Microsoft Word Error – How to Fix Microsoft Word Error Notices

You may face any one type of Microsoft Word error while trying to work on it. In some cases the application stops working at all while at other times it hangs and crashes frequently which severely decreases productivity.

Below are common Word errors:

?? Font Problem

?? Unable to read files.

?? File is not in recognizable format.

?? There isn’t enough memory space to open Word.

?? Word experienced an error trying to open the file.

?? There is insufficient memory. Save the document now. (*.doc)

To fix the errors mentioned above you need to follow the steps given below:

?? First thing to do when you receive one of the above errors is to check your CPU usage. Mostly its exceeding. To bring it to normal, you have to press CTRL+ALT+DEL and this will show you what percentage of CPU is currently under use. In case of high capacity, click on Processes and kill the process which is hogging most CPU capacity.

?? If above step does not work then close the application without caring about the error and reopen it.

?? If problem persists then certainly you have to work closely with sensitive part of operating system called Registry. Windows registry is database where operating system stores information about all software installed, hardware configurations and user settings. Any corrupted entry in this part may lead you to errors similar to Microsoft Word error. You may download and install a reliable registry cleaner and PC optimizer software to fix MS Word errors.

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?? Clear your computer cache and temporary files.

?? Optimize your browser.

?? Defrag disks.

Oftentimes errors in Microsoft applications occur when there is something wrong with the registry of the computer. You have to properly maintain and repair registry issues in order to work smoothly with all programs including MS Office.

When trying to download registry cleaner software from Internet, it would be wise to review the set of features. Some advanced registry cleaners allow you to maintain your PC as well. Better you opt for good registry cleaner and PC optimizer software.