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Editing Images in Microsoft Office 2010

Editing Images in Microsoft Office 2010

Anyone who has ever wrangled with an unedited image in Word, desperately trying to get it to look right or fit right, will understand the importance of using a different program to format images perfectly before moving them into a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, or PowerPoint presentation. Office’s limited options meant that users would always have to use a different program to apply effects or change the image itself, rather than just position it in an Office document. Microsoft acknowledges their own shortcomings in this respect by providing a picture editor with the Office suite, so users can easily edit photos first.

If, however, you really find yourself with a need to edit a picture in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint, Microsoft have introduced new tools with Office 2010 to make things just a little bit easier for those who’d like a one-stop-shop program. Rather than fiddling with two different programs at the same time to get things just right, you can use Office’s new functionality to perform basic photo editing tasks and apply some surprisingly lovely picture effects and corrections. This saves your IT support the effort of training you to use a new program and gives you an opportunity to make more professional documents and presentations with hardly any extra effort.

Many photographers use advanced photo editing programs to blur or sharpen their images, depending on what’s depicted. This wasn’t previously possible in Office, but now Microsoft offers a range of options for doing just that within an Office document. When you click on an image and choose Picture Tools -Format -Adjust -Corrections from the picture tools ribbon, you can see a whole range of slightly changed copies of your picture, allowing you to choose the one that you think best suits your document or pleases you most aesthetically. You can also access sliders for further customisation by clicking on Picture Corrections Options, letting you slightly change one of the preset options or just modify the existing picture. While you could change brightness and contrast in Office formerly, these new additions are welcomed for their increased convenience and choice.

Office 2010 also offers a variety of picture effects, from shadows and reflections to glow and bevel. These are easily accessed through the “Picture Effects” option on the ribbon. Again, users are given a range of preview thumbnails with levels of options, so you can choose one at a glance if you prefer, with increased control provided through another options window, similar to the correcting options.

Artistic effects are also available, and look surprisingly polished and professional. You can try everything from pencil sketch to paint strokes to mosaics. When you choose Artistic Effects, you’ll see thumbnails of each effect rather than names, which makes things a bit more confusing for those of us used to Photoshop, but the previews make everything much clearer.

These options offer a quick way for novice and inexperienced users to add sophisticated effects to their pictures without purchasing more expensive and complicated software. If you just have a simple desire to change the outline or the style of your picture, Office 2010 is now a viable choice for your editing. It’s still not viable for professionals or for people who simply want a gorgeous picture to share with others, but if you regularly prepare images for presentations or documents, these new options might just make your day.…

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Microsoft OneNote: A Lefties Note Taking Dream Come True

Microsoft OneNote: A Lefties Note Taking Dream Come True

If you’re a lefty and need to take notes, you should try a digital solution instead of the traditional paper-based note taking systems.

As a left-hander myself, I know how different we can be. At one time or another, you’ve probably had the feeling that the world just wasn’t made for you. From the wild pitches in baseball to the non-conventional ways we go about our business, we’re just unique.

Once you start going to high school, and especially in college, the differences between left and right-handers really stand out.

What does this have to do with note taking?

We spend a lot of years in school. Much of what goes on in school involves writing or taking notes on some level. Most every tool that’s been designed for creating notes, organizing them, and carrying them around has been unsatisfactory and frustrating for the left-hander.

First, there are the spiral notebooks which are not lefty-friendly at all. Then, there are the pens that run all over as your hand passes over the fresh ink. 3-ring binders are practically useless, too. Even the standard two-pocket folder becomes problematic after you accumulate a few pages of notes.

The physical environment can be just as frustrating to the left-hander. If you’re lucky, you’ll have a table to sit at with plenty of room to write. If you get squeezed next to a right-hander, you’re going to have fun bumping elbows all class.

If there aren’t any tables, you’ll be stuck with those half-desks that only have writing area on the right side of the desk. I’ve seen “desks” like these with an area as small as 12″ square to write on. Good thing the rooms are large and dark, because with tools like that, sleeping is the only thing that’s going to happen.

So, what’s a lefty to do?

Try this, get a laptop or a tablet PC and try using a digital note taking system like Microsoft OneNote.

There are plenty of problems and frustrations that you’ll eliminate by going digital: no more binders, notebooks, or folders, no more smudged ink, and no more horribly designed furniture to deal with.

Not only will you solve those issues, but you’ll also gain plenty by switching to a new system for taking notes. By using a digital notebook such as OneNote, your notes will become instantly searchable. Plus, you’ll be able to add highlighting, draw on your notes, add tags, format them for easy viewing, and reorganize them in any way you want.

