We’re always looking for new ideas to make our business run better. I’ve upgraded all of our technology in the office, and we’ve had our tech team upgrade the software our sales staff uses, but I needed an extra edge for my business. I found out about a new way to get feedback on our company’s website without having my in-house tech team do all the work. There’s only so much our people can do on their own. We’ve had outside opinions about our company before, but I’ve never listened to a non-human component about running my business in the past.

After our latest software update, our sales staff has had a better time working through their leads. The old software was causing problems because it was made for older machines. With the new software my sales team is able to go through clients on their dialer and through their email accounts without having any trouble. There is still some issue with reporting sales, however. We’ve analyzed the methods that we’re using to track sales, and we’ve been keeping close records of what types of data that our website is producing, but we’re still missing something when it comes to making actual conversions of leads.

We’re spending too much money on buying packages of leads, and I can’t afford to pay my people to use leads that aren’t producing sales. I don’t want to let people go, but if we don’t see actual results in the next quarter, then I’m going to have to make cuts to our sales team. To avoid making cuts to the sales team I run, I purchased a new way of getting feedback from an outside party. We’re going to receive some Artificial Intelligence Consulting Services starting next week, so I expect to see some big changes happen in our company based on these consultations.

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We’re willing to listen to feedback from artificial intelligence. Most of our business is running on technology, so I figured that having an artificially intelligent machine give us feedback on our system and processes will generate some critical results about how our business is operating. We’re using new technology that should help our sales team do their jobs, but something is missing, so I figure this new kind of critical consultation will yield interesting results. Perhaps the consultants will reveal where something is amiss in our procedures. I’m hoping to find a weak link in our chain of operations.

If we can discover what part of our system is flawed, then we can fix it before the end of next quarter. If all of this happens smoothly, then we will be able to avoid making layoffs throughout our sales department. It’s tough cutting back people’s hours, and it’s even harder letting people go. However, part of running a business is knowing how many people are required to achieve the ideal number of sales that your company has set as a goal. We must achieve these sales goals in a realistic manner.