There are some religions which are against technology, not many but some adamantly oppose it, even consider that it is unholy and definitely unwholesome – take the Amish for instance, still driving horse buggies, and they have done pretty well without a lot of new technology haven’t they? Well luckily in the US we allow freedom of religion even if we ourselves might not fully understand why it is they have such beliefs. There is a bit of intrigue to it, and I am sure at times we wish we could all simplify our own lives and just for one day – turn it all off.
Still, not long ago, I was having just such a similar conversation. “Just because someone is a devout religious follower, would not make them against modern technology,” an acquaintance recently reminded me. Yes, I suppose, but we must also realize that often enough technology is a threat to organized religion, just as the Internet is. Perhaps, that’s why many nations which have a government based on a religious way of life or even a nationalism motif replacing religion fear the information refuting their indoctrination of the people waking them up.
Nevertheless, I asked my acquaintance if he would argue this point or if he was merely just alerting me to the reality that others have argued that point? I suppose it depends on what one’s definition of what modern is, and what religion is it we might be discussing. I mean modern is like a fork in the road up ahead, you assume it’s there somewhere, but don’t see it yet, over the next rise, hill, dry river crossing, around the next corner, or maybe it’s just past the next tree, did we pass by it in the fog and miss the turn-off, you see?
Nationalism can often be a replacement for religion, but the same reality can hold true, as technology is a threat and a blessing to the stability of the society or civilization, especially modern disruptive type technologies you see. Now then, let’s go ahead and use an example here shall we? Iran is a fundamentalist nation, in fact it is an “Islamic Republic” and those in charge are fundamentalists, but nevertheless, they like technology and want all they can get.
Perhaps, this is why the Iranian regime put forth a plan to go nuclear, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and all the technology they can get their hands on right? Thus it would be unwise to assume that religious folks are against modern technology, even if it is a big risk to their future existence, information is power and if a religion is zapping that power from the people, then such a religion might not be a long-term guarantee for stability with lots of modern technology around – especially computer and internet tech. Please consider all this and think on it.

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