MCSA Certification – Key Concepts

Any examination will always have a group topics considered as the focus. The examiners will formulate the questions based on the topics that are in focus. It will surely benefit the examinees to know the topics in focus or key concepts because this will help them study efficiently. Knowing which topics to study on will help them manage their time by spending less time trying to understand a topic that does not hold weight in the exam. Information technology is a broad topic and trying to study everything under this course is a waste of time. It is impossible to study everything under Information Technology in a short span of time that is why a MCSA Certification exam candidate to must know the key concepts of the MCSA exam.

Here are some of the key concepts in a MCSA Certification Exam:

Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment. This exam will measure your ability to manage technical tasks like Managing and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Environment that often includes monitoring server hardware and optimizing disk performance. Other technical task involves Managing Users, Computers, and Groups, Managing and Maintaining Access to Resources, Managing and Maintaining a Server Environment, and Managing and Implementing Disaster Recovery. Study guides for this concept are widely available. It is best that you read about them.

Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure. The focus of this concept is networking and the internet. For this concept, the examinee should read about managing and maintaining IP addresses, Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining Network Security, and Maintaining a Network Infrastructure. All these are important because a Systems Administrator should be adept in handling problems in relation to networking and internet.

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Operating systems are also one of the key concepts in the MCSA certification Exam. In order to pass this category the examinee should read and focus one of the following topics: Configuring Windows 7, Configuring Windows Vista Client, and Installing, Configuring and Administering Windows XP Professional. There is no need to study all the operating systems, the examinee only has to pick one OS and focus on that OS.

The list of key concepts for MCSA certification is quite long. However, to pass the exam the examinee is not required to take every single test. As long as the examinee has a copy of the list he or she will be able to pin point which concept to focus on and which concept to browse through.