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Creating An Access Query: The Simple 3 Step Planning Approach On How To Create An Access Query

Creating An Access Query: The Simple 3 Step Planning Approach On How To Create An Access Query

Being a qualified Access database trainer and recognised as an accredited IT training in the UK with the Institute of Information training technologies (IITT), delivering Microsoft Access training courses can be sometimes a little ‘dry’ and in some instances quite complex based on the level of expertise required.

Teaching new users to use Microsoft Access and especially how to create Access queries requires a little more patience and understanding with the tools that are available and the emphasis behind using Access queries can’t be stressed enough.

The methods in explaining and using how to create an Access queries starts with the first process of planning your query and that means a pen and paper exercise (or using a text editor).

Here are my 3 steps in planning how to create an Access query and how I help to break down and build on your queries using the following as a checklist:

1. Write a paragraph (or two) of the requirement for your query in plain English (or your native language) which will form the basis for your query. It can be an instruction as detailed as possible to form the basis as the checklist to the query. For example, you could write something like:

Show a list of order transactions for the first quarter of 2011 of all customers based in the

UK showing the date, order number, amount, delivery cost and itemised in order by

customer name and chronologically by date for each customer.

2. The next step is to list all the tables and fields that will be used to display the query and used to filter and sort the query too using the written paragraph as the checklist. For example:

Table: Customers – fields: name and country

Table: Orders – fields: order number, date, amount, delivery cost

Also identify where there is a common link between the two tables; in this case ‘customer reference’ will be stored in both tables.

3. The final step is to identify both sorting and the criteria and this may need additional fields (fields that you might not display) to be added to the list. It may include which order you want to sort by and if there is more than one field too as well as which criteria and conventions will be needed to apply logical filters. For example

Country = “UK” and Order Date = Between #01/01/2011# And #31/03/2011#

Customer Name = ASC, then by Order Date = ASC

Finally, revisit the written paragraph and mark out that you have covered all the elements as part of the check list.

Now you are ready to create an Access query and this is where you go into the application and apply the above attributes.…

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Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD Webcam Review

Microsoft LifeCam Cinema 720p HD Webcam Review

The Microsoft LifeCam Cinema is the first webcam that has a full 720p HD sensor and a 16:9 aspect ratio with up to 30 FPS. This feature is perfect for anyone who is interested in publishing videos on the web such as YouTube or their own personal blog webpage. Some of my favorite features on it include a digital microphone. The digital microphone with noise cancelling technology helps improve speech quality for crystal clear audio and helps filter out background noise that would other wise be annoying for someone on the other end to listen to.

One of the most useful features on it is the TrueColor technology, this automatically controls exposure for bright and colorful video so you do not need to fiddle too much with the settings once you have them set.

The webcam does have an auto focus feature and because of the image-processing technology I find that the video quality and is smooth and delivers detailed video, even in low light conditions.

The webcam also has a great social network feature where you can take pictures or videos and upload them to your computer and edit them and share them with friends and family. Also creating video projects is as simple as one click to start editing as the webcam does come with Windows Live Movie Maker, and yes you can make widescreen videos. If you have kids as well that like to edit family videos there are video effects that are easy to use and a fun way to express yourself with these entertaining effects built into the LifeCam dashboard.

Because of the aluminum body, the webcam is light weight so you don’t need to worry about where you’re resting it and its durable so if it happens to fall off your desk it will continue working. Because of the flexible stand it makes it ideal for attaching to laptops and flat screens.

I really do enjoy all the features this webcam has, the most basic of webcams do not have some of these features and its fine if you just want something basic to chat with friends or family online. However if you’re looking for something that help you with making videos for blogs or if you have a regular show on YouTube, then this webcam is great and with the move toward HD becoming more popular, having something reliable to record your videos is great. Personally for the price and the features of this webcam its something I would recommend to anyone looking for webcams.…

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What Qualities Do You Need to Be a Good Intern?

What Qualities Do You Need to Be a Good Intern?

Many sport internships require a lot of the same qualities from its interns. One group of things I have seen from the internships I chose was they want interns who are organized, responsible, and energetic. Another quality they look for is interns who have experience with the Microsoft Office program. A third quality that these organizations use is they pay a lot of attention to the GPA of the intern. Those are three qualities that most organizations look for in interns.

Being organized, responsible, and energetic is very important to an internship position. Organization is very important because it is extremely difficult for someone to be successful in a job or internship if they are not organized. Responsibility is huge in an internship. Being responsible makes it easier for your boss to trust you and shows you are capable of doing what needs to be done. Energy is great as well because it shows that you are excited to do your work and that you are not unhappy with what you are doing. Those three qualities are essential to being a good intern.

