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North Korean, Iranian, Venezuelan, and China Missile and Nuclear Weapon Technology Share

Nuclear Weapons as a bargaining tool is not an idea that is long for this world I’d say. Of course, being a nuclear power and having nuclear weapons seems to give a country a bit of national pride and perceived safety from attack and until that changes, and the rewards are taken away, countries will continue to pursue nukes. Nuclear Proliferation is a scary way to play the political card of impasse with the threat of unspeakable WMD and war.
It appears that a leaked UN report shows that North Korea is indeed trading ICBM technology with Iran, and most likely also nuclear weapon technology. This is not the first report talking about North Korea’s weapon technology exports previously it has been known that Myanmar had also gotten nuclear and missile information from them. Also, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Sudan.
Perhaps, you recall that a number of years ago Iran agreed to purchase of 100 ($500 million deal) to SCUD-B missiles. But now we are talking about ICBM technologies. Unfortunately, when you mix ICBM Tech with Nuclear Warheads, things get very serious quick.
There was a full story on all this in Al Jazeera TV, a 25-minute program video posted on May 16, 2011 titled “North Korea and Iran’s Missile Power – A Leaked UN Report Claims N. Korea and Iran are Exchanging Illicit Missile Technology, Using China as a Transit Hub,” which aired in the Middle East on May 15, 2011 – and whereas, you might say this is any revelation or new information.
But in this last report it cited speculation and allegations that China was used as a transit point, and remember China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Why is China involved? Perhaps, most likely energy, Iran has lots, China needs lots. See that problem as well?
It seems that if you look back the history of nuclear proliferation and trace the steps, of which countries had it, with whom they shared the technology, you see a rather troubling pattern, almost as if Moore’s Law is in place, and the number of nations gaining these weapons or technology is rapidly increasing. Just pull up an old RAND Think Tank position paper or old research study and you’ll see the reality here.
Right now as we speak, Iran is attempting to gain allies by sharing its nuclear weapons knowledge in its nuke programs. With Venezuela for instance, along with again Medium and perhaps long-range missile technologies as well, a double whammy which causes a huge amount of unrest in the world and keeps intelligence agencies up at night. So, I hope you will please consider all this.…

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Long Distance DVI Extender Is Ideal for High-In-The-Sky Signage

Driving down the highway you may notice a new trend is roadside advertising. Perched atop a metal tower colorful digital signs are capturing the attention of drivers on their way to work, school or returning home. DVI extender units make it possible for remote control and configuration of these high-in-the-sky signs.
Not everyone wants to be over 3,000-feet (1,000 meters) away from their display. However, ask most digital sign technicians and you’ll find they often need to connect to signs over a half a mile away from the control station. Fiber optic DVI extenders make this remote connectivity happen.
Features of CAT5 DVI Extenders
Not all digital displays have to be thousands of feet from the controlling computer. However, it’s not an unusual requirement. Hospitals require displays to be separate and shielded from x-ray and MRI devices. Pharmaceutical and food manufacturers often require a “clean-room” where human and computer equipment is kept to a minimum. Monitors are stationed outside of the room where the technician can manage the process remotely. In this case, using a CAT5 DVI extender instead of a fiber optic DVI extender makes sense.
These situations use inexpensive Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 cable to transmit the video signals from the computer to the monitor. DVI over CAT5 extenders transmits high quality video signal from any DVI type of device to an electronic display device over UTP or STP Cat5, Cat5e, or Cat6 cable. In fact, the signal can be sent to multiple monitors as the CAT5 DVI extender is available with 2 and 4-port connections.
Financial and investment firms appreciate this type of technology. The DVI extenders allow them to broadcast up-to-the-minute information to multiple remote monitors. These high resolution video splitters support multiple resolutions at varying distances including:
• 200 feet at 1024×768 (XGA)
• 100ft at 1600×1200 (UXGA)
Transmit Digital Signals Over 3280 Feet from the DVI source
Going back to the signage solution where the technician has to setup and configure digital displays from a very long distance. There is a fiber optic DVI extender solution that is also appropriate when operators have to monitor applications that are running in on a computer in a different building. Fiber optic cable is run from one point to another in the different locations. The flat panel display is set up in one building while the application is running in the other building. The video transmissions are sent by the computer over single multimode fiber cable to the monitor that is as much as 3280 feet away from the source.…

