Microsoft Will Put the Apple in a Crate With This

Companies worldwide are trying to lessen the gap between reading and portable devices. With the company’s main focus being reading, they’ve come up with a new device called the e-reader. E-books are just as common, now, as e-mail. The first e-reader was introduced in 2006 and the world wasn’t quite ready for it. Eventually, over the past few years, it became more and more popular with today’s technology. Something everyone has been trying to conquer. E-readers have evolved over the years. With products like the Microsoft Courier, you’ll get privacy and luxury in the palm of your hands.

This latest invention, which is still in the making, gives the user the choice of reading, writing, listening to music, watching movies, or browsing the web. Share your newest ideas with your friends or get a quick map of where you’re heading. You won’t have to worry about very much when it comes to this product. This booklet, not a tablet, brings reading and technology together like never before. The camera on the back will help with creating special blogs. The stylus lets you actually write your thoughts, rather than typing. This is a must have for all new writers in the world, making it easier to get your thoughts from ink to paper to computer. All you have to do is save it and transfer it.

The Microsoft Courier will take all the e-readers out of the market. Apple’s product, the Apple Tablet, which may not ever come out, is going to be more of a player than a reader. It will be able to lots of things, but won’t be able to do nearly as much as the courier. You’ll be able to flip through the pages of the book you’re on, like a book, and flick away images you want to forget. Box in special notes to save for later or to pop up when it’s time to do them.

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