Zune Accessories

You were extremely good this year and someone loved you enough to get you a brand new Microsoft Zune, now it is time to dress it up. Zune accessories range from the necessary to the frivolous with all kinds of things in between. Which do you need?


Welcome to the future of portable media. Media players like the Zune come with large storage capacities; this requires an internal hard drive. This hard drive is sensitive to movement and can be damaged from excessive movement. A Zune accessories armband can free you from this concern.

Made of comfortable neoprene the armband will hold your Zune stable while you workout or do other strenuous activity, like mowing the lawn or shoveling snow as the case may be. All these activities are more fun with your favorite tunes playing in your ears.

Leather Case

Have to be out and about but not working out? Try the sleek and stylish leather case. Similar in concept to a cell phone case it clips to your belt, protects the Zune from bumps, and bruises it might get in the course of everyday use. One of the most attractive of the Zune accessories.


Every now and again, you may want to listen to your Zune without the ear buds. To do this you will need external speakers, which are compatible with your player. Grab the Lansing In Motion portable audio system.

Created to provide crystal clear sound with surround technology. Perfect addition to the bedroom, kitchen, or home office. Powered by three batteries with 24 hours of playback capabilities. However if you prefer not worrying about battery life these speakers come with their own AC adapter. Now you can charge your Zune while listening!

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Some of the most important Zune accessories are chargers. Your player most likely came with a home charge, however what about when you are on the road? No worse time for your tunes to die than on a long road trip! Be sure to pick up a car charger for your Zune and perhaps an extra home charger to take on trips with you or just in case you lose yours!

Other Zune Accessories

We have covered the most requested Zune accessories but do not think that is all that is available. Zune has accessories a million; there is truly something for any taste and style.

Silicone sleeves, metal cases and Zune gear bags are just a small example of Zune accessories you can purchase to personalize your Microsoft Zune. Get one or all of the great products that make up Zune accessories.