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Digital Technology – Out With the Old, In With the New

How has our world changed over the years? Digital technology is so prevalent today that we may not think about what we have lost. Do we really know what we have given up, or are we like the frog in the kettle of water? Sitting in this pot of water, we do not appear to realize the temperature is rising and where we started out is not where we started. What was familiar is no longer around and something different has taken its place.

We are all familiar with the big changes like expanding air travel to space travel. We have come to embrace change like what has happened with the introduction of home computers. However, have we really come to understand the impact these new inventions have had on our lives? In this article, it is my intent to bring to awareness some of those changes. Recognizing some of the things we do not have ready access to today may prompt us to look for alternatives before they are completely gone.

Digital technology changes and their impact:

Residential Landline Telephones

The number of landline telephones in our homes is quickly diminishing. What was commonplace just a few short years ago is now a rarity. The advent of the cordless phone freed us from the tether of the wall or desk phone. We could now use the phone anywhere on our property. Cell phones freed us up even more. Now, we can communicate no matter where we are as long as there is a wireless signal. Digital technology finally did away with the having to stay home and wait for that important call from friends, family, Dr., or others.

With the loss of the landline telephone, we also lost the answering machine. Now we have voice messaging.

VHS tapes and VCR’s

Many of us had reels of 8mm home videos at the time VHS camcorders became popular. Almost overnight, our 8mm film became obsolete and the only way to preserve that fragile film was to have a commercial vendor transfer the film to VHS. Today, the number of machines that will playback VHS tapes is decreasing while the use of CD’s and DVD’s is increasing. Soon, the means to transfer our VHS tapes to this media may very well disappear except for commercial vendors. Digital technology has once again moved, possibly leaving us in the dust.

Classified Advertisements

Many of us can remember when looking for employment meant spending hours exploring the classified ads in the local newspaper. After identifying the positions we were interested in, mailing cover letters and resumes became our focus and completing job applications at the employer’s location was expected.

The majority of the employment ads appeared in the Sunday edition with diminishing returns throughout the week. Today, finding these position listings on the internet is much easier than finding them in print media.

Losing employment related classified advertising, along with general advertising, has placed a stress on print media with many businesses having to cease operations.

Digital technology has changed the way we look for work and even how we apply for that once in a lifetime job.

Automobile High Beam Dimmer Switch

For most generations alive today, this is a non-issue. Members of the Baby Boomer generation will probably remember the dimmer switch on the left side of the floorboard on the driver’s side. With oncoming traffic, a quick flick with the tip of the foot and your high beams were instantly shift to low beams and when the traffic was past a second flick of the foot brought out the high beams once again. With this function relegated to a hand control, it is easy to exercise this safety feature, especially since we do not always have both hands on the steering wheel.

For some high end vehicles, digital technology may have created sensors that automatically adjust headlight output, but many of the cars today still have a lever on the steering column.

Music Preservation

Another technological change is associated with the preservation of our old analog music recordings. Often found in the form of 78, 33 1/3, and 48 rpm records, these old favorites and classical music may not be found on the new digital media. We do not have to let these tunes sit away in unused collections like many 8 track cartridges. Today there are means to transfer these songs to our computer. Once on the computer, we can then move them on to other digital media storage devices such as MP3 music players.

Although digital technology is advancing at a rapid pace in audio presentation and preservation, there is still a method for the individual consumer to preserve and playback those stacks of vinyl records just sitting around collecting dust.

Digital technology is changing our everyday lives. We need …

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Windows Upgrade From XP to 7

Windows Upgrade From XP to 7

Windows 7 is one of the next generation operating system produced by Microsoft, which comprises multiplicity of new features on the other hand powerful operating system Microsoft Windows XP has proven to be a revolutionary step that brings enormous flexibility and ease of use to the user. But still Windows Upgrade is recommended from Microsoft Windows XP to 7.

Have a look at the benefits that Window 7 has to offer the XP user.