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Blank Excel Pay Stub – Making Payday Much Simpler

Blank Excel Pay Stub – Making Payday Much Simpler

The amount of financial paperwork involved in running a business seems to never end, from outgoing orders and sales slip to the enormous amount of information it takes to create your employees’ paychecks. If you are using Microsoft Excel to manage your finances you will find that there is an easy way to take care of your employees’ needs with a blank ready to fill in Excel pay stub. Since you are tracking their hours and pay rates using your database, there is no reason you should not put this information to good use and save yourself a lot of time.

What Is a Blank Excel Pay Stub?

Any time you have employees who receive a paycheck whether it is weekly, bi weekly or monthly, they have a legal right to know how much they have earned and what deduction have been made from their gross salary. There are many different types of pay stubs templates you can use, however if you are using Excel the best possible way to create one using the blank excel pay stub template.

This simple addition to your existing Excel software is designed to make the task of filling in the correct information as easy as click on the create pay stub button. The software will do the rest for you by extracting the information for each employee directly from your current database. Using this software is also the best way to ensure that no mistakes are made and your employees are paid properly.

What Information Can be Entered on a Blank Excel Pay Stub?

While each template may be slightly different and can be custom tailored to your system of pay, whether you pay by the hour, the week or a monthly salary, they all should contain a certain minimum of information. In most cases the federal laws cover what needs to be on a pay stub, the basic information must include gross pay, federal income tax, state income tax, social security and Medicare deductions.

In those areas with city or local taxes, these must be shown as well along with any pretax deductions such as health insurance or 401K retirement deductions. Using an Excel pay stub that is blank allows you to create areas to list all of these deductions and end up with a net pay figure which should match how much is on the employee’s paycheck. Using the right type of software and pay stub template can take the usual payday nightmare and make it into a simple push of a button affair. This means that you will have more time to concentrate on running a successful business and less paperwork hassles each pay period.…

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Rural America Slipping Behind the Digital Divide

Some Town America, the backbone of our country and the foundation of what we have grown into, it’s beauty and simple views and cares so nice to visit, to live in and be part of with knowing all and everyone within. But there is a problem, they are falling vastly behind the technology curve, which does and will continue to be problems with jobs, and tourism. Rural America is slipping behind on the Digital Divide with its lack of technology use, not the cost or the high bandwidth, but understanding and knowledge of its use.
It use to be that Rural America had the problem of high bandwidth use, and in some places it still does, or the cost of computers where a challenge that inhibited those from buying them. Now more and more small towns are receiving fast Internet connections now through Cable access, DSL or even Dish, which is a great thing. But so many web site designers seem to forget that a website should be designed to be light and fast loading. The cost of computers has dramatically dropped and computers now have more abilities then most users are able to fathom. But the cost of Software still is very high, for those who are a bit tight with finances with this economic hardship our country is going through.
But the small towns are also experiencing the challenge of trying to keep up with the ever-going technology always going forward. So few small towns and small business in small town America take advantage of what Technology can offer them. Often they are the ones without a website, no news or highlights of what is happening in these beautiful small towns, and many small business users are challenged with the learning curve of using the software or keeping the computer OS up to date with security. And as far as tourism, they are also falling vastly behind with GEO or Location Based Technology and applications that is the norm of the larger cities. This technology is a great boost of commerce in businesses in cities, but Rural America it seems to be empty upon those maps. The traveling populous and tourism economics this could help boost is amazing
When you look to the company that is setting the foundation of mapping out the world for use with mobile devices and services, they do include Small Town, but the local small businesses of these small towns don’t know of these services that companies such as , and can offer. This could be beneficial for the local people some, but far more helpful with bringing those from the city into the beauty of the local small towns of Rural America with more torsion.
As one travels along the many Highways or Routes of our country, we drive by so many small towns or towns just a few miles off an exit that might have some services, restaurant or event that a person in the city might so enjoy. It is these devices that could help to bring those from the city to enjoy some of the simple pleasures and beauty of our countryside’s and thee small towns within them.
According to , an “Average of 6% of navigation device users visit a business because of seeing an advertisement on their device” and “72% of consumers find location-based advertisements on navigation devices acceptable”. This is such better and higher percents of getting the largest amount of advertising to your clients to come to these locations with it. Far better rating then the advertising in small tabloids that might end up just being paper on the floor to train puppies or at the bottom of bird cages.
GEO or Location Based Technology and applications can enable any business or event in a small town to communicate with customers online or driving by with their mobile devices and get more possible clients to stop in or inform them of specials, events and places to see. But so few small town businesses and governments have a good understanding and use of today’s new technology and are slipping behind on possible economic increases for their communities.
This is where I truly feel Internet Caf?�’s with a small cluster of computers and someone to help these local small businesses get online with websites, adding e-commerce to their business and GEO or Location Based Technology to help bring in more possible clients and torsion to Rural America.…

