Troubleshooting Software Problems

There might be times when you are using a computer and you start developing problems with it, let’s say you are surfing the internet and then the Microsoft Internet Explorer refuses to access some of the WebPages, you have to uninstall it and reinstall another version which may assist you to know where the problem is and also help you to repair it.

Therefore you have to learn the process of reinstalling the Internet Explorer, but there are no specific instructions on how you can go about it. You have just to uninstall the current web browser and install it again.

Performing the uninstallation is not a very hard task in fact it is much easy if you uninstall it through the control panel.

You can be able to select the “add and remove programs”A? then you can click on the “install/uninstall” tab where you can be able to remove it from your computer memory.

After doing that, that’s when you can be able to learn the procedure of installing the Internet Explorer again on your computer. You can decide to install a new and better version if it is available or just installing the old version if it is available.

If you decide you do not want to upgrade to a new version, you can install the original version by going to your software on the windows restoration disk, insert the disk then select load Internet Explorer before clicking on restoring previous window configuration or you can select the advanced options to modify the specific components.

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But if you want to upgrade to a better version you can visit the Microsoft website where you can download and save it before installing it again.

If you want to uninstall this new software you can able to follow the procedure stated above.