Windows 7 is faster and work well on PCs designed for XP, to get the best out of it you will need at least a 1.83 GHz dual core processor and 1 GB of RAM.

Old PC with lower specifications may create some issues as it is required to upgrade you with the latest trends. The back up options is enabled by it to select not just the back up location, but the specific types of files and folders you want to back up.

O.P 7 represents improved data encryption as compared to XP and also improved security and XP users will find it easy to take control of their PCs and the programs on them while enjoying the increased safety that Win. 7 has to offer.

The new taskbar does double duty as a windows manager and applications launcher. If your browser has 3 pages open, these will appear as a stacked icon. Hover the cursor over this and you will see 3 thumbnails. Hover over the thumbnail and the window opens.

The “Jump List” is another new feature. Right click an application in the task bar and the Jump List, which shows the history of the most recent files used for that application (or web pages opened by your browser) opens and will make finding files and getting started on tasks much faster.

Data is now much easier organized with it. XP not only took it for granted that you wanted to store everything in the My Documents folder, it made changing the default location a painful process.

Operating System 7 has a master Libraries folder to define different data storage locations and you can also include locations from other PCs on a network in the Libraries folder, where all the data will remain in the original locations but will also be accessible in one place.

Online technical support is provided for upgrading windows to both home and business users with multiple key benefits including:

• 24/7 availability

• Presence of Microsoft certified technical group

• Remote support

The support providers are offering authentic solutions with organized support at various levels so as to give a quick resolution.

Online computer support technicians resolve all the issues of operating systems at their level best and help to satisfy the customer’s needs and enhance their goodwill too.…

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Intense Gaming On The HTC Desire HD

Gaming has always been entertaining on mobile phones. These mobile games have given other ways to keep ourselves entertained while killing time. With the development of mobile technology, the games that they came with had to follow suit. They had to bring our level of excitement and exhilaration to all new heights. This is exactly what the HTC Desire HD has to offer.
One of the reasons the phone is ideal for gaming is its large screen display. The 4 inch wide display will allow you to immerse yourself in nothing but high-quality graphics. The display allows you to enjoy every rich detail gaming has to offer.
Not only does the phone come with a superior display; it also comes with superior power. This ideal for the high requirements these games come with. You will enjoy 1GHz of power from the phone’s mobile processor. With all of this power, you are sure that the games you play will never freeze on you. This simply means that you can play games for hours upon hours without any problems.
When it comes to compatibility, this will never be an issue. You can download any game off the Android Market and it is sure to run on the HTC Desire HD. This is thanks to the phone’s mobile platform. The Android 2.2 Froyo with HTC Sense will assure you that compatibility will never be a problem.
Playing games on this phone will be just like playing on a console. Thanks to the phone’s G-Sensor and cinematic display, the game environment will surely be intense. This is why a number of gaming companies recommend playing games on the phone.
One of the games that are highly recommended on the phone is Nova. This revolutionary first-person sci-fi game will take you to a world wherein you try to survive in outer space. With the HTC Desire HD and this game, you will enjoy more from action and adventure games.
Another popular game that can be played on the phone is Real Soccer 2010. With 245 teams, 9 leagues, and 14 stadiums to play in, you are sure to spend countless hours on the popular sports game. It even comes complete with sports commentaries that will add realism to the game. Furthermore, you can go play with people nearby or play online.
With this touch screen mobile phone, you are sure to enjoy more from gaming. This is how you enjoy intense gaming on the HTC Desire HD.…

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Troubleshooting Software Problems

Troubleshooting Software Problems

There might be times when you are using a computer and you start developing problems with it, let’s say you are surfing the internet and then the Microsoft Internet Explorer refuses to access some of the WebPages, you have to uninstall it and reinstall another version which may assist you to know where the problem is and also help you to repair it.

Therefore you have to learn the process of reinstalling the Internet Explorer, but there are no specific instructions on how you can go about it. You have just to uninstall the current web browser and install it again.

Performing the uninstallation is not a very hard task in fact it is much easy if you uninstall it through the control panel.

