Zune Repair Fix

Zune Repair

The word iPod has become synonymous for MP3 player. Many people don’t even know there is any other kind of MP3 player other than the iPod. If you say you have a Microsoft Zune, many people will ask, “What is a Microsoft Zune?” When you tell them it is Microsoft’s version of the iPod it is only then that they understand what you are talking about. Wow. What a difference some cool marketing and advertising will do. It doesn’t hurt that iTunes has such a large selection of songs and books to choose from.

The truth is that the Zune is just as cool as the iPod. The Zune just doesn’t have the same hype that the iPod seems to generate. The Zune doesn’t have nearly the market share that the iPod currently holds today. So the question is what do you do if your Zune starts to have problems? Where can you go for quality Zune repair? The iPod and the Zune have similar warranties when they are bought from the big box stores. They both automatically come with a three month warranty that does not cover accidental damage. If you drop your Zune and the screen is damaged you will have to find a Zune repair facility somewhere other than Microsoft or the place where you bought your Zune. You have only a few options when you are looking for Zune repair.

There may be some computer shops in your area where they work on the Zune. These shops may be difficult to find. The best way is to open the yellow pages and start calling. This will obviously take some time. The next option is to do it yourself. You can buy the part you need from one of the companies on the Internet. Just search “Zune repair” and you will find a few companies that sell the parts. Most of the companies online even have repair guides that you can reference as you do the repair.

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Another option is to just send your Zune to one of the companies you find online that does Zune repair. Again, just search “Zune repair” and you will find companies will do the repair for you. Most of these Zune repair companies offer warranties on the repair that needs to be accomplished. You might even be able to buy an extended warranty that covers any kind of failure or damage to your Zune. Many people are concerned about sending their cherished music machine to total strangers that they find on the Internet.

Fortunately, most of the companies you find online have been around for a while and they provide very good service. If you are concerned, call the company before you send them your Zune. You will probably get a good feel for how they operate over the phone.

If your Zune has problems and the warranty doesn’t cover the problem you have, I hope this article helps. In this economy it is often much less expensive to get your Zune repaired than it is to buy a brand new one. Good luck and rock on.