Microsoft Office 2010 is Awesome

There sure are a lot of anti-Microsoft folks out there, and it is just amazing to listen to them spew their venom and anger online. Not long ago Microsoft announced its magnificent new Microsoft Office 2010, which has all sorts of great new tools for collaboration, and an online ability unlike anything you’ve seen before. Of course, once again their critics couldn’t help themselves online or in the major technology magazines like Wired Magazine for instance.

Wired Magazine’s article: “Microsoft Office 2010 for Windows,” Reviewed by Christopher Null totally trashed Microsoft Office 2010, with slanderous comments, persnickety innuendos, and your basic Microsoft Hate Speech that Apple evangelicals are known for. Personally, I love Microsoft Products and it just amazes me the negativity coming from the anti-Microsoft crowd. And if we really want to get down to brass tax, why don’t we talk about how inferior the iPhone is to the Motorola Droid, or the Nexus One Google Phone? Apple is not the end all, be all, they just have more dazzle, and sizzle with product roll-outs.

Christopher complains about the price, but why? Is he so broke he can’t afford it? Doubtful, Christopher is a well-known and respected tech writer. Microsoft Office is enjoyed by nearly 95% of those who use word processing software, most all small businesses, and well over 80% of large corporations and our government agencies too. Personally, I am sick and tired of reading articles and reviews trashing Microsoft, and sometimes I wish all these detractors would keep such attacking opinions to themselves.

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You see, the rest of the world has voted, Microsoft has a mandate, so deal with it. Indeed, I am very happy to have this latest version, and I create no less than ten new files in Word per day. I write eBooks, I use Microsoft Templates, I make spread sheets, power points, and I’ve written 20,000 articles online which were all done in Microsoft Word. I’d say Microsoft is number one because the customers made them number one. It’s time everyone accepted that and stopped trashing such a great American company.

Interestingly enough, I just bet that two-thirds of those who trash Microsoft use one or more of their software programs every day of their lives. This article is being written in Microsoft Word, and it works good for me, so, I am not sure what all the fuss is about or why everyone is so attacking in this regard.