When I type “web 3.0” in the search bar of Google, there came up to 170,000,000 search results, which shows Google’s great search performance. However it didn’t bring me any help of substance actually. When the search results appeared, I still have to check each one to see if this is what I want, item by item per page clumsily. Although Google could offer a large number of search results, most of which are plenty of useless information. I’m sure all of the users would agree with what I’m feeling.
The following is one of the sites in this search, the last one in the first page. Definition of web 3.0 from wikipedia – Web 3.0 with several layers of meaning, to describe different directions and characteristics that might appear in the process of Internet’s developing, including turn Internet itself into a generic database; cross-explorer, super-explorer contact posting and request system; application of artificial intelligence semantic web geographic mapping website built with 3D technology even virtual word and Internet Duchy and so on.
Web 3.0 was born to solve such problems as search effect.
Technology 3.0
Web 3.0 involves a noun: semantic web, which is the central notion of web 3.0. If we assimilate web 3.0 to semantic web, then web 1.0 and web 2.0 should be called grammatical web. One important problem for web 3.0 to solve is to make computers understand what people could understand. This seems to be the same direction as artificial intelligence. Most of the transmission on the internet nowadays are HTML files. Computers could see no more than the intrinsic limited META tags without understanding the meaning of them before the time of semantic web comes. We need computers to understand the meanings of them more intelligently so that Google could filter the useless information during the searching process in the future.
To meet such needs we have to add tags to sites. The tags are just like the property of data sheet, provide content index for other applications on the Internet. Therefore the content of the whole net got structured turned out to be a large database all over the world. This is the definition of generic database.
As normal database needs QSL Internet database needs a query language to get the content. Then came out the RDF acronym for resource description framework, which provided a whole set of standardized query language and application interface. There are two similar network database formats: XML and RSS.
Based on such generic database and universal data format web applications could get information from each other.
Display 3.0
The qualitative change from web 1.0 to web 2.0 is not only the way that its content form. With the consistently development and completion of Ajax technology it vastly improved user experience as the same. But during the 3.0 time, the display of front end may be subversive. It will be showed in 3D format in front of the users. Such great leap in development is not just change the experience of users, but, may be described as, change the form of interaction between humans and computers ultimately.
Of course, even now we have to wear specially made glass to get 3D experience.
It is not a good idea to send along a glass with every display. There must be a brand new way to show the content with web 3.0.
User 3.0
We all know that web 2.0 products have the attribute of social media although it depends on the platform of web. But more unfiltered true information was spread to everywhere more broadly and rapidly through it. In china, there are 400 million cameras ramified all over the country, with great influence to the development of society. As we may say, web 2.0 created the culture of the grassroots as its influence was most focused on the part of culture.
It is conceivable that the users of 3.0 will get more powerful influence and commerce, policy will all step into the world of 3.0. In the past, electronic commerce once have been battered heavily, however it has become an indispensable part of people’s life. Moreover, during the 3.0 time, we are not discussing operating online shops on Taobao to get profit, but users getting paid while promulgating information. That way turn out to be a new style of person-to-person marketing
Operating System 3.0
Web operating system benefited mainly from the rapid development of explorer as main IT explorers have made great efforts to increase JavaScript operating speed. In order to get in tune with the tide of web OS, Google developed chrome very early to lay the basis for future products. And just a few days ago, Tencent launched a new product belongs to Tencent’s own web OS. Which highly integrated Tencent other by-products. So called B/S system has just been applied to software () actually so far. One day, web applications could take place of desk top applications. It could be assumed that our PCs only need one display to fill all of the user’s requirements in the future.
Although the idea of web OS is not fresh, there are not many products of this kind in China, and the applications are numbered. All of the users are operating data on explorers, not applications. Web 3.0 allow users to order customized applications themselves and which is of course connected to the generic database and universal data format that mentioned before.
Web 3.0 and Mobile Web
Discussing web 3.0, we could not ignore the Mobile web. As we are still developing the blue print of web 3.0 in our minds, 3G has reached almost epidemic proportions in our daily life. With more and more mobile products published, web 3.0 picked up by Mobile web will make the messages’ spreading more rapidly; information’s timely more effective; economic activities running with greater facility and more efficient.
The capacity of mobile device is getting more and more close to PC’s while the device itself with smaller size. Technically, programmers just need to observe the rules in the web 3.0 applying while developing Mobil applications. The appearance of web OS has laid a good foundation for the devices that with relatively weaker process ability.

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