Things can be a lot easier for the left-handed note taker by making a simple switch.…

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Microsoft Project Course – Appealing to the Eye!

Microsoft Project Course – Appealing to the Eye!

When something is appealing to the eye, it is appealing to the brain. We learn the most when we enjoy what we are learning. A Microsoft Project Course that is appealing will have the greatest results. What professionals need to stand out from the rest is a little fire in their belly. A great CV will get your foot in the door, certification for learning a Microsoft project course will close the deal every single time.

What used to take a long time to learn is now taught a lot quicker and more simply purely because of the Internet. This channel of communication and education has taken on the more traditional types of Microsoft project course training because of its great exposure.

Classroom style learning can be boring. How many more lectures do we have to sit through to reach our final destination? Choosing a Microsoft project course is not only more interesting and compelling we have more control. Students never had control over what the lecturer had to teach. Sure, we read the course notes and we understood what we had to learn but did we really enjoy every single lecture?

How many student surveys were you involved in? Not that many I am guessing. With courses Microsoft project offers in great online courses is feedback. Surveys are a powerful tool to work out what systems have worked and what have failed. Most of the time only small changes need to be made to online training courses to get them running perfectly.

Great training Microsoft project course offer manageable systems to provide the foundation for anyone to become a great project manager. In this era of “wearing more than one hat” and everyone expected to multi task no matter what role you are in, you need Microsoft project course.

Take an admin assistant for example. Not only are they expected to order the stationery they are now expected to get the best cost for that stationery. This is a simple form of project management. They need to remain alert to what sales trends are going on and make valuable business suggestions to save their organization money.

When competition is fierce for every job in every country around the world you need to stand out from the rest. Learning from a great Microsoft project course is possibly one of the best ways to make yourself stand out. Highlighting and shining the light on your expertise is a way to show just how polished and professional you are. Illuminate now!…

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Brain Stimulation to Longevity – Keeping the Brain Active Till Death

Old age is characterized by so many body defects that people get worried as the clock turns towards old age. One of the most common defects that affect so many people as they get old is the loss of memory. Your mind is very vital in enhancing a steady memory even as your years get numbered. Brain stimulation to longevity is not an easy task and requires commitment from you if at all you want your brain to be functional till the last minute of your life. When talking of addition of years to life and addition of life to years, activities such as cardiovascular exercise, flexibility, balance exercises and strength training among other related activities come to mind. Most people concentrate on physical fitness forgetting that their brain is the most vital organ that coordinates all body functions including the physical exercises.
Brain stimulation to longevity requires you to address brain fitness. Some people will not even listen if you talk of brain fitness because they believe that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to improve the functioning of the brain. What they believe is that the functioning of their brain is bound to decline as they get old. Brain stimulation to longevity is possible. The fact that the brain is not a muscle does not make its response to activity different. Similar to body muscles, more use of the brain improves its functioning while its underutilization only serves to deteriorate it. This explains why most innovations were results of minds that worked day and night. The more the brain is engaged, the more it becomes sharper to counter the pressure.
However, brain stimulation to longevity requires slightly different techniques than those used in physical fitness. That explains the development of brainwave entrainment technology which serves not only to improve the mind power, but also to lengthen its functioning period. There are many aspects enhanced by this technology which include:
1. Learning new things. Think of an interesting topic that you know so little about. Visiting the library to learn more about the topic or searching for information about the topic on the internet will stimulate your brain. After gaining the information, behave as if you are an expert informing others of what you have learned. Teach them the little you know about the topic. After that, search for another topic. This activates the mind in an unbelievable way. You can also use other brainwave equipment such as CDs which have been produced specifically for learning purposes.
2. Watching educational programs on TV. Television programs such as documentary shows will make you discover things that you were ignorant about and step up your reasoning capacity. Try to analyze the characters in such documentaries. This will go a long way in stimulating your brain.
3. Play games that are stimulating such as crossword puzzles, card games, Sudoku, and other similar games. Such games sharpen your mind because they require critical thinking for you to make any wins.
With the development of brainwave entrainment technology, your mind can remain as fresh as ever as long as you live.…

