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CIO Cloud Computing 101 – Problems With Clouds

Cloud computing is all the rage these days and everyone who is anyone is making plans to implement at least some flavor of it as soon as possible. It turns out that the decision to go with a cloud computing solution for your IT department might not be as simple as some would lead you to believe. There are challenges to successfully using a cloud and we need to talk about them…

The Seven Challenges Of Cloud Computing

With all of the magazine articles, conferences, and vendors who have shown up to sell it, it’s easy to forget that utility computing is still an emerging technology – it’s not quite fully baked yet. Neal Leavitt has spent some time studying this area and has identified the following seven issues. CIOs will need to investigate their potential effects before agreeing to any cloud-based initiative:

Control: this is the biggest issue when it comes to using utility computing. By design a company gives up control when they sign up to use a firm’s hosting resources. This means that the provider can make changes to the infrastructure without telling the company at any time. This needs to be managed.

Performance / Reliability: When you are using resources that are not located within your firm’s buildings the question of how much computing horsepower you have available when you need it comes up. Additionally, failures will happen and so understanding how you’ll be notified and how quickly issues will be resolved is critical.

Security: You know that you can protect your mission critical business data when it’s inside your own walls, but what happens when somebody else is managing it for you?

Cost Of Bandwidth: You should be saving money on buying hardware and staffing to maintain it. However, you’ll need to very accurately forecast you bandwidth costs in order to determine the true cost of using the cloud.

Vendor Lock-In: true standards for how applications communicate and control applications that are in a vendor’s cloud have not yet been established. This means that vendors are creating their own proprietary interfaces that could end up tying you to a vendor for longer than you would like.

Transparency: basically this comes down to the difficulty that you’ll have doing an audit of your IT resources. Since you don’t have true visibility into the cloud you can’t say for certain who has access to your data and how you can keep people out of your sensitive data.

Reliability: I’d like to say that clouds are 100% reliable, but I can’t. The trade rags are filled with stories about connections that have gone down and back-up diesel generators that have failed to switch on. There is risk with every decision, you need to decide if you can handle the risk that comes with cloud computing.

Final Thoughts

As exciting as the new field of cloud computing is, CIOs need to slow down and take a deep breath. This is new stuff and that means that not all of the details have been worked out just yet. There are seven major areas that could have a dramatic impact on your company’s ability to get the most out of cloud computing. Do your homework and see if cloud computing offers you a way to apply IT to enable the rest of the company to grow quicker, move faster, and do more.…

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Microsoft Office Training Software Benefits

Microsoft Office Training Software Benefits

Microsoft Office is the office suite of choice for companies and home users worldwide. When learning this powerful software we need to use efficient jargon free Microsoft Office training software.

What can we expect to learn? Any training we undertake should cover one or more of the following packages: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote. These are the main components available in the office suite.

If you want to type any kind of letter or document then you should be looking at Word training. Excel is used for manipulating figures and if you are working in any kind of accounting environment then you may find this useful.

Outlook is used for email and also scheduling tasks and meetings. PowerPoint will allow you to present your ideas to an audience by using slides.

Access is perhaps the trickiest package to learn for some people. Essentially this is a database in which you can hold large amounts of information. OneNote allows you to keep a kind of journal of your activities and bring in related material.

When training we need to be able to navigate easily from topic to topic. All subjects relating to an MS Office product should be easily accessible from a menu. This should hold true whether you are learning online or from a CD or DVD.

Training material should be well presented. The narrator should be clear and concise and deliver the information in a way that is easy to understand. The material should focus only on the facts you need to do your job. There is little point in being overloaded with unnecessary information that you will never need.

What benefits will Microsoft Office training software give us? We tend to learn by doing and the training material should be easy enough to follow for a learner no matter what level they are at. We should be able to access the software from anywhere, be it online or on disc. There would probably be no need for a teacher.

If the trainer is Microsoft qualified then that is even better. This shows that a level of knowledge is obtained about the products. It is not totally necessary of course, but some may find it reassuring.

Considering Microsoft software is used in most companies these days, it makes sense to have comprehensive training. Whether you are learning for yourself or as part of your job, you should ensure that you have covered all necessary areas of this powerful software.…

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Zune Repair Fix

Zune Repair Fix

Zune Repair

The word iPod has become synonymous for MP3 player. Many people don’t even know there is any other kind of MP3 player other than the iPod. If you say you have a Microsoft Zune, many people will ask, “What is a Microsoft Zune?” When you tell them it is Microsoft’s version of the iPod it is only then that they understand what you are talking about. Wow. What a difference some cool marketing and advertising will do. It doesn’t hurt that iTunes has such a large selection of songs and books to choose from.

