Blue Screen Problems

Have you seen it? A bright blue background with stark white lettering that positively jumps out at the viewer. Computer technicians have nicknamed it the Blue Screen of Death, because it looks like the screens in airports that tell you when a plane is late. Blue screen problems have created havoc and headaches for computer users worldwide.

Doom? Does This Spell The End?

With any luck, the answer is no. You will be able to restore your computer to its previous functioning self, and will not have lost any important files, documents, or photos.

Usually a computer will shut itself down if it encounters blue screen problems, and then try to reboot and run diagnostics. Sometimes, this is all it takes. Your PC will fix itself and you will be off and running once again. However, if it keeps happening, know that you have a serious problem that has to be addressed if you want to continue using your computer.

How Critical is This

Very critical. A blue screen problem translates to a system error, and is generated by your computer’s operating system. Even Bill Gates received one while he was giving a demonstration of one of his Windows products. Talk about being red-faced!

The less you have altered your computer, the less likely you are to have blue screen. It is the constant adding, deleting, installing, and uninstalling of programs that often leads to this problem in the first place. If you are lucky, it might be the very last program you installed that is causing it. Getting rid of that program might eliminate blue screen problems for good.

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What Can I Do To Prevent It From Happening?

First, document it. It does not matter if you are getting it on your home computer, you should still write everything down as clearly as you can. Why should you bother? Let’s be honest. You are probably going to get frustrated or nervous if you do not get your system up and running right away. Having clear notes of everything that was on the screen means you don’t have to rack your brain to remember exactly what it said.

The information you are copying down is actually extremely useful. Why? Because your computer is telling you what programs loaded and which ones did not, and where the error occurred. With this information, you will also be able to identify whether your blue screen problems have to do with hardware or software.

By rebooting your system into safe mode, you might be able to find the problem yourself. Safe mode is when your computer will run only a bare bones operating system, and only a limited amount of programs will be available. Sometimes you will be able to diagnose your problem right then and there.

With all the codes and information you copied down when it occurred, you can also search online for the meaning of each one. In addition, you might be able to eliminate your problem by reinstalling your OS, or operating system.

Many people have found this a fix for the issue, and have never had a Blue Screen Problems again.