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MBA in Information Technology – Introduction, Specifications and Possible Career

With the introduction of Information Technology, a revolutionary rise in the job opportunities and career has been observed all over the world. It has created job opportunities for millions of people. It has also affected the business industry and today you will hardly find a business without its involvement. In subsequent paragraphs a brief overview of MBA in Information Technology has been laid down.
MBA in information technology, often known as MBA-IT, is a master’s degree program which encompasses the basic knowledge of IT vis-?�-vis business management. Basic endeavor of this course is to educate you regarding implementation of IT in business, in order to enhance business and make it more efficient and reliable. Conception and organization of planning and managing business is a major element of this program. In fact, it is a blend of IT and business subjects in order to train students to compete proficiently in the field.
Course Specifications
The course is specified to the role of IT in business environments. Learning computer skills, management of data base and networking systems are the major goals to achieve during the course. It is more of a technical course as compared to theoretical; however theory of business is also part of the course.
This course is a highly specialized course in which major emphasis is given on computer technologies in relation to its business implication.
Available Job Opportunities
As already stated, that this course makes you highly specialized professional therefore, you get more job opportunities as compared to the one with a simple MBA degree. High salary with other benefits is another aspect. Shortage of professionals holding MBA in Information Technology degree has created a vacuum in the market. In order to fill this vacuum, quite a big number of qualified IT professionals are required in the business market. Following jobs can be offered:
• Head of Technology Department
• IT Officer
• Director of Management Database
• Network Administrator
• Computer Specialist…

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Learn All About OneNote

Learn All About OneNote

Microsoft has perfected the Microsoft Office Suite with a variety of great applications like Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. These applications have become staples in the lives of students, employees, and homeowners all over the world.

Overtime Microsoft has managed to slip some newer applications like Groove, InfoPath, and One Note into the mix. OneNote has managed to stand out as one of the more popular applications, but many people still may not know what it is about.

Defining OneNote 9

OneNote 9 has been described as a free-form information gathering tool. Was this equates to is a program that allows users to gather up all of their notes from a variety of different sources. Most people are using the program to copy things from the internet, but that is only scratching the surface. OneNote allows users to copy handwritten text, clippings, and pictures into this program. The program automatically saves the content as it is added.

Who Uses OneNote 9?

The program has not become a standard in the workplace, but many employees are finding it helpful for certain tasks. People that travel and have business meetings can actually layout the details of their trip thanks to the multiple tabs. This application is also helpful for writers that may need to divide content between chapters for a novel that is in the making. The program is particularly helpful for anyone that needs to constantly switch back and forth between documents.

People that have been accustomed to Microsoft Word will probably shy away from the OneNote program in the beginning. In time, however, many users will see the added benefit that comes with using one note. Cooks, for example, will find that it is much easier to keep recipes and organize them with OneNote. Teachers may also use the OneNote program to organize their lesson plans.

Anyone who likes to organize related content will find OneNote helpful. The ability to group similar content saves PC users lots of time.

What Is One Note 9 Used For?

There are a growing number of users that find OneNote very useful. Lots of bloggers may find it helpful to use the OneNote program. They can divide up the content before they post things on their blogs with the different tabs contained in OneNote.

Students that are doing research are also in favor of this application. College and high school students will find the program is extremely helpful because it allows them to save lots of content in different tabs. Once they give the tab a description they will have all the different content in one collaborative document. This is so much easier than opening tons of Microsoft Word documents to view each file.…

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Top 5 Futuristic Gadgets, Available Today!

Technology and Science are innovating new things everyday. You could not imagine the gadgets which you have today in your daily use. Here are the best “far-future’ gadgets that actually do exist and you may be able to order them on an Amazon.
1. GE VScan
In the Star Trek movies, a tricorder gives a quick and easy diagnosis. This GE medical scanner is of same technology and almost works as an ultrasound. This pocket device having a size of a small mobile phone, weighs less than a kilogram. Its scanning period is of almost two minutes.
2. Cyclone Power Technologies
In Back to the Future films, a DeLorean runs on scrap. Cyclone Power has a vapors engine that runs on fuel made up of orange peels, familiar with any biodegradable agent or a corn husk. Fossil fuel is not used in it to save environment.
3. Satay Healthy Body Fat Analyzer
A fat body could transform you in fattier alien creature. This body fat analyzer does not go so far it transfer a mild electric shock through your body and measures the body fat which in result gives you a report that how much weight you are suppose to lose.
4. Geo Fencing
Many authors wrote about and vehicles can “Geo-located” by revolving satellites. Your location can be detected by your cell phone any time. In coming next few years, real estate agents will feed listings to you as you walk by a new home for sale.
5. Lonator
It is a hand held gun, futuristic enough that when you use it you will feel like you are wearing a star trek in uniform. The lonator, by a small company looks like something from the book. It kills germs by spraying a chemical that separates grime from the counter-tops.…

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Can Windows Phone 7 Apps Compete?

