Add Ons for Microsoft Outlook – A Comprehensive Outlook

Many improvements have been made by the Microsoft people of late and it has also introduced many add ons for Microsoft Outlook that help in improving the performance of this program. As email still remains one of the most popular way of communication, so MS outlook is very much in demand till now.

Though it has its own advantages and disadvantages yet as and when new technology is introduced this program is also updated to meet the increasing needs of the end user. With these add ins outlook performs all its tasks with more efficiency and takes less time making this program all the more useful for those who use it.

Xobni is one such extra tool that is very useful. It is an analytical tool for emails. It can provide you with loads of information about your email behavior and email inbox. It is a very fast tool that helps in searching emails. It helps in searching and organizing one’s inbox. It also has the features of email search which is lightning fast, threaded conversation and discovery of quick attachments. All these features make Xobni a must have among other add ons for Microsoft outlook. So if you want to boost the email function of outlook then Xobni is the best option.

Another very useful productivity tool is BoxBe. This one is inspired from Facebook as this has the feature of invite only guest list so that you can manage and control your inbox. By this you can create an email guest list by which you can get emails from your family and friends and even co-workers and other who matter to you. It is a great combination of spam protection, rule and social networking. This feature makes outlook more powerful. You will only understand its importance once you start using it. It is available in different versions for different operating systems.

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Clear Context is another add on for MS outlook. These assist you in keeping a track of your specific projects and emails and other such related items. It also keeps a record of to-dos and items in the calendar automatically. Colleague spam is another feature of this software. By this function one can easily control the increased amount of junk mail or crap mail that mostly comes from social networking sites so that the inbox does not get huddled up by such useless messages. You can also download a trial version of add ons for Microsoft outlook to have a look at the functions that they perform.