Liposuction is more popular than ever and many inquiring minds want to know what can be expected once they get home from the surgery. While there used to be horror stories of people being in agonizing pain after the surgery, now surgeons show patients that are talking on their cell phones during the surgery. While techniques have improved, care of body with liposuction surgery afterwards has remained relatively similar.
Once the procedure has been completed, the patient will meet with the doctor to get a list of care instructions that will outline everything that can be expected over the next two months or so. Be sure to ask questions in regards to anything that is not clear. It is imperative that the patient understand every bit of what they must do in order to heal properly.
When the surgery is completed, the patient will have to wear a compression garment and must stay in that garment for the following two days. Be prepared to do little but lie around and rest as the garment must stay on at all times and cannot get wet for any reason. After the first two days, the patient can shower, but must then keep the garment on at all other times. When that period has passed, they can then take the garment off when they go to bed, but it must be worn during the day.
This garment is one of the major keys to the recovery process. Because the normal bond of the skin is separated (because of the fat removal) during the surgery, it needs time to create another bond. The compression garment enables this to happen without the appearance of sagging.
There will also be bruising in and around the area where the fat is taken from. It may look pretty bad at times, but this is normal and will eventually heal. Because of this, the area will also be extremely sore and rest is the best medicine. This procedure is very invasive and when the surgery is over, it shows.
Once the patient is home and resting, they may experience some leaking from the wounds of the surgery. Do not panic and think that something is wrong as it is nothing more than the fluids that were not sucked out during the liposuction. It should not be a heavy flow, but more like a seeping. Just keep the areas as dry as possible so that the garment is not damaged.
For the first few days after the surgery, the only thing that should be done is rest. While it is unlikely the patient will feel like doing anything else anyway, it is just better to be safe and heed the warning. Once the initial 48 hours passes, they can then get a shower, but the garment must be worn at all other times and they must take it easy. Light activity can be resumed after that period, but because the garment is still being worn, it is better to keep the heavy exercise back for just a bit longer. About two months after the surgery the patient can resume their normal routine.
When people first get home from the surgery and are able to take off the garment, they are usually shocked by the amount of bruising. The body hurts and it may seem like it will never get better, but recovery is far quicker than it would appear at that moment. The important thing after the surgery is to take it easy and allow the body to once again create the bond that it had. In just a short while, the bruises will be gone and slimmer body will be staring back in the mirror.

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