Having experience in the Microsoft Office program is vital to an intern. Most organizations use programs like excel to create worksheets of information and being able to use it and create them is essential. Microsoft Word is also important as well because that is what is mainly used to type out memos and other types of important documents. Another aspect of Microsoft Office is power point. This is also important because as an intern, you may have to give presentation to other employees and you can make a great presentation using power point. Microsoft Office is a very great tool to know how to use to be a good intern.

An interns GPA is an important when choosing an intern for an internship. Most organizations with an internship program require an intern to have a GPA of 3.0 to be considered for the position. This gives students who are interested in the internships the intuitive to keep doing well in classes and to work hard. Having a better GPA always looks better to an organization when they are deciding on an intern.

There are so many qualities that organizations expect for their interns to have. Organization, responsibility, and energy are vital to being a good intern. If you want to stand out over other interns, having knowledge with Microsoft Office can be crucial. Finally, you can never stress how important it is to have a good GPA and what that means to organizations. Those are just three qualities that organizations expect, but do not get me wrong, there are many more qualities that they look for.…

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Rocker Technology: The Latest in Comfort Footwear

Rocker technology is all the rage in athletic shoes right now. They are recognized as having a curved rocker shape on the soles of the shoes. These shoes are being advertised heavily, and bought, because they promote great health habits. There are lots of TV commercials showing runners and walkers moving along with ease because they are wearing their rocker shoes. And yes, it’s true that these shoes, for the most part, deliver for runners and walkers. But they have built in advantages for nursing shoes also.
First, rocker shoes are comfortable. This is of the utmost importance for the nurse who is working a 12 hour shift. Imagine having to walk up and down the halls of the hospital, back and forth, all day and night for 12 hours. Even if you subtract breaks, the nurse will do many miles of walking during one of their shifts. Even if they get to sit down at the nurses station, rocker shoes help. Traditional shoes would absorb all of the weight and the shock of the body, even when someone is sitting down. With rocker nursing shoes, the feet will have a cushion by way of the high insoles, and the high rocker sole. The curvature of the rocker sole helps in weight transfer during the walking motion.
This leads to another advantage of rocker technology in rocker shoes. The shoes will lead to all around improved posture. Posture is key for comfort and proper body function when standing up, or sitting down. If the nurse has bad posture, then not only will the nurse hurt, but the nurse won’t be able to healthily perform duties, such as lifting and moving patients, and beds. On the other hand, if the nurse has good posture when they are sitting down, or they are standing up, then they won’t experience so much enduring pain. Their nursing duties will be a lot more tolerable if they wear nursing shoes with rocker soles.
Rocker technology in nursing shoes will help to absorb shock when performing duties such as bending and lifting. If you think about how hard the floor is, and then having to carry hundreds of pounds, then you’ll quickly realize that this is a lot of burden on the knees, back, and lower body all around. However, the rocker technology will help to absorb that shock, and it will help to rock the feet in a way that is a lot more accommodating to lifting and bending.
Furthermore, a nurse can realize a healthier back and legs. With the rocker shoes, the nurse will gain the same benefits that a runner, jogger, or walker would. A stronger lower body would again contribute to the nurse being able to better perform their duties when they wear nursing shoes that have rocker technology in them. It’s a good feeling knowing that there are nursing shoes that will help to make the shift more tolerable, and build up the body at the same time.
Is rocker technology new? Actually, Cherokee Shoes initially offered rocker soles on their athletic style nursing shoes in the 1980’s. The Cherokee Achiever quickly became a top selling nursing shoe because of the comfort offered and the benefits of easy weight transfer while walking and moving. It is not surprising that rocker technology first appeared in nursing shoes as no working footwear is more heavily relied on to provide support and comfort than nursing shoes. Every nurse will tell you that protecting their feet is of prime importance to job performance for a healthcare professional.…

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Not All Religious Fundamentalists Are Against Technology – He Said

There are some religions which are against technology, not many but some adamantly oppose it, even consider that it is unholy and definitely unwholesome – take the Amish for instance, still driving horse buggies, and they have done pretty well without a lot of new technology haven’t they? Well luckily in the US we allow freedom of religion even if we ourselves might not fully understand why it is they have such beliefs. There is a bit of intrigue to it, and I am sure at times we wish we could all simplify our own lives and just for one day – turn it all off.
Still, not long ago, I was having just such a similar conversation. “Just because someone is a devout religious follower, would not make them against modern technology,” an acquaintance recently reminded me. Yes, I suppose, but we must also realize that often enough technology is a threat to organized religion, just as the Internet is. Perhaps, that’s why many nations which have a government based on a religious way of life or even a nationalism motif replacing religion fear the information refuting their indoctrination of the people waking them up.
Nevertheless, I asked my acquaintance if he would argue this point or if he was merely just alerting me to the reality that others have argued that point? I suppose it depends on what one’s definition of what modern is, and what religion is it we might be discussing. I mean modern is like a fork in the road up ahead, you assume it’s there somewhere, but don’t see it yet, over the next rise, hill, dry river crossing, around the next corner, or maybe it’s just past the next tree, did we pass by it in the fog and miss the turn-off, you see?
Nationalism can often be a replacement for religion, but the same reality can hold true, as technology is a threat and a blessing to the stability of the society or civilization, especially modern disruptive type technologies you see. Now then, let’s go ahead and use an example here shall we? Iran is a fundamentalist nation, in fact it is an “Islamic Republic” and those in charge are fundamentalists, but nevertheless, they like technology and want all they can get.
Perhaps, this is why the Iranian regime put forth a plan to go nuclear, nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and all the technology they can get their hands on right? Thus it would be unwise to assume that religious folks are against modern technology, even if it is a big risk to their future existence, information is power and if a religion is zapping that power from the people, then such a religion might not be a long-term guarantee for stability with lots of modern technology around – especially computer and internet tech. Please consider all this and think on it.…

