Why Work With ASP.NET

Organized, reliable and support oriented platform development languages are hard to find in the current state of the web, as more and more development tools shift towards the open source community. Which is not an overall downgrade to the software quality, but companies that need a liable software program also need a guarantee for their investments. It all comes to down to whether the company is searching for cheap and non-reliable software development tools, putting all their hopes in their development team, or if they are willing to pay that extra cost for a bulletproof program.

is one of those sound development tools that comes with a thorough customer support center and a liability clause that has the added benefit of securing the programming efforts of the in house development team, in the sense that the bought software can be replaced or tweaked in any way the company prefers. Customized versions for financial management for example, are available on the spot, as officials from the providing company are authorized and ready to supply all needed assistance.

The Microsoft developing platform also offers programmers access to a complete and updated database, with thorough documentation, a lot of innovative and useful features for building dynamic web pages and applications. framework is OOP built, offering improved code management and producing faster web apps by using an optimized compiled code. Supporting more than 25 coding languages, like C++, C#, JScript and Visual , developers have an easier time working in a programming environment while still having access to features from other supported languages.

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comes with the Visual IDE, which combines a series of powerful tools for databases, web design, debugging thus saving plenty of time for developers to focus on programming only, and not search for various third-party tools.

The new version 4.0 will be released in March, 2010, and it will bring developers the new 2010 Visual Studio, which includes new features in the Microsoft Ajax Library, while also improving the existing functionality, like output caching and session-state storage. All these features make the wise decision for a development platform that can offer plenty of resources and the most extensive database of built-in tools, while still offering companies quality assurance.