The truth is that the Zune is just as cool as the iPod. The Zune just doesn’t have the same hype that the iPod seems to generate. The Zune doesn’t have nearly the market share that the iPod currently holds today. So the question is what do you do if your Zune starts to have problems? Where can you go for quality Zune repair? The iPod and the Zune have similar warranties when they are bought from the big box stores. They both automatically come with a three month warranty that does not cover accidental damage. If you drop your Zune and the screen is damaged you will have to find a Zune repair facility somewhere other than Microsoft or the place where you bought your Zune. You have only a few options when you are looking for Zune repair.

There may be some computer shops in your area where they work on the Zune. These shops may be difficult to find. The best way is to open the yellow pages and start calling. This will obviously take some time. The next option is to do it yourself. You can buy the part you need from one of the companies on the Internet. Just search “Zune repair” and you will find a few companies that sell the parts. Most of the companies online even have repair guides that you can reference as you do the repair.

Another option is to just send your Zune to one of the companies you find online that does Zune repair. Again, just search “Zune repair” and you will find companies will do the repair for you. Most of these Zune repair companies offer warranties on the repair that needs to be accomplished. You might even be able to buy an extended warranty that covers any kind of failure or damage to your Zune. Many people are concerned about sending their cherished music machine to total strangers that they find on the Internet.

Fortunately, most of the companies you find online have been around for a while and they provide very good service. If you are concerned, call the company before you send them your Zune. You will probably get a good feel for how they operate over the phone.

If your Zune has problems and the warranty doesn’t cover the problem you have, I hope this article helps. In this economy it is often much less expensive to get your Zune repaired than it is to buy a brand new one. Good luck and rock on.…

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Get the Service of Remote PC Repair Online

Get the Service of Remote PC Repair Online

Whenever we face the problem of slow performance in regards to our computer for any security/system issues, we face the problem of taking our system to a technician wherein we face the problem of the data security. Here comes the role of remote PC repair online service which facilitates us by the service of providing technical assistance remotely.

With the help of this service we can get our problem resolved without taking our system anywhere and also we can get this service for the complete year after making a small payment. The payment is proportionally less when we compare it in relation to paying a technician for even one visit. The convenience of getting the service at our place, security of data and cheap rates makes remote PC repair online service a most sought after technical service these days.

We all know that all the computers in the world can be interconnected by the help of internet. Any system which is all ready connected to internet is ready for the remote PC repair online service and any system which is not connected to internet will be ready once it’s connected to the internet. So more or less we can say that internet is the basic requirement for the remote PC repair online support.

Rest every thing is really convenient with this service because we save a lot of our precious time and hard earned money. It also educates us in manner that when we send out our CPU to the technician we don’t know exactly how and what they did in order to rectify the issue but in online support we see each and every step done by the technician and also we can counter question them in order to understand the steps. This way this service is quite good in terms of learning about the machine that we so frequently use.

Seeing all the possibility of the online service we can say that no doubt this service is going to be one of the most important technical services in future due the increasing use of web based applications and services. After seeing the domain it serves and the efficiency with which it serves it can be strongly suggested for regular and frequent use for resolving those problems which can be resolved online with the help of remote technicians. And we can surely say that a major portion of problems in regards to computer can be resolved online with the help of an expert technical support.

Still there would be some services which can’t be resolved with the help of remote PC repair online service because of some limitations that remote service has. But still it takes care of a lot of issues which can to a large extent stop us from going anywhere for finding a technician for the support. And the few problems that can force us to find a technician can also be taken care of by taking expert advice from the online technicians who can help in getting the job done without a technician visit.…

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Important Tips For Printing Labels in Word

Important Tips For Printing Labels in Word

Printing labels in Word is the incredibly easy thing if you know the way to do it. But, if you do not know the way to do it, so you will remove the “incredibly” and also the “easy” from an above sentence. To help you more, here is information for you.

For the first step is that you should pull up the blank Microsoft Word Document. You should select the “Tools” under a toolbar feature. After that, slide a cursor down to the Letters and Mailing. You need to slide it to the Right and also down. Then, select “Envelopes/Labels.”

For the second step, a box may open up. You need to make sure that a “labels” tab at the top will be selected. The default is the “envelope”, therefore you should click on a “labels” tab.

For the next step, below that, you can see the “print” box. If you need the full page of the labels, you need to make sure that the “Full Page of Same Label” radio button will be selected. If you want to do the one label, you need to make sure that the “Single Label” radio button will be selected.

After that, off to a right side, you can see a word “Option.” so, press on that. After that, locate the label. Any labels that you use, it should have the classification number that is listed on a bottom left corner of an outside of a box. They will tend to be the 4 digits.

When you have located the number on a box, you can find a corresponding number under “Options Tab.” You need to highlight it and press Okay.