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The Xbox 720 – What to Expect From Microsoft in the Future

The Xbox 720 – What to Expect From Microsoft in the Future

Sony had admitted that they’re already looking into the PS4, and Nintendo is undoubtedly working on the next Wii-type console — so what about the so-called ‘Xbox 720’? When EGM interviewed Peter Moore, the head of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business division, he let slip a little about the ‘Xbox 720’ (actual name still pending).

Moore said that the same team that made the 360 is working on the next-gen system, and they’re looking deeply into what kinds of processor will be available on the market in the next few years. That would mean that the 360’s projected lifespan will approach seven years, nearly doubling the tenacity of the original Xbox. He also said that the Xbox 360 will be supported ‘as long as it sold’, regardless of the 720’s actual production dates.

Microsoft lost more than a billion dollars launching the 360, and their decision to extend it’s lifespan is probably an effort to get more money out of the system before they experience another huge loss launching the Xbox 720. The 360 hasn’t been produced since October 2005, but sales are still strong, so the company is riding the profits for now.

There is one thing that must be asked about the Xbox 720 and the entire ‘next gen’ of game system: why? The current hardware has barely been pushed at all by the current batch of software available for it. Every single system has amazing hardware capabilities that are simply so far beyond the programming capabilities of most gaming firms that they’ve barely been touched. Producing another generation of even-better hardware when the software can’t keep up seems a little silly.

Perhaps for this reason, many industry insiders believe that, at the minimum, Microsoft is going to wait until HD televisions become commonplace before releasing a new system: again, why add hardware that requires HD to be noticed when HD isn’t in every home in the country yet?

Robbie Batch, President of the Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft, said of the 360:

Our view is we will be selling Xbox 360 for a long time. We are always working on new technologies. We have people working on those. People ask me how many people I have working on the next generation. On the one hand, it’s everybody. On the other, it’s nobody. People are continuously working on new started thinking about the next generation before we shipped the Xbox 360. It doesn’t start with a date. It starts way upstream with silicon development. From that comes a series of data points. You start making early technology choices. It’s an evolving thing. Stuff doesn’t become concrete until you get inside a window of when you have to ship, more than 18 months or so out.

Late last year, reports surfaced that Intel is trying to sway Microsoft away from the AMD processors that currently power the 360, and get their own new chipset (codenamed Larrabee for reasons only Intel understands) into the Xbox 720. Intel has apparently offered Microsoft a very one-sided deal in order to wheedle itself into a strong relationship with the computing giant. If they succeed, you can expect to see a lot of ripple effects of that relationship in the future.…

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Overview of MCSE Certification Preparation

Overview of MCSE Certification Preparation

In the field of information technology, the MCSE certification is considered as a highly valuable certification as compared to many other certifications. Due to this test’s high prestige, it is a common thing that this test is difficult than the other exams. One more unique aspect of this test is that the candidates who apply for this exam must have one year experience in the business market. Without this experience, no one is eligible to take this examination.

