Today, a business owner has a myriad of options when it comes to choices for technology. Some of the very coolest stuff comes in the form of wireless computers for medical and dental practices to increase the mobility of staff and patients. There is nothing more cool than checking in to your doctor’s office and signing in on a tablet that is handed to you. You know that this is an office that keeps up with technology. If you are in your doctor’s office, this helps to reassure you that most likely this doctor has the latest x-rays, latest equipment, and a higher knowledge level than the doctor down the street. The same goes for your dry cleaners – my guys now ONLY offer organic dry cleaning. When you walk in their shop, they just ask for your phone number, punch it into a keyboard, and the clothes come spinning around to you while they swipe your credit card. This is a very efficient system that smacks of technology and leaves you feeling warm and cozy with your organically cleaned clothes. A win-win for all!
What about the low-tech guy out there? Is there such a thing these days? Has technology taken over every industry and left us dependent on software to run our businesses? I believe there will always be room for those small niche businesses that run a low tech approach. One of the best examples I can think of is the shoe repair guy – the cobbler if you will. The guy I use only has hand tools which look like, and possibly were, made in the 1700’s. But it works for him! You walk into his shop and smell the leather everywhere. You pay only in cash since he has no credit card machine and no cash register… wait a minute, is this guy paying taxes? Anyway, his work is top notch but he has no need for high tech in his business since he is the only employee and pure skill is how he develops his business. His place is chock full of bags of repaired (and paid for) shoes. He could care less when, or if, the customer picks them up since he insists on prepayment. This is a guy who likely will never sell his business because he is not busy enough to share in the action and never will be.
If you compare these two paragraphs and think about third world countries, just imagine the opportunities there for a second career – the stuff we keep talking about. They have low to no technology right now, just imagine where they will be in five or ten years… hmmm can you hear opportunity knocking on your door yet?

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