For the last step, you will see the “New Document” in an upper right hand corner, press this. Now you can fill in the entire box of the labels and then send out the classy looking envelopes.…

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How Is New Outlook Different?

How Is New Outlook Different?

Microsoft is taking a step ahead when it comes to its e-mail. News has been galore about Microsoft . This is an e-mail service with a difference. It is said to have integrated new features and elements to provide an enhanced e-mail experience. User will get a surprise in relation to added features and functionalities within this package along with social media integration as well. This integration includes popular websites like Facebook and Twitter. Now you will be able to connect and work with these social media applications with ease. Additionally, you also have the advantage of working with the app available on the web including storage space like SkyDrive. Even if you do not have a version of MS Office installed in your system or your device you will still be able to work with it. Another thing to notice is the design that is fresh and clean look. It is responsive and easy to use. However, the best thing about is the capability to de-clutter your e-mail. Let us find out how this is possible and know more about it.


The UI of is easy to understand and use. For example an icon labeled New has a + sign. This is one way of reducing the clutter of new incoming e-mails in the inbox. Even though you will receive your new mails in the inbox but this + sign will allow you to expand and see the new message arrivals, unlike the earlier version where you will have the new and old e-mails all together in one inbox creating a massive clutter. Another thing to notice in the UI is that the bar is related to the context, so, you need not be lost in unwanted options. On clicking the + sign you will find options like reply, delete, junk and other such options neatly arranged in a bar above the message. This way it is visually appealing and easy to use with neat view.

Sweep Tool

If you want to organize your messages then the best option is available with . As soon as you open an e-mail you will find an option by the name of Sweep. Sweep tool comes handy for cleaning your inbox. For example, you open a subscription message but you want to get rid of all these subscription e-mails at once. You just need to use the Sweep tool, select the message use Sweep tool and other such similar messages are automatically selected, now delete them all. Without having to go looking for similar messages in your inbox now you have cleared all subscription messages in one go.

Ads Handling

You will notice another interesting thing about this new version of e-mail in relation to ads. It is all about the way it handles unnecessary ads and keeps them from flooding your inbox. The way ads are displayed in your inbox is completely flattering. When you open an e-mail you will notice that the ads are displayed in the right hand vertical column. This clearly indicates Microsoft’s customer first approach. When you open a personal e-mail message you will not see any ads appearing.

Microsoft has started contextualizing ads when it comes to their users. Often e-mail providers have the rights to go through your e-mails for gathering information about you and place ads accordingly. This is more like privacy invasion but is you are using you need not be concerned about it. The mails that you receive are confidential and the ads are only context generated.

With all that the has to offer its clients Microsoft sure has started upon an e-mail service with a difference. Keeping in mind the customers’ first policy and benefitting the end customer in getting the most out of their e-mail service.…

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Will The Next iPhone 5 Adapt Nano Technology?

Indeed as early as January of 2011, we have already been hearing rumors of the coming iPhone 5. Whether it excitement being created by Apple marketing experts or maybe positive anticipation based on the previous Apple product launches, talking about it sure give forums and tech geeks countless of hours of chat and talk.
Even in podcasts in iTunes, we have been seeing a great number of topics dedicated exclusively to create rumors and predict just what the next generation of the iPhone would look like and how it will perform compared to the current iPhone 4 which is by the way, doing an immaculate performance in terms of customer satisfaction and revenues. So far as compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 3GS, it was able to penetrate the Chinese market in just a few months after it world wide release not like the 3GS where Apple had to wait for several months just to start promoting in Chinese stores.
The upcoming iPhone 5 will sure to create waves in the geek community since one of the speculated rumors that has been bugging us is that the new iPhone version will be dealing heavily with Nano technology where Apple has already started to go into when they first introduced to the world the iPod Nano.
Nano technology as we know it, or think we know it involves turning extremely complex devices into tiny specks, almost microscopic in nature. The smallest so far is actually made to be used in the medical sector where researchers and scientists attempt to develop small nano machines to reach the blood stream or intestinal flora to cure certain cancers when the immune systems own Nano warriors like the phagocytes are already compromised.
In the UK, iPhone 5 insurance is already being developed by gadget insurance providers in preparation for the possible launch anytime this coming year; it is anticipated to be released this June or July of 2011, but it could be earlier because so far these are just speculations. In upcoming iPhone 5 insurance policies, we can expect some changes maybe in price and level of coverage.
Currently, insurance for smart phones cover loss and other accidental damages; as for iPhone insurance, we sure hope that it will cover loss too and accidental damages if possible, the price wouldn’t be too far from the current rates that UK Apple smart phone owners are enjoying. With that said, it sure to be an exciting year for tech world as the table PC and smartphone war continues, we can expect more innovations to make any gadget geek jump with excitement; we know because we are too!…