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HTC Wildfire – A Look At Its Specifications And Features

The HTC Wildfire was released to the mobile market in May 2010. The HTC smartphone is a simple combination of superb social network integration and a reasonable price tag. It is not surprising that HTC has decided to create a smartphone that focuses on social networking. After all, we all know how huge a part it plays in our lives.
The phone comes preinstalled with the Android version 2.1 OS (Eclair). Despite the lack of a high-end processor (528mhz), the phone doesn’t appear to put on a sluggish performance. Well, performance fanatics might beg to differ. The HTC Sense UI is also preinstalled on the Wildfire to compliment the operating system and improve the Android experience.
A quick glance reveals that the Flamenco Red HTC Wildfire is one of the most attractive smartphones available. With its striking red color scheme and a 3.2 inch TFT capacitive display, the phone is definitely out to capture the attention of teenagers and young adults. Should you happen to be a movie fanatic, you will probably be disappointed with the smaller-sized touchscreen. Otherwise, the 3.2 inch display is practically sufficient for occasional photo viewing and social networking.
The HTC Wildfire comes with a 5 megapixel camera for spontaneous photo capturing. The camera includes several features such as smile detection, autofocus and LED flash. A few initial image samples show great image quality although there is room for improvement with the videos.
So, what does it really take to be a socially active smartphone? The Wildfire uses the HTC’s Friend Stream to bring you an awesome mobile social networking experience. Basically, the fashionable application draws all your social network happenings and feeds them to one central place. But that is not all. How would like being able to see your friend’s Facebook pic, status update and birth date when you receive a call? The HTC Wildfire integrates your social profiles with your contacts to bring you a holistic mobile social networking experience.
Another useful feature of the Wildfire is it’s ability to share interesting Android applications through emails, messages and social networks. Your friends will be able to download the application through a direct link with one simple click. How convenient is that?
Although the HTC Wildfire does come with a number of shortfalls, it has extended smartphone capabilities and a very affordable price tag. Did I mention it has great battery life (7 hours of talk time) and comes with all the basic smartphone capabilities such as GPS, 3G and Wifi?…

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MBA in Information Technology – Introduction, Specifications and Possible Career

With the introduction of Information Technology, a revolutionary rise in the job opportunities and career has been observed all over the world. It has created job opportunities for millions of people. It has also affected the business industry and today you will hardly find a business without its involvement. In subsequent paragraphs a brief overview of MBA in Information Technology has been laid down.
MBA in information technology, often known as MBA-IT, is a master’s degree program which encompasses the basic knowledge of IT vis-?�-vis business management. Basic endeavor of this course is to educate you regarding implementation of IT in business, in order to enhance business and make it more efficient and reliable. Conception and organization of planning and managing business is a major element of this program. In fact, it is a blend of IT and business subjects in order to train students to compete proficiently in the field.
Course Specifications
The course is specified to the role of IT in business environments. Learning computer skills, management of data base and networking systems are the major goals to achieve during the course. It is more of a technical course as compared to theoretical; however theory of business is also part of the course.
This course is a highly specialized course in which major emphasis is given on computer technologies in relation to its business implication.
Available Job Opportunities
As already stated, that this course makes you highly specialized professional therefore, you get more job opportunities as compared to the one with a simple MBA degree. High salary with other benefits is another aspect. Shortage of professionals holding MBA in Information Technology degree has created a vacuum in the market. In order to fill this vacuum, quite a big number of qualified IT professionals are required in the business market. Following jobs can be offered:
• Head of Technology Department
• IT Officer
• Director of Management Database
• Network Administrator
• Computer Specialist…