Must Have Windows Phone 7 Apps

This year will feature the debut of an entirely new mobile platform from Microsoft. Windows Phone 7 represents a major departure from its predecessor. Don’t let the small numeric change from 6.5 to 7 fool you, this is a completely new operating system. As such, owners of previous devices prior to Windows Phone 7 will not be able to use their legacy apps. Let’s take a look at the must have applications for Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft is well aware of the importance of social networking in our society. In particular, having a Facebook application is critical to the success of any new mobile platform. Windows Phone 7 is built to be a very capable when it comes to social networking. In particular, the operating system includes what Microsoft is calling the People hub. Essentially, it has Facebook updates built into the operating system. Facebook will stream updates to people within your contact list. Updates from Facebook will also show up on your home screen, making it easy to interact on the world’s biggest social network.

Yet another popular social network is Twitter. Microsoft decided not to include a Twitter application with Windows Phone 7. Luckily, there are several developers who will have Twitter apps available when phones are available for sale. Seesmic is bringing their familiar Twitter app to to the new platform. Other options include an application called Twitt. You can check your Twitter feed, post tweets in addition to adding photos. You’ll want to add a Twitter app to your new phone and there will be a few options available in Microsoft’s Marketplace, which is their version of Apple’s App Store.

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Having a rich history of gaming with Xbox 360 certainly provides Microsoft with a few advantages when it comes to delivering a rich gaming experience for mobile devices. Microsoft themselves have in-house development teams responsible for popular gaming franchises like Halo. In addition to Halo Waypoint for Windows Phone 7, there are plenty of great games that will take advantage of the processing power of your new phone. Microsoft announced a list of 63 launch-ready games. Fans of classic gamers will want to download Castlevania. If you enjoy arcade-style racing, Asphalt 5 from Gameloft will showcase the graphics and fulfill your need for speed.

Your new Windows Phone 7 phone will ship with applications on the device and plenty of options to download apps from the Marketplace. Many applications offer a limited time trial, which allows you to try before you buy. With a robust selection of apps both pre-installed and ready at launch, there should be plenty of applications to keep you busy and allow you to enjoy your new phone.