MCSE exam has two main paths i.e. Windows server 2000 and Windows server 2003. The testing material and papers for these two paths are totally different from each other. Exams paper includes 70-210 Windows 2000 Professional Exam, 70-215 Windows 2000 Server Exam, 70-216- Network Administration Exam, 70-219-Active Directory Design and the Elective Exams having the Security design 70-220, Exchange 2000 server, 70-224. On the other hand, several different tests are included in the Windows Server 2003 pathway like exam 70-290, environment exam 70-291, and exam 70-294. Exam 70-290 focuses on management and maintenance of Windows Server 2003. Exam 70-291 focuses on the implementation, management, and maintenance of the Server 2003. Finally, exam 70-294 is about the planning, implementation and maintenance of Windows Server 2003 active directory infrastructure.

This exam course consists of 32 course units and the candidates have to pass all these units in order to have this certification. For better preparation, study guides and other relevant material is available online. Moreover, class sessions are also available along with the teachers. The fee for these class sessions range from $ 2000 to $4000. However, the fee can be different for different institutes.

There are several subjects for this certification like implementation of Microsoft Windows Server 2003, management and maintenance of Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure, and the development, implementation and maintenance of Microsoft 2003 active directory infrastructure. Other than these, there are many other functions of this certification as well. Formulating and running user grouping, and computer records, organizing file and giving out permissions regarding web server contact and administer sites with internet information Services, running hardware plans, disk storage space, software, and print services and implementing sponsorship measures and carry out system revival, installing and configuring TCP/IP, using DHCP to administer IP addressing, configuring and running DNS clients, servers and zones, running routing and remote access, including VPNs, implementing and administering safety actions and monitoring traffic are some other functions of this certification.…

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Microsoft 70-640 Exam – Be Ready For A Great Success

Microsoft 70-640 Exam – Be Ready For A Great Success

Windows Server 2008 is one of world’s most pervasive environments to date. In the years ahead, Windows 2008 is heading to dominate the market more than counterparts be it successors or predecessors. With this demand in mind, applying efforts in pursuit of TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring(Microsoft 70-640 exam) and MCTS title can be a distinguished step in finding a more fulfilling position in any part of the global market.

A glance at the requirements: this proctored, Microsoft 70-640, exam is within Technology Specialist (MCTS) certification and counts as credit toward Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP) certification. Microsoft 70-640 exam (TS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuring) is available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil) and Chinese (Simplified) languages. The major Microsoft 70-640 exam skills are as mentioned below:

Configuring Domain Name System (DNS) for Active Directory (AD) (17%)

Under this objective you will have to configure zones, DNS server settings, and zone transfers and replication.

Configuring the Active Directory infrastructure (17 percent)

This section requires you to configure: a forest or a domain, trusts, sites, AD replication, global catalog, and operations masters.

Configuring Active Directory Roles and Services (14 percent)

In this examination category the candidate will be required to configure: AD Lightweight Directory Service (AD LDS), Rights Management Service (AD RMS), read-only domain controller (RODC), and Federation Services (AD FSv2).

Creating and maintaining Active Directory objects (18 percent)

During this part you need to automate creation of and maintain Active Directory accounts, create and apply Group Policy objects (GPOs), configure GPO templates, deploy and manage software by using GPOs, configure account policies and configure audit policy by using GPOs.

Maintaining the Active Directory environment (18 percent)

Through this test objective you would be tested against the knowledge of how to configure backup and recovery, perform offline maintenance and monitor AD.

Configuring Active Directory Certificate Services (15 percent)

At this point you will install AD Certificate Services, configure CA server settings, and manage certificate templates, revocations, and enrollments.

Classroom training is a must for thorough understanding of Microsoft 70-640 exam concepts and principles. The 70-640 candidates with at least one year of experience implementing and administering Windows Server 2008 R2 in an organization are ideally qualified to deal the complexities of this exam.

On the other hand, you have the option of taking Microsoft 70-640 exam self-paced learning tools. Besides being time and cost efficient, self-learning is effective in more ways. Online 70-640 resources, for example, are portable and do not require you to travel to the training center at a set timing. If this type of (self) learning is more relevant to your day to day activities, you can then try Microsoft 70-640 exam resources such as questions and answers, Microsoft 70-640 exam practice test, study guides, audio and video training.

It’s a renowned truth that assessment is an integral part of training. No candidate should appear in an IT exam before analyzing one’s capabilities with real-time tools like 70-640 practice test. This tools also helps you minimize your weaknesses and improve significantly with precious real-world tips.…