, you will have a vivid path way to choose the right college. You will land into a school that has a good reputation on that section of engineering, only if you understand the course perfectly. This will help your search be limited to only specific colleges offering the course and at this point in time, you ought to have made up your mind whether you will be pursuing a Bachelor engineering or a bachelor Diploma engineering.
The credibility and reputation of the college is another aspect worth considering. Giving an institution you have chosen a test on its credibility will help you ascertain whether its presence is on any basis of previous academic performance or not. You should not down play the existence of institutions that have a sole purpose of making money yet compromising their service delivery.
It is also recommendable to have an extensive probing on what the institution stands for before you make any enrollment. As a section of test on the credibility of the institution, you can check if there is any link existing between it and the outside world. This is important because in cases where you will need internships or attachments, they might refer you to potential and reliable employers. You can also find out the number of students signing up to the institution and estimate the criteria of their entry.
Another important feature to know is its verification. Knowing the body that certified their services will boost your confidence in the service your will be able to access. There are recognized bodies that you might consider to check their approval when affirming the technology accreditation. By keenly scrutinizing the legitimacy of the institution, you will avoid falling into the hands of money launderers who set institutions to get free money from unsuspecting prospective students.
The facilities and equipments used by the college to conduct their training is something to pay attention to. Ensure that their training is at par with the modern technology which is highly advanced and relevant for the expertise available in the market today. By ensuring that the channel you select has the ability of depicting the utilization of highly technical tools, and make you shift with bachelor of technology, your presence in the market will be highly esteemed.
Since many institutions provide a diversity of courses that might be a hindrance to your channel of career, it will be essential for you to know if the institution limits itself to offering only your course or not. The number of classmates you will have is also something to reckon with. This is so because when you are few in a class, you stand a higher chance of receiving much attention from your tutors.
Lastly, note that it is true that being in an engineering field you will experience enormous satisfaction. Understand that a great influence in this field will emanate from the kind of training you acquired from a reputable engineering school. By considering the above hints, you are guaranteed on achieving your anticipated career fulfillment in an engineering establishment.…