The Answer to Home Fitness is Your Shape – Fitness Evolved For Microsoft Kinect!

If you’re like many of us, you like the idea of working out and becoming healthier. However, once you spend all day at the office the last thing you want to do is come home, change clothes and leave to get all hot and sweaty at the gym. Many of us have felt bad for feeling this way, but there’s no need for that any longer. The people at Ubisoft understand where we’re coming from and they’ve created the perfect solution for us! It’s the Your Shape: Fitness Evolved game for Microsoft Kinect!

Microsoft Kinect is an add-on for Xbox 360 and will be released on November 4, 2010. This gaming technology is astounding as it will allow gamers to play games controller-free! One of those games is Your Shape: Fitness Evolved by Ubisoft. This game is seriously going to blow your mind! First, with the technology behind Microsoft Kinect gamers will be scanned into the game. You will actually see yourself in the game. Not only will you see yourself in 3D, but Kinect will also scan all your dimensions in as well. It may not be what you want to see, but it will definitely give you the motivation to get moving!

The game Your Shape: Fitness Evolved is similar to Wii Fit – however, you need to realize there are some big differences! First, unlike Wii Fit, there are no controllers such as the Wii Fit Balance Board. Instead, your body is the controller! Therefore, once you purchase the game you’re ready to go. Also, since Kinect scans all your personal information in the game it can create workouts just for you. These workouts will be designed to specifically help you reach your personal goals.

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Your Shape: Fitness Evolved helps you reach your fitness goals by giving you unlimited workout options. For example, you can opt to have a personal trainer for your workout or you can simply take one of the exercise classes available on the game. There are also fun interactive games that will allow you to get a great workout without feeling as if you were working out! Regardless of how you choose to use the Microsoft Kinect game Your Shape: Fitness Evolved, you will never get bored as you will be able to go and download new workout routines on a regular basis!

So, if you are one who loathes the idea of wasting more energy driving to and from the gym after a long day at work, the Microsoft Kinect game Your Shape: Fitness Evolved has been made just for you! All you have to do is come home, change clothes and walk to your living room and effortlessly start your customized workout. That’s it! It’s nice to finally have people like those at Ubisoft who understand people like us. The hardest part is waiting for November 4th to get here!