Overview of MCSE Certification Preparation

In the field of information technology, the MCSE certification is considered as a highly valuable certification as compared to many other certifications. Due to this test’s high prestige, it is a common thing that this test is difficult than the other exams. One more unique aspect of this test is that the candidates who apply for this exam must have one year experience in the business market. Without this experience, no one is eligible to take this examination.

MCSE exam has two main paths i.e. Windows server 2000 and Windows server 2003. The testing material and papers for these two paths are totally different from each other. Exams paper includes 70-210 Windows 2000 Professional Exam, 70-215 Windows 2000 Server Exam, 70-216- Network Administration Exam, 70-219-Active Directory Design and the Elective Exams having the Security design 70-220, Exchange 2000 server, 70-224. On the other hand, several different tests are included in the Windows Server 2003 pathway like exam 70-290, environment exam 70-291, and exam 70-294. Exam 70-290 focuses on management and maintenance of Windows Server 2003. Exam 70-291 focuses on the implementation, management, and maintenance of the Server 2003. Finally, exam 70-294 is about the planning, implementation and maintenance of Windows Server 2003 active directory infrastructure.

This exam course consists of 32 course units and the candidates have to pass all these units in order to have this certification. For better preparation, study guides and other relevant material is available online. Moreover, class sessions are also available along with the teachers. The fee for these class sessions range from $ 2000 to $4000. However, the fee can be different for different institutes.

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There are several subjects for this certification like implementation of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, management and maintenance of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure, and the development, implementation and maintenance of Microsoft 2003 active directory infrastructure. Other than these, there are many other functions of this certification as well. Formulating and running user grouping, and computer records, organizing file and giving out permissions regarding web server contact and administer sites with internet information Services, running hardware plans, disk storage space, software, and print services and implementing sponsorship measures and carry out system revival, installing and configuring TCP/IP, using DHCP to administer IP addressing, configuring and running DNS clients, servers and zones, running routing and remote access, including VPNs, implementing and administering safety actions and monitoring traffic are some other functions of this certification.