Vitalizer Plus water is structured hexagonal water that is created through the Vitalizer Plus machine. The Vitalizer Plus machine is the leading advancement in technology that allows users to generate and drink powerful and beneficial hexagonal water at their leisure.
Because of its distinctive revolutionary design, the Vitalizer Plus is able to combine unique minerals with a spiraling water vortex technology to re-create and mimic natural environmental conditions which generate structured hexagonal water molecules. This allows users of the Vitalizer machine to generate and drink Vitalizer Plus water at home, in the office, or anywhere at their leisure.
The unique spiraling vortex technology of the Vitalizer Plus machine allows the Vitalized water to incorporate oxygen, just as natural water vortices in mountain streams and rapids incorporate oxygen. Once mixed through the vortex technology, Vitalizer Plus water can hold up to even 30% more dissolved oxygen than expensive high quality bottled water. Oxygen is an absolutely vital element for cellular health and body metabolism. This excess oxygen can stimulate blood circulation, and promote natural internal cleansing of the body and intestines.
Cognitively, the brain relies deeply on oxygen to function and process information for primal and advanced thinking. People with low oxygen intakes suffer with poor memory, poor concentration, and in time low oxygen can lead to dementia and more serious brain problems. The excess oxygen from the Vitalizer Plus will easily and quickly travel to your organs, genitals, your skin and the brain. This increased oxygen is associated with increased energy, vibrant fresh glowing healthier looking skin and dramatic enhancements in memory and cognitive brain functions.
Many users describe drinking the Vitalizer Plus water as a euphoric sensation of delight and calmness that trickles through to their outermost fingers and toes.

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