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Invest The Time To Read iPad Apps Reviews

Within this article, we are going to be talking about the many reasons that you might want to read an iPad apps review. These devices are becoming so very popular that we are not only going to discuss what they are, but also some advantages that their applications offer the user. If you are not familiar with such things, you should strongly consider reading on.
Let us first consider what an iPad actually is. This product is often referred to by many critics as a tablet based computer, because of its size and design. The actual device design lies somewhere between that of an iPhone and a laptop computer. It is very powerful and capable of running some very useful, as well as entertaining applications.
One important thing to consider about a lot of the apps that people buy for this machine, is that they are exclusive titles. This means that they can only be used on this particular type of device, but this also means that these applications were designed to take full advantage of this machine in particular. It’s a double-edged sword really when you think about it.
If you are thinking about buying one of these machines, or you already own one, please consider that you don’t have to jump the wagon buying applications right off bat. There are very many applications that are offered as free downloads. This will allow you to better understand how useful your machine is while running such software, and without having to spend additional money to boot.
We are now going to be taking a much closer look at some of the most popular types of programs that are sold for this machine. The sports based programs are quite popular indeed, because some of them offer some very clever features. A lot of them will give quite detailed stats, and some of these applications are capable of actually recreating games that people might have missed due to blackouts.
Keep in mind that games are very popular types of programs for many systems, and they are very popular on this machine as well. It is also important enough to remember that this machine is powerful enough to run games that are very detailed and colorful. Some games are three-dimensional and actually began life on powerful gaming consoles, before being ported over.
Music apps are very common on this device as well, and many of them differ a great deal. It is no secret that what is often referred to as “the piano app” is actually becoming quite popular for many users. A lot of these applications will allow the user to design, as well as listen to, music. Some of them serve more of a gaming purpose however, and this should be kept in mind.
By now, the reader should be aware of why it might be a good idea to read an iPad apps review. This will allow you to learn more about certain applications that might catch your interest in particular. Also consider that as with most Apple products, there is a massive amount of software out there. Some of it will make your life easier, and some of it will serve the purpose of entertaining you.…

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Microsoft Certifications – Build Your Career In The Best Possible Way

Microsoft Certifications – Build Your Career In The Best Possible Way

We all know that the IT sector is becoming more and more competitive these days. It is very difficult for an individual to become successful in this field. If you are an expert in the Information technology sector then you surely need to get an edge over other applicants as there is a lot of competition here. By pursuing a Microsoft certification degree you can easily add a lot of credentials to your resume. All you need to do is to pay proper attention towards this article.

Microsoft is a popular name in the IT sector. They offer amazing certification degrees to all the beginners in this industry. MCITP is a popular certification degree that would help you secure a decent job in this sector. However, if you don’t prepare yourself well for such a certification exam then you can surely end up on the losing side. Further in this article, we are going to offer you some key details regarding this topic.

Now, let us discuss a few key instructions in this regard. You need to follow them carefully.

• First of all, you need to decide what type of Microsoft certification degree you want to pursue. This is the first decision that you need to make. Certification degrees related to Servers, databases and desktop applications are the most popular ones nowadays.

• Now, you need evaluate your qualifications. This is done in order to match up your requirements with the needs of certification degree.

• You can easily explore the Microsoft website and collect all the information regarding such an exam. Proper preparation is pretty important so you need to carry out an extensive online research in this regard. You can even visit some bookstores in order to purchase some good study material.

• If you want to register yourself for the certification exam then all you need to do is to log on to the Microsoft website.

• Once your preparations are over and you have evaluated your performance you can go for the actual test. I am sure your hard work will pay off in the best possible way.

So, these are some of the crucial instructions and tips that would help you out in the best possible way. You need to be very specific and clear in this regard. Make sure you go through the above mentioned points carefully. Have a lot of fun and enjoy yourself while preparing for Microsoft certification exam.…