The New iPad Vs Microsoft Surface – Will Surface Be an iPad Killer?

The CEO of Microsoft (MS FT) named Steve Ballmer, revealed Microsoft tablets which are to be called ‘Surface’. It is quite a strong entry from Microsoft as an ipad competitor and above from the expectations and assumptions of analysts.


Two types of covers are made for MS Surface, i.e. the Touch Cover and the other is Type Cover. These both models operate using the same multi-touch digitizer. MS Surface is powered by Intel 22nm Ivy Bridge chips and ARM chip set. Both devices has 3mm pressure sensitive magnetic cover which provides an option to type. These Microsoft Surface tablets weigh 2lbs, less than two pounds and according to Microsoft, it is the first PC ever that has PVD magnesium case. This exterior magnesium alloy surface seems smooth to touch and finely finished.


The MS Surface tablets has bright hue keyboards. It can be said that it has a protective cover-cum-keyboard. According to Panos Panay, the leader of the team that created the Microsoft Surface, named Steive Bathiche (researcher) developed the Touch Cover Technology at Microsoft.

The cover of MS Surface is a biggest innovation but the keyboard could be a critical feature for the people who use the tablet for creating spreadsheets or documents or other types of written content.

The new MS Surface includes tablet features but offers a wide screen at 10.6 inches and a cover that flips to become a cool keyboard and can be folded back while still connected, which Microsoft said is 10 times faster than any keyboard in use today.

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New iPad vs MS SURFACE

The New iPad vs MS Surface is “something new, something different, a whole new family of computing devices from Microsoft”, said Steve Ballmer.

The Microsoft Surface tablet is a big news and it will provide buyers a choice between the MS Surface and the iPad. To some extent, Microsoft Surface as an iPad competitor may revolutionize how we use tablet computers altogether.

Ballmer says, “Surface is about hardware and software working together.”

The features of iPad vs Surface can be clearly seen, noticed and compared from the chat given below:-


Microsoft has paid close attention to the details of Surface; fairly comfortable to hold and well-balanced. But its biggest problem is that it has two separate and largely incompatible parts.

Troy Wolverton wrote, “It feels like Microsoft took a nice dress and attached to it an equally fine pant suit and tried to pass it off as one garment. It just doesn’t work.”


Microsoft is going to jump into a market with two established players, Apple andAndroid. Both of these have almost the large user base. Software making is the area of expertise for Microsoft where company makes nearly all of its revenue. Its record with hardware is spotty.

Last month in a conference of “All Things Digital Conference”, Apple CEOTim Cook criticized the Microsoft approach and said, “Products are about trade-off s. And you have to make tough decisions, you have to choose. The fact is, the more you look at a tablet as a PC, the more the baggage from the past affects the product”.

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But still a huge success is expected with the release of MS Surface in October and many gadget lovers are waiting to see and grab this new and decent gadget.


Apple and Microsoft have separate courts and are playing two different ball games. Therefore, MS Surface is no iPad killer for several reasons as Microsoft is extending PC into the mobile space whereas Apple is making clean breaks from the PC. Now it’s all about the user interface and the entire user experience of a product and a brand.