You can be able to select the “add and remove programs”A? then you can click on the “install/uninstall” tab where you can be able to remove it from your computer memory.

After doing that, that’s when you can be able to learn the procedure of installing the Internet Explorer again on your computer. You can decide to install a new and better version if it is available or just installing the old version if it is available.

If you decide you do not want to upgrade to a new version, you can install the original version by going to your software on the windows restoration disk, insert the disk then select load Internet Explorer before clicking on restoring previous window configuration or you can select the advanced options to modify the specific components.

But if you want to upgrade to a better version you can visit the Microsoft website where you can download and save it before installing it again.

If you want to uninstall this new software you can able to follow the procedure stated above.…

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Top Vodafone Deals For The HTC Evo 3D

Top Vodafone Deals For The HTC Evo 3D

One of the more cutting edge smartphones released within the last year has to be the HTC Evo 3D, as the name suggests it boasts a 3D camera and touchscreen among its main specifications. If you want to get your hands on a phone as advanced as this, it can be rather expensive with the SIM free handset retailing at around A�284. However, by taking out a contract with a network provider, you can get the phone for free with an allowance of monthly texts, calls and data.

Vodafone is a popular network in the UK, and has a number of tariffs available to suit a number of different users’ needs, with varying monthly costs and allowances for calls, texts and data usage. In this article I will look at some of the more popular tariffs that Vodafone offers those who want to get the HTC Evo 3D.

Vodafone 100 + 500 + 250MB

This package will set you back A�20.50 every month for the 24 month duration of the contract. The HTC Evo 3D handset is included for free, and every month you will get 100 minutes of free phone calls to any UK network, which can be used at any time of the day, avoiding peak time charges. If you go over the 100 minutes in a given month, then please be aware that standard call charges will apply. If you are a prolific text message user, you will appreciate the 500 free text messages which are included every month, which equates to about 16 messages per day. The final part of the package is the data allowance, which is the amount of data which you can download over Vodafone’s 3G coverage. This is set at 250 MB so is fine for those who occasionally check news headlines, emails and social networking applications. Wi-Fi internet is free and has no limits, so offers a good alternative whenever you have access to a wireless network as this will preserve your data allowance. This package is likely to suit those who mainly use their phone for sending text messages, but has a good amount of free calls and data allowance also.

Vodafone 3000 + Unlimited + 1GB

Whether you mainly use your phone for making calls, sending text messages or browsing the internet on the go, this is likely to be the ideal package for you. Like the above tariff, the HTC Evo 3D handset is included for free and the length of the contract period is 24 months. The package is a little pricier, at A�62 per month; however this is reflected in the much more generous allowances. 3000 minutes of free calls are included (which is over 1.5 hours per day) every month, and prolific users of text messaging will enjoy the unlimited free text messages, with the peace of mind that no matter how many messages you send you will never have to pay for any of them. As far as the data allowance is concerned, this package offers a rather generous 1 GB, which is way beyond what the average person will use in a single month. If you are in a position to pay A�62 per month, you will probably find this the most attractive package, as it is unlikely that you will exceed the monthly allowances no matter what you use the phone for.

If you are interested in finding out more about the HTC Evo 3D offers available from Vodafone and other UK networks like O2 and Orange, follow the link below where you can view all available deals to find the right one for you.…

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3D Television – Are We Ready to Upgrade?

