Memory foam is not the only foam technology creating a ruckus in the mattress industry today. Mattress buyers are now scrambling to get their hands on mattresses incorporated with Omalon foam.
What Exactly Is Omalon Foam?
This foam structure looks similar to conventional foams. But unlike conventional foams, this kind of foam has undergone densification processes to make the cells longer. The elongated structure of the foam cells makes the mattress durable and a lot more comfortable.
How Can This Foam Improve Sleep?
There is a reason why mattress manufacturers have started incorporating this technology in their mattresses. Here are some of its sterling benefits:
1. It is more resilient
I am sure you have heard of other foam technologies that promise to provide you with resilient structure. When we say resilient, we mean the mattress can return to its original shape even when subjected to heavier loads. However, other mattresses were not able to deliver this promise easily. This is where omalon technology comes in.
Because of the large spherical structure of cells, there is more room for deflection even when it is subjected to heavier load. You have a mattress that returns back to its original shape without a hitch. The mattress is less prone to sags and depressions.
2. It is more reactive
Other foams have a board-like feel to them. Tempur foams give initial resistance. This is why people feel uncomfortable at first. You usually experience this with high-density mattresses. But with omalon structure, you will immediately feel comfortable. You wouldn’t have to wait for the foam to adjust to your temperature and follow the contours of your body.
3. You don’t have to “wear the mattress out first”
Other firm foams need to be worn out first before they can start to feel soft and comfortable. But this mattress is made up of densified cells that are conditioned to provide immediate comfort. You don’t have to use the mattress for a long time to get used to it.
These are just some of the reasons why this foam technology is slowly taking over the mattress scene. When buying a new bed, you would want to start looking for beds incorporated with this foam. There are mattress companies that specialize in densifying polyurethane foams. These foams are made to provide a good combination of support and comfort to the whole bed. Try using this kind of bed if you can’t find the right comfort level in high-density memory foams.

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