The history of computing has more secrets than people might assume at first glance. On the surface computing might seem like one of the most logical and bare bones of any science. But the reality is quite a bit more complex. For example, women in STEM is a hot topic these days. But few people delve into the history of computing to see that representation has always been impressive within it.

This concept of a hidden history shouldn’t be taken to imply intent. Nobody is sitting behind the scenes trying to hide anything. What actually happens is more along the line of random chance. Or perhaps a general rule that more complex topics tend to become forgotten over time. This isn’t just a problem for historians though.

The history of computers isn’t just about the past. There’s an old saying that people who forget their history are doomed to repeat it. And that’s the case with computers as well. This can be seen rather plainly when one really examines where the industry is heading.

Right now, cloud computing is one of the biggest topics in computing. But people tend to look at it as a single solution that they simply drop into their company. And the reality is quite a bit more complex than that. And interestingly, it’s in large part a mirror of the past.

For example, consider a hypothetical situation where someone in Utah is interested in using the AWS cloud computing platform. Many businessmen would simply tell their IT department to do a one to one conversion of their existing resources. And to be sure, there would be some distinct advantages to doing so. But it neglects one of the more important facts one should remember about the history of computing.

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It’s important to keep in mind that cloud computing is essentially a move to a whole new architecture. This is also one of the main reasons why in this example one shouldn’t reply entirely on an internal IT department. An IT department’s job is focusing on the here and now. They’re simply not paid to look too strongly to the past and future. They’re a utilitarian rather than academic resource.

But if one used a AWS cloud consulting utah style than he’d get those exact benefits. This style of consulting does keep the previously mentioned secrets in mind. They know all about where computing has been. And they’re aware of where the industry might move in the future.

A consulting firm won’t simply focus on the idea of cloud computing as a drop-in solution. Instead they’ll approach it by looking at the successes in the past. They’ll be able to note how the resources available in a geographic area can emulate the benefits of the past.

This essentially allows them to create a new type of computer system from the ground up. And it’ll function as a computer system that’s perfectly suited to your particular needs. And that more than anything else can demonstrate the importance of never forgetting the past.