Hot on the heels of the high definition revolution, television manufacturers are introducing the next game changer, 3D television. So sure is the industry of our willingness to upgrade, that they have already flooded the market with a wide array of competing 3D LCD televisions. Not only is the market prepped for early adopters, newer technology, such as 2D to 3D conversion technology and sets that do not require glasses, looms on the horizon. However, one has to wonder if the industry is correct. Is the average person ready to upgrade to 3D television so soon?
The television manufacturing industry seems certain but no one else seems so sure. While the manufacturers have managed to generate a lot of publicity surrounding 3D television, one has to consider the potential benefit for the common TV viewer. The big players, such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and Toshiba, invested a lot of money at the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show convincing us that this technology would change the way we experienced television. We bought in to it for a while. They had flashy tech on hand and statistics that indicated that at least 25% of consumers planned to purchase a 3D television within the next three years.
However, once the newness wore off, and it wore off quickly, we began to wonder about some of the issues and began to notice that the industry may have overstated demand. Did excitement over James Cameron’s film Avatar exaggerate the hype? It certainly seems that way in retrospect. Looking at Avatar on a top-of-the-line 3D television is a remarkable sight. However, when you broaden the experience one cannot help but think that the 3D experience is of limited usefulness in a home environment.
Toshiba wants the consumer to believe that their new 2D to 3D conversion technology will change their life. However, can most people imagine watching reruns of Seinfeld and thinking, “Wow, this is so much better in 3D?” Industry marketing has focused on how much and how fast 3D content will be available. No one seems to be asking how many 3D content consumers actually want. We suspect that is quite a bit less than the industry initially believed.
There are other issues, such as practicality, that will affect demand. As television viewers, we are by nature lazy, at least at those moments when we want to watch television. There is a stereotype that men would rather stare at an infomercial than get up and fetch the remote. There are truths in stereotypes. Are people going to want to wear these contraptions for long periods? Are they going to want to manage sets of glasses? These shutter glasses need maintenance through charging, cleaning, and safekeeping. Moreover, there are large expenses involved. How many do you need? The average family needs four but will likely want additional units for those times when company is over.
Shutter glass-less technology will erase many of these issues but it is going to carry a premium that will exclude most potential 3D television buyers. There are also pricing issues that extend beyond the cutting edge sets. These are difficult economic times and many families have just recently spent a great deal of money on HD sets that they hoped would last five to ten years. The industry can try to convince us otherwise but we have difficulty believing that the core of potential customers will support this new technology anytime soon or will they?…

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What is Open Office?

What is Open Office?

In light of the recent developments of Microsoft’s Ad-supported Office Starter 2010, I think it’s quite appropriate for people to start looking for an alternative works software. Personally, I think this is a double edged sword for Microsoft. The good part is that their office software will be available to more people for free, but then the downside is that you’ll be annoyed by ads flashing on your screen. It might not appear that bad, who knows? 2010 is still months away and we don’t know what can change in the next few months, but as it stands, this doesn’t seem like something to suffer.

For another thing you don’t just suffer ads while you’re working on an imortant document or presentation, but you’ll have to suffer a lack of functionality that is common with all the other free teasers that want you to buy the whole thing.

So what is Open Office and why is it more beneficial? Long story short, Open Office offers the same functionality as Microsoft Office, except it’s totally free software and you don’t need to suffer ads while you’re working on it. Why wasn’t this popular a long time ago? The same reason why Linux isn’t mainstream; Apple and Microsoft have dominated the mainstream of operating systems forever.

Linux is merely an alternative for those who can deal with not being able to have the software that they’re used to on those operating systems. Anyway, back to Open Office.

You can write anything on Open Office these days and it can read any kind of text document, well actually, it really just has a wide range of documents that it’s able to read. It can read any document that’s been saved on Microsoft Word if that’s what you’re concerned about. It can also run on any operating system: Linux operating systems are a given, it can run from OS X Jaguar to Snow Leopard and from Windows XP to Windows Vista.

Like I said it’s free software that’s pretty competent so it’s worth for that reason at least. Download Open Office from their main site and you can try it out for your self but I need to warn you, that the feel of writing on it will be different from what you’re used to on a Mac or PC. Sure, typing will be no different, it’ll have familiar functionality, the only difference is how you go about doing those tasks. Shortcuts will be different and you might find that there are certain functions that might be missing.

I haven’t gone about exploring the missing functionality myself, but Open Office seems to work fine just for me. But that’s another great thing about Open Office. Whenever you have a problem, you can always. They give quick response to a problem and see that it gets fixed.…