Can Windows Phone 7 Apps Compete?

Microsoft Windows new Phone 7 is the talk of the town these days. With so many competitors’ smart phones already on the market, Microsoft is trying hard to get their share of the action. It’s pretty obvious from all the hype in the media that this smart phone is quite an amazing piece of technology. Yet, when we compare it to the standards set by competitors like the iPhone 4 and Android, it’s apparent that much of the success (or failure) of a new smart phone is dependent on the power of its applications.

A common question being asked is, “What applications are pre-installed on the Windows phone 7?” It does come pre-loaded with basics like email, calendar, and an internet browser, and social networking app tiles that update automatically on your home screen, so Twitter and Facebook are never far away.

A great advantage to this new Microsoft product is its easy organization. No getting lost in a miscellaneous grid scheme. The Windows Phone 7, much like the HTC Mozart – will organize applications into their respective ‘hub’ locations. Microsoft expects this will make applications easier to locate, with photo applications in the photo hub, music applications in the music hub and favorites on the home screen, for example.

The Microsoft Marketplace has promised to do its best to categorize the store for straightforward browsing and will be making new applications prominent on a regular basis to keep you up to date. Although they already have just around 4000 apps available, they have an uphill battle ahead of them to stay in the apps frenzy. Compared to 300,000 apps for the iPhone 4 and about 100,000 for Android, the Windows 7 Phone marketplace has some catching up to do. To their credit, Microsoft is encouraging growth by providing free application development tools to anyone wanting to develop an app for their marketplace, so they may get there sooner than you think.

While Microsoft is known primarily for its popular Office Software Suites, they are also top notch in gaming; therefore we can’t ignore the gaming factor for these phones. Xbox games and even more importantly Xbox live games are available on these new mobile marvels, which is something none of the other smart phones can claim at this point. This provides the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 with a distinct edge.

Although Microsoft and its Windows Phone 7 devices have some work to do to catch up in the apps markets, they are definitely not backing down. With visual and organizational features like hubs for easy app location, automatic social network updating, and the Xbox live games, they are only going to gain ground, which means they stand a real chance at being a key player in the race to the best smart phone.…

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How the Drudgery of the Numbers Will Make You Free

How the Drudgery of the Numbers Will Make You Free

Numbers are symbols, very much like words, with their own intrinsic simple meanings when they stand alone. When in context with other numbers they become far more complex and meaningful. What is often not realized is the extent to which insights can be made regarding the ins and outs of you business by having insight into the accounting details of your business.

In business, numbers are the symbols by which you measure the various activities of an individual enterprise or combination of enterprises which make up the parent corporation. When you add and subtract all the numbers, you come up with the well- known ‘bottom line’: the profit or loss that your business is making on your profit-and-loss statement. That’s very simple, but to establish whether you did better or worse you need to look at the figures in “relative” terms.

If your business shows a profit of $10 million for the year, is that good or not so good? That depends upon the context of that $10 million. Did you earn $8 million or $12 million the year before? Did you earn $10 million on sales of $40 million or $400 million? Your insight is now increased by relating the numbers to other numbers.

The meaning of numbers, like that of words, can only be comprehended in relationship to one another. When I read sets of numbers, you should always translate them into meaningful percentage differences. Thus, if $100 million in sales dropped by $10 million, I know that sales dropped 10 per cent. If $50,000 in sales of another division decreased by $10,000, it tells me the drop was 20 per cent. Even though this division lost less money than the first, I immediately recognize that it is probably in deeper trouble than the division that lost $10 million in sales.

I can therefore identify the areas of the business needing more attention. The figures tell me that I had better look behind those numbers and find out what is happening there.

The numbers are not the business; they are only pictures of the business, but most people think of accounting as providing dry data that is dry and boring. They do not realize that if you become literate in the language of accounting you can be set free by getting an in-depth picture of the organization and this carries the secret of management information used to proactively manage your business.

The difference between well-managed companies and badly run companies is the degree of attention they pay to the numbers and how well they are capable of interpreting the numbers and how effectively they can predict how to apply the available resources.

Make sure you know the vocabulary of accounting to the extent that you can read them like a book. You will then get freedom though the numbers.