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Why You Might Want To Purchase An Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Buying an outdoor wireless security camera is something that most home owners do not think about. Most folks figure that it is what is inside their house that needs protecting, so they put all of their focus on guarding this area. The thought process is that things that happen outside occur in the open and people wouldn’t dare do things if they think neighbors are watching.
Sadly, you’ll find that having neighbors does not absolve you from having to secure your property. To demonstrate the point, think about how often you really look out your window at your neighbors houses. If you are anything like me, you probably never even notice what your neighbors are doing. Just imagine what could happen when the sun goes down and you’ll quickly realize how beneficial an outdoor wireless security camera can be.
Do you like the car or truck you drive? If you value your vehicles, it might not be a bad idea to protect them with a camera. It is important to get car insurance for these types of issues, but even with car insurance, you’ll still have to repair your vehicle and the criminals will still be lurking out there. Also, insurance deductibles are not always cheap. I would have been much happier had I invested in an outdoor wireless security camera before my car’s windows were shattered in the middle of the day. Even though I was home at the time, I did not notice what was going on until later in the day when I went to drive my car.
Another reason you might want to buy an outdoor wireless security camera is to protect your lawn and the rest of your outdoor property. Do you have a pool,or something else expensive in your yard? When you have items outside the walls of your house, you need to keep a good eye on them. These items tend to get legs much quicker than most. You’ll want to protect if with a security camera as quickly as you can.
You’ll discover that outdoor cameras are not as cost prohibitive as you think. Most of the time, you’ll be able to connect these cameras with your indoor wireless home security cameras. Since these cameras can all connect to each other, you’ll save money on extraneous items. You could even hook it up to your camera monitoring system so that you can see who is at the front door. Front door cameras are excellent for guarding against unexpected guests.…

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Where to Get Jobs After Microsoft Certifications

Where to Get Jobs After Microsoft Certifications

Almost everyone would have heard about Microsoft certification and every person aspiring to get a good job in the computer field would want to have a Microsoft certification. The main aspect of this certification is that when a person obtains this certification it ensures that the person has high knowledge in the Microsoft platform. It would also give an edge to the person who excels in the course over the others when it comes to job. He would be able to create and manage any Microsoft platform and would be able to help the organization that he is employed in to take up the Microsoft products.

When a person has this certification, it shows the employer that you are highly committed to the job and would love to take-up the job in a more serious manner. The company has created 5 types of certification programs called the 5 series. The first one in this series is desktop series, professional series, technology series, master series, and architect series. A certification program of Microsoft that has been widely acquired by candidates around the globe is the MCTS certification i.e. Microsoft certified technology specialist. This certification encompasses over 30 technologies and obtaining a certification in each one would prove to be of great value to a person looking forward to a career in Microsoft technology.

The site IT job watch publishes data about the job employment in the IT sector of various countries has give statistics that among the people employed in IT Company in the Microsoft platform most of them have had a certification from Microsoft. It is the Microsoft certification that has made people’s employment very easy and quick. The site also has given statistics that, it is people with the Microsoft certification that have had higher salaries than others doing the same work. This is a true testimony to the fact that Microsoft certification is the hot deal for the forthcoming weeks.…

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The Ins And Outs Of Microsoft Office

The Ins And Outs Of Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is now used in practically every single office all over the world. This program has been adapted and developed over the years and is now probably the most successful program to ever have been created.

So how do you know if you need a Microsoft Office Course? What will it actually do for you? Well if you are looking into an accounts management program, if you need a way to type letters fast, or if you’re in search of a fast way to create all of documents? The Office Suite is just what you need to do all this.

There is a selection of programs contained in the package, each with its own useful and effective features. If you are slightly unaware of the sheer importance of Microsoft Office skills or if you want to gain more knowledge, Microsoft Office courses are a great way to learn the ins and outs.

Probably the most obvious feature is Word:

This application will allow you to create multiple documents swiftly and smoothly. It will also allow you to perform basic publishing tasks too. This is great if you want to create your business cards or business paper. Everything will of course be easy to save, allowing you to go back and simply print another document off.

Microsoft Excel is now a necessity in the business world. Microsoft Office Courses focus a lot on excel as this qualification on a CV will make you far more employable.

This program makes spread sheets, graphs, reports and charts in relation to information you to insert. By learning how to use the formulas and how to create in-depth graphs, you will be able to see profit, losses and opportunities with one glance.

PowerPoint allows you to create a slideshow. Microsoft Office Courses will teach you just how to create the best presentation, you can include videos, texts, add affects and include all sorts of photos. By learning how to use this effectively, you have the chance to boost your creativity without having to do that much!

Something that is needed for businesses is Outlook. This is an email and contact management system. It allows you to schedule meetings, assign tasks and take control of all appointments. This piece of software is highly beneficial and with the correct Microsoft Office Courses you will be able to maintain you own and others workloads from this one place.…