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North Korean, Iranian, Venezuelan, and China Missile and Nuclear Weapon Technology Share

Nuclear Weapons as a bargaining tool is not an idea that is long for this world I’d say. Of course, being a nuclear power and having nuclear weapons seems to give a country a bit of national pride and perceived safety from attack and until that changes, and the rewards are taken away, countries will continue to pursue nukes. Nuclear Proliferation is a scary way to play the political card of impasse with the threat of unspeakable WMD and war.
It appears that a leaked UN report shows that North Korea is indeed trading ICBM technology with Iran, and most likely also nuclear weapon technology. This is not the first report talking about North Korea’s weapon technology exports previously it has been known that Myanmar had also gotten nuclear and missile information from them. Also, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Sudan.
Perhaps, you recall that a number of years ago Iran agreed to purchase of 100 ($500 million deal) to SCUD-B missiles. But now we are talking about ICBM technologies. Unfortunately, when you mix ICBM Tech with Nuclear Warheads, things get very serious quick.
There was a full story on all this in Al Jazeera TV, a 25-minute program video posted on May 16, 2011 titled “North Korea and Iran’s Missile Power – A Leaked UN Report Claims N. Korea and Iran are Exchanging Illicit Missile Technology, Using China as a Transit Hub,” which aired in the Middle East on May 15, 2011 – and whereas, you might say this is any revelation or new information.
But in this last report it cited speculation and allegations that China was used as a transit point, and remember China is a permanent member of the UN Security Council. Why is China involved? Perhaps, most likely energy, Iran has lots, China needs lots. See that problem as well?
It seems that if you look back the history of nuclear proliferation and trace the steps, of which countries had it, with whom they shared the technology, you see a rather troubling pattern, almost as if Moore’s Law is in place, and the number of nations gaining these weapons or technology is rapidly increasing. Just pull up an old RAND Think Tank position paper or old research study and you’ll see the reality here.
Right now as we speak, Iran is attempting to gain allies by sharing its nuclear weapons knowledge in its nuke programs. With Venezuela for instance, along with again Medium and perhaps long-range missile technologies as well, a double whammy which causes a huge amount of unrest in the world and keeps intelligence agencies up at night. So, I hope you will please consider all this.…

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Iran and N Korean Technology Treaty – Advanced Missile Tech, Centrifuge Scientific Knowledge

It seems as though while the US politic is busy distracted on mundane political nonsense during the 2012 political election season, that the centrifuges in Iran are busy spinning away like never before. Great, so apparently the sanctions are not working, but how could they work when then US has given all 20-nations which buy Iranian oil a free-pass. Meaning basically, no sanction rules, and interestingly enough, there are US food companies which sell food items there too.
Sometimes it seems as if these sanctions are more or less re-writing trade rules, putting barriers to entry up, keeping oil prices high world-wide, and allowing some nations special status. That is a real problem when it comes to global free-markets I’d say, and cloaking it under an anti-nuclear proliferation policy is silly – mostly because it isn’t working and it’s becoming quite apparent the Obama Administration doesn’t want it to work. So, what have we now?
We are entering the age of nuclear terrorism – and philosophically and strategically thinking – it doesn’t matter if the bad guys or proxy terrorists actually have a nuke or not, it’s the fear factor, remember terrorism is about fear. Okay so, rather than taking it down a few notches we are now using it as an excuse to use surveillance on all internet traffic globally, and as the world gets closer together this also means watching all communication on all social networks, since there are members from all countries now.
As if the fear factor wasn’t enough now it appears North Korea, a tiny country, and Iran a belligerent one (the leadership that is) have decided to use this fear as power. Of course, this is a fear lever that we have given them due to piss poor policy by the Obama Administration.
The Washington Post had an interesting piece recently about North Korea and Iran published on September 1, 2012 titled; “Iran and North Korea sign technological cooperation agreement, deepening ties,” by the Associated Press because the Washington Times reporters are too busy following the Obama Campaign roadshow these days to actually report on important news (opinion).
Apparently, nothing of any substantial nature has been done to reduce nuclear proliferation during the Obama Administration. It has become quite evident that they don’t take this challenge as significant, they just don’t think it’s a problem. Well, it will be a problem when a nuclear weapon is detonated inside of some major city in the world. When that happens, we can look back at who was asleep at the wheel, and which administrations allowed rogue nation states to continue the development of these weapons. Please consider all this and think on it.…