Copyright A� Dr Howard Watson…

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Step-By-Step Guidelines to Back Up Microsoft Outlook Express Data

Step-By-Step Guidelines to Back Up Microsoft Outlook Express Data

Users of Windows XP must be familiar with Microsoft Outlook Express which is an application to receive and send electronic mails. This article is intended for all those individuals who want to back up things like messages, mail accounts, the address book and news accounts in Microsoft Outlook Express. These backup activities can be performed by copying the required items to the place where Outlook Express keeps them on your system.

We’ll first look at the steps to back up different Outlook Express items. Begin with copying messages to a backup folder. After opening the application, you have to click Tools and then Options. Subsequently, you need to click on Store Folder under the Maintenance tab. Copy the store location in the Store Location panel by pressing CTRL+C. You can observe the folder location with care in the Your personal message store is located in the following folder segment. Bear in mind that your Outlook Express data is stored in this folder. Click on Cancel button twice to shut the dialog box.

The next step is to copy all the items of the Store folder by clicking Select All on the Edit menu and then clicking Copy in the same menu. Close the window after that.

Create a backup folder by right-clicking a vacant area on the desktop, clicking New and clicking Folder afterwards. Assign a name to the folder (Mail Backup) for easy recognition and press ENTER. Open the folder, right-click on the empty space and click Paste to bring all the copied items from the Store folder into this backup folder.

If you want to take backup of the address book into a.csv file, then go the File menu, click Export, and finally click Address Book. The next step is to click Text File (Comma Separated Values), and after that click Export. Click Browse. Choose the folder that you had created for messages. In the File Name box, enter the desired name for address book, and click Save subsequently. Click on Next. Keep on clicking to select the check boxes for all those fields that you wish for exporting, and click Finish after that. Finish the process by clicking OK, and then clicking Close.

To undertake the task of exporting the mail account into a file, you have to go to the Tools menu and click Accounts. Under the Mail tab, select the mail accounts that you would like to export, and follow that with a click on Export. Select the Mail Backup folder in the Save In box, and click Save afterwards. Reiterate these steps for every mail account that you yearn for exporting. Click Close in the end.

Last but lot least, to back up the newsgroup accounts in a file, you have to click Accounts on the Tools menu. Under the News tab, go for a click on the news account that you desire to export, and subsequently click Export. In the Save In box, choose the Mail Backup folder, and after that click Save. Do these steps again for every news account that you feel like to exporting. Culminate the process by clicking Close.…

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Water Purification Technology At Home Will Ensure Your Family’s Health

Modern water purification technology has allowed industrialized nations to nearly eradication waterborne illnesses like cholera and typhoid. Treatment facilities can take dirty water from lakes or rivers and make it drinkable.
On the home front, technologically advanced purifiers can be used to ensure protection against anything left in at the treatment facility level.
With the technology available today, anyone can have pure clean H20 flowing out of their faucets. There is no reason for anyone to buy bottled water or be exposed to pollutants. This is something that people need to know.
The plastic bottles used by most bottling companies are a source of pollution and toxic chemicals. Although the plastic is recyclable, most people fail to recycle. The bottles end up in landfills. Plastics are not biodegradable. Scientists have estimated it will take thousands of years for the plastics to disappear, if they ever do.
The chemicals used to make the bottles can seep into liquids stored in them. The chemicals include BPH and phthalates. Both are known endocrine disruptors and possible carcinogens.
With the methods of water purification available today, there is no reason to risk exposure to those chemicals. At home you can drink from glass containers. When you are on the go, you can use stainless steel. Neither glass nor stainless steel will leach contaminants.
Bottling companies create a great deal of wastewater; approximately three times the amount present in the bottle. The transportation of the bottles from the factories to the stores uses oil and gasoline. The farther away the company, the more gas and oil are used.
Many bottling companies, including Pepsi and Coke, use publicly treated supplies as their source. The water does not come from a mountain spring. You would actually be buying a bottle of your own tap-water.
Finally, the methods of water purification used by bottling companies are not as effective as those that can be used at home. They are unable to use submicron filtration, because it would reduce their output. This means that cysts may still be present in bottled brands.
Cysts are parasites in a very early stage of development. During this egg-like stage, they are resistant to all kinds of disinfectants. They can only be boiled to death or filtered out using sub-micron filtration.
Sub-micron filtration is only available in the better home purifiers.
If you have not yet invested in at-home water purification technology, it is time to think about it.
Just make sure you learn how to compare the purifiers on the market, before you buy. They are not all the same.…