A Little Something That Microsoft Doesn’t Want You to Know About Bing

The new search engine Bing sure is cute and cuddly looking isn’t it? Well not so fast. The computer giant Microsoft sure does like getting you to use its product. However, in the early days of Bing, Microsoft probably took things a little too far. Here is the story…

A “glitch” in Internet Explorer 6 effectively made Bing the search engine of choice for users. Even after users went in and reset their preferences, Bing remained their preferred search engine.

While this may have been a coincidence, it doesn’t look good. Microsoft has often been sited for pushing their products too hard on consumers, and many people felt that this automatic installation of Bing might have been another prime example.

There can be little doubt that the search engine, while a piece of sophisticated software, is also one of the most valuable and useful tools in history.

If you are an Internet marketer, then you probably are already aware that few tools in your tool kit are as useful as a good search engine. Google and newcomer Bing are excellent examples of just how much information you now have at your fingertips.

It occurred to me just the other day how important search engines have been in my life. I had to rebuild my life after losing my job, and this was pretty scary at first. I worked as a mortgage broker and I had been very successful, but back in 2007 that just didn’t matter. I lost my job and needed money fast.

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Search engines came to my rescue because with them, I was able to discover the web. In the process, I discovered everything I needed to take the next step. This experience directly led to my ability to make money online.

The point is that all the tools you need to expand your moneymaking opportunities are already in place and waiting for you. I’ve practiced yoga and worked as a yoga instructor for years, and I know just how important yoga can be for sharpening one’s thoughts and calming one’s mind.

If you find yourself looking to make more money and change your life, I encourage you to look at the tools that are all around you and to meditate on your situation. You will find your solution just as I did. Now I make more money than I ever did in the past, so keep